a little love for the kajaksport viking

i can’t understand why this boat doesn’t get more attention from the paddling public.

the viking must be one of fastest and best handling 16’tourers out there. it compares very favorably to the romany and avocet in terms of performance and frankly, blows them both away in build quality and features. seakayaker even gave it one of the best reviews i’ve ever read in their pages.

and yet when doing some research on it on this and other boards, i find very little talk of them.

can’t this boat get a little love? or am i missing something?

here ya go

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Ask Tom Pogson@WetDawg.com

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this guy is a guru about off the wall hard to find stuff

kajaksport viking
I have owned a Viking for 3 years along with other composite boats and find it to be a great kayak. Speed is fantastic. sadly I may have to sell it as I had a kidney removed for cancer and the prognosis is unclear.


my objection to
most kajaksport kayaks is volume.

I think they are really just too big.

I think both the viking, the viviane, and the millenium are pretty volumnious.

High foredeck, high aft deck, and very beamy. For what I like about kayaking they just don’t make a kayak that I am interested in paddling.

However I do know they do a great job on the quality of the kayaks, great finish, attention to detail in the outfitting. So if they did make a smaller kayak, I would be interested. I don’t know that this is the complaint that everyone has with them.

That said if I had a 6 month expedition around a continent the viviane would be on the top of the list.

I was initially interested in the Viking and found the volume way more than I wanted. And, I agree that the overall quality seems nice.


Nice description of the Viv
I very nice boat - but my Q700 (which is pretty voluminous itself) is svelte in comparison. Viv is definitely LONG expedition worthy. I haven’t paddled a Viking to compare.

day hatch
is too small on both the Viking and Milly EX models. why they don’t do it like the Vivianne??


Good luck Bob
I hope you are cancer-free.

KS Millenium
Just a mention - according the the KS guy I was talking to after taking a brief paddle in the Milleniium they offer different sized seats, at least in that. I know - it won’t alter the high decks particularly the rear, and the width of the boat. But for some who don’t mind those things, it could make it easier to get a better feeling fit should the same be available in the Viking.

They’re all way too big for me. But I have to say that the Millenium handled exceedingly well considering that the cockpit and seat were miles too big and it is an 18 foot boat that is built to track. My husband ahd the had the same experience - still too big for him but the handle was way better than he expected given the overall specs on the boat.


Sorry to hear…
I was rude - sorry to hear that you may be facing that. I hope the prognosis resolves positively.


kajaksport viking
Thanks all. Still paddling and went today. Didnt take the Viking thoughI i do find the weight of the kajaksport boats to be a bit fudged with the Viking at close to 55lbs.

the viking is not high volume

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it is somewhat more voluminous than the romany and avocet, i guess, but it is a slightly larger boat. still it's nowhere near a high-volume boat (unless you're under 150lbs.)

now the other two models (vivianne and milennium) are definitely serious cargo-haulers--though they do it well. but, the viking is clearly a different design and look for upcoming changes in the milennium to reflect the viking (it's just a rumor, so far.)

anyway, i had the same preconceptions when i went to see it today and was pleasantly surprised when i sat in it. the cockpit is very comfortable and the rear deck is plenty low enough for me to lay back as far as my back will bend. a nice touch was the back of the combing which is severly tapered toward the cockpit and presents a flat surface to the back when you lean backwards. the beam is a hair under 22" by my tape--certainly not a wide boat.

curious about the weight, due to conflicting reports, i was totally surprised at how light it was--in fact i had to ask the shop owner if i was handling a kevlar boat. i still don't know what the exact weight was but the fiberglass viking was lighter than the kevlar currituck right beside it. my guess is about 48 lbs.

the only negative thing that i have heard and i believe is that the hatches and bulkheads are so airtight that they can cause trouble--even damage if the temps or altitude fluctuates too much. venting the bulkheads with pinholes should probably correct this problem.

anyway i'll be able to offer a more indepth report later on in the season since i took advantage of a winter sale and bought it on the spot.

more to come.

i guess you didn’t really
want to hear the answer to your question, you wanted to be re-affirmed in your purchase.


you bought a great kayak!

i bet you feel better.

I know I do.

way to go man.
keep paddling. it’s not only good…it’s good for you…

ok, mr snippy…

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actually, i was just looking for some feedback (love) for a boat that i was thinking of buying but had not really seen or heard much about, yesterday.

i then went down to really spend some time with it and ended up buying it today.

since there wasn't a whole lot posted, i decided to share my findings.

now i feel better.

btw: thanks, i think i did buy a great kayak.

Vent the bulkheads

I will.

Under 150 lbs…
That be me at 140 lbs and 5’3". I think the Viking is a nice boat for a bigger paddler looking for a nicely built cruiser.

Cheers to your new boat. :slight_smile:


Also under 150
5’4" and 135 pounds (so far), hence my love for the extra small and low cockpit in my LV. Frustratingly, a statistically average sized woman for the boomer generation. But my (bigger) husband is very interested in trying one out - we will probably taking a weekend trip to a dealer in Massachusetts this spring to check them out. Glad to hear that you found a match.


offers a great line of kayaks. I live in South Florida and this boat works quite well on big water. As others have mentioned it is somewhat voluminous, although it is not particularly wide at ~ 21-22-inches. I am 6’ and 210 lbs so the Viking is a wee bit small for me. My wife is under 5’ and she felt the Viking was too big for her, so she paddles an Impex Mystic. Other friends have Vikings and love them. It all gets down to fit and personal preference. For me the Millenium is quite simply the nicest all around sea kayak on the market. For me, my needs, my preferences. It is a joy to paddle.

Have fun with your new Viking, it is a great boat.