2024 13-year Cicada

We have been hearing the cicada’s sing over the last few days. Each day becoming louder. It’s not yet at the level of crescendo it went to in 2011, but the next few days will tell.

I am wondering if you also live where the Cyclical Cicadas are singing.

They emerge from the earth. The yard is dotted with holes.

They like to climb before their emergence.

The newly emerged adult.

Hardening up it’s exoskeleton.

Ready to fly.


Seems like they were here 2 years ago :joy::joy::joy:

Haven’t heard or seen them yet…

Nothing yet. In the northeast here

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Snowed here today, so if they’re smart, they’ll stay far away.


Nothing in Delaware so far. But no cyclical cicada broods are predicted to be here in Delaware, as far as I have seen in the news so far. Here is a good article about the main broods, with maps, I just read today, if you read the WAPO:

Cicadas are coming, bringing mysteries that fungus scientists hope to study - The Washington Post

For those not familiar, there are also annual cicadas, which, if abundant, can be quite loud too, and emerge every year.

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I saw that and am keeping an eye out for the fungus. I have seen a number which have died or have wing damage. Haven’t seen mating or the zombi fungus yet. Yes, in FL the annual was the only one we had. The first cyclical ones with red eyes I saw were in Virgina on vacation as a kid.

Looks like we won’t see this in NY. When I was a kid in Indiana I loved the cicadas. They were just so weird with their leftover shells.

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Our daughter took this yesterday .


Wow, nice photo!

A rare convergence of 17 and 13 year cicadas is occurring in several places in the US. Only happening in select areas.

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The last two days the number of cicada has really increased at our house. There songs fill the air like a roar. The trees are full of cicadas many flying from branch to branch. The husks litter the ground like fallen leaves.

A yard full of holes under the trees they laid eggs in 13 springs ago.

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We have very few

A truly amazing life cycle.

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That is an impressive amount.

The numbers are impressive! It speaks to the success of their mass emergence as a survival strategy.

Sort of like spring breakers at Myrtle Beach.


And the 13 or 17 year interval potentially having value in avoiding risks.

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By the way, nothing here where I am so far, Delaware.

They aren’t going to. There are maps that have been in the news where each brood is located. Mostly Mid-west and in southern Piedmont.