7 days on the Apalachicola River, FL

Join the 1st Annual Apalachicola River Trip.

7 Self-sufficient days of semi-wilderness paddling down the entire 109 miles of the Apalachicola River.

Departure from Lake Seminole on Saturday morning Oct 13, 2007

it will take 7 days
i will have to check it out

Partial trip options?
Is there any way to break this trip into legs so as to join you for a few days of the whole? I’ve been looking at the map and the area is pretty remote…I only saw a couple of access points along the entire 100 mile stretch.

Yes, working on it now.
We are doing the planning now and still have a long way to go. Nothing is definite yet including who and how many are going to paddle.

Thus far it looks like paddlers who start and want to paddle the weekend will leave at JR’s Landing or Bristol Landing.

Monday meet at Bristol or Blountstown

Tuesday meet at Estiffangulga Boat Ramp & County Park

Wednesday meet at Wewahitchka

These are tentative dates. I think they are going to limit the number to 25 this first year. They don’t have any group experience and don’t want to have any problems.

If you know the dates you want to paddle you will need to contact the Apalachicola Riverkeeper Kayd@ApalachicolaRiverkeeper.org but as I said we are still in the rough planning stage.

Thanks for the info
I only have so many vacation days left from now until the end of the year. I need to see if I can make the Paddlefest in Milton and still have a couple or three of days on the Apalachicola as well.

The balance of my days I’m planning on spending in North Alabama for the entire week of Thanksgiving. I may even slip over to see the family in Dawsonville as well. What’s the Etowah like in late November?

You never know what the water level

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will be but the scenery will be beautiful. If you haven't and want to see the Etowah give me a call and we'll make a day on it.
You plan the date and how long you want to paddle and I'll plan the trip.

I hope to have some time later this week and schedule and map out all of my tenatively planned trips for the rest of the year. I’ll keep you posted.

I saw some pics of this river

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in a book that was for sale at the visitors center of the Gulf Islands National Seashore in Gulf Breeze, FL earlier this week (the title was something like "Nature Tours of NW Fl..."). Based purely on those pics, I'm going to double my efforts to make at least some portion of this trip!

Glad to hear it
Hope to see you on the river.


Hey GK!!
There you are!! I was wondering where the discussion of this trip had gone! I’m still in as far as I can tell. Have the time (next to no money but who needs it on the water anyway) and I’m ready to get away and give the hubby a bachelor week.

There had been talk of a shuttle set up, etc. Do you need any help planning? Love to help out if I can. Thanks as always-


Apalachicola Paddle
Hi Toddy

The trip is still on and plans are still bouncing and getting better by the week.

Looks like on Fri Oct 12 for those who can make it there will be a tour of the lock and then a dinner supplied by (can’t remember). A couple of meals will be furnished and there will be some speakers during the week on fish, the water and such all educational and interesting knowledge.

Haven’t gotten around to the shuttle yet so don’t know if you can park in Apalachicola and be shuttled to Lake Seminole or just a shuttle at the end.

Because details are still changing, we are not sending details out yet other than this tid bit for Friday. The trip starts Sat 9:00am and arrives in Apalachicola on Sat Oct 20 for the Annual River Expo Celebration. May have 200 meet us that morning for the last 5 miles.

BTW there will be a support boat that will help carry gear (but not mine). Can’t take more than the kayak will carry but may put it in the support boat and paddle a semi empty boat. Space will be limited on the support boat. No kitchen sinks.

Thanks for the update! NM

Hey GK
I emailed that person at apalachicolariverkeeper.org like you suggested but I didn’t hear anything back from them. I wanted to let them know I was interested in the trip. I’ll try again later in the week.

Ok, so is it October yet???
I’m ready to go. Like now.

Just got my little stove all set and my new tent is coming in next week. My old one is a 4-5 man monster! Didn’t want or need that much weight if it’s going to be every man for himself. Though if anyone needs a spare tent I’ll bring it in the car with me.

What’s the paddling like anyhoo? Decent current? Windy? zigzaggy turns? Can’t tell too much from what I’ve found on the net. Most is about the area’s history which is pretty neat. I’ve found info about paddling the side streams but not a whole lot on the river itself. Won’t have a chance to pre-scout this one given the distance from home so it’ll just be an adventure. Later gater…or I guess you’re a Georgia Peach! Does that make you sweet and fuzzy??

The details are in
I sent everyone the details. This isn’t the way I expected things to be but I love this river but when I paddled it, it was one man and one kayak on one river.

Because this is a special VIP trip I imaginethe food will be top notch. After this trip then we can get together and do it like a bunch of realriver kayakers.

Hopefully you all will be there and we’ll find out who in the VIP group is a kayaker. We’ll do night kayaking and just anything you want to do in the evening. I’ll lead, I’ll follow and do whatever to make this “One Great Paddling Trip”.

I’m in!
Got an email from Neva and I’ve reserved my spot. Will send the check once all the forms are in. Looking forward to seeing you next month!!-Toddy

I have USGS topos in pdf. for those who want them. Print on 11-x-14 and you will have the whole route. Total file size is 5.32 megs. tge

Tearnest- That would be awesome if you could email those. Thanks so much for the offer to share. Thus far I have maps of segments and creeks off the main river. Are you doing the paddle?


Sent you an email. This site won’t let me add attachments, so email me at tray_earnest@hotmail.com so I can reply w/map file. tge

Time for a headcount??

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See you on the 12th...