23 Years on Pnet and finally got censored!

Anybody else recently?

yes recently but it was reversed before I knew it. :joy:
I’ve been here since 08? They had that funky format way back. Name got messed up so it my profile doesn’t reflect that .

Me three. Censored! Kinda made me feel cool.

You guys must be really bad!

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What you do now!?! Lol.

I got censored long time ago when i went after and dogged a troll/internet bully who was “fat shaming” folks. Dogged him when i found out he lived the next state over and worked in Boston. Haven’t lost it like that since. (Thankfully.)



“What you do now!?! Lol.”

What ever you do don’t criticize Idaho Spuds …

I was among the censored posters in the same thread. Sent you an e-mail about it via a very old e-mail address.

Been on this forum since 2000 or 2001. Like you, I never got censored before. Then again, I didn’t hang out in Bicker and Banter!

The hilarious reason given in my case was that someone had complained about it, and that the post was off topic from the thread’s titular subject.

Well, there goes every popular thread!



Been on here about the same. As far as I know…I’ve never been censored…yet. Before the name confusion and I believe some software changes, I’m not exactly sure when I started.

I’m one of those. Was a reply I made to @Doggy_Paddler .

I hope we don’t have a reviewer who is overly sensitive to reality whose feelings are easily hurt.
That would make them a ?. I can think of several terms but I’d probably get censored.

Uh-oh, we’re in detention!

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The Banners, the Banters, the Bickers and Slandereds

I was dissing on the rudder when somebody yanked on my skeg,
they said I’d yanked upon their cable and, “Should go yank on third leg,”
and also, “Orange you more appealing where your river runs in rinds,
so high-mighty, Tilleyed, composite,” I think it was where Coffee grinds.

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Sounds like some of you are talking about your posts on the following thread being flagged:

I created the thread because I hoped it might become a useful reference for people with the same question. And that others would add their own experiences to it over time.

Instead, it got clogged with off-topic posts, which I flagged in hopes admin would simply remove those posts. Instead, they locked the thread entirely.

So if anyone has comments or complaints about their post(s) being flagged, you now know exactly who to address them to.


:exclamation:Flag unto others as thou wouldst have them flag unto you…


Don’t know if I was censored, but I did do the last post in a thread that got closed - at least I had the last word.

Just looked at my summary - 19 years, 167 topics, 2.4K posts. There is a distinct possibility that I spend too much time here. :wink:

You think…? LOL!

My stats - 203 topics created, 6.2k posts created. This doesn’t include the years on BoaterTalk discussing white water kayaking and equipment, or the years facilitating and posting on the New England Surf Kayakers forum. Only so much to say, I can search and find my previous postings on most topics recently posted. Of course, my “deja vu” moments are giving way increasingly to “do I remember that right?” feeling. :dizzy_face:

(Heading off to check out Phillppe surf!)

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It is not too much time if you also go paddling and do the other things you need or want to do.

Where do you get your stats?

Click on your icon to go to your profile. Click Summary tab to see a summary of activity.