A place to avoid on Hilton Head

Hi. Thought I’d give anyone considering planning a vacation on Hilton Head a bit of heads up about the absurd rules of the Sea Pines Plantation resort. Sea Pines is the huge conglomeration that occupies basically the entire southern 1/3 of the island.

I am an invited speaker at a conference there in June, and so have to stay there for a week (sounds good so far, right? Just wait). I inocently figured that I would bring my ski, since I don’t get that many opportunities to spend a week at the ocean. Well, it turns out that you are: 1) not allowed to keep a kayak on the roof of your car, 2) not allowed to store the boat on the ground off your car, and 3)not allowed to leave it at the “Beach Club” or “Marina”. Effectively, you are not allowed to bring a kayak to the the southern 1/3 of Hilton Head Island unless you own a house with a large garage. What total horsesh…t.

The only solution, which I am taking since I am getting paid for this, is to rent a boat slip, big enough for a 24’ powerboat, at the South Beach Marina ($230 for the week). You have to keep the boat in the water while you are there, as apparently the sight of a boat on land is entirely distasteful to the morons who run this place.

So- if you are thinking of going to Hilton Head, avoid Sea Pines like the plague!!


Do you…
have to keep you pinky extended whilst sipping your tea there as well?

Were you informed of this after reaching the premises with the boat, or did you inquire beforehand? Did you see any other kayaks while you were there?

HH response
My wife and I had the same experience a few years ago when visiting HH. Check with the local outfitter Outside Hilton Head (http://www.outsidehiltonhead.com/) they had us launch from the shop they had in Sea Pines which allowed us to enter Sea Pines with our dreaded kayaks on the roof of the car. They might have kayak storage available. We did had great day paddling around the southern end of the island.

I just visited their website. They do offer kayak tours, but with a local outfitter. I wouldn’t be surprised if the the regulations were developed to give selected companies exclusive rights to paddling rentals, therefore the restrictions.

Not that it still isn’t horse****. You should have been allowed to pay a fee to bring in your own boat. If the restrictions are there because a boat on a car doesn’t look proper, well that’s just silly.

Everybody knows that kayaks on cars looks cool!

Rich folks don’t like white trash
, i.e. people who sweat,cluttering up THEIR island. I first went to HH in 1969 to visit my soon to be wife at her parent’s little cottage. You could walk the beach for hours and not see 3 people.Now they do their best to make sure you don’t walk the beach by limiting public access.I don’t go there anymore because the change and the traffic is unbearable.

Actually, I’m not going until late June. I starting planning this well in advance, because I had heard rumors.

I’m totally with you on not going to Hilton Head. I actually like Tybee Island and Edisto the best on that part of coast- no BS, no one cares what you do, none of this “golf and tennis” crowd (my apologies to the golfing and tennis playing kayakers here).

still, it will be nice for my family.


Welcome to the ever omnipresent
world of HOA’s. Our homeowners association recently went over the top with new covenants and restrictions-i.e.-if you want to repaint your home the same original color-you must have approval from the ‘architectural review committee’. After perusing their latest list, we are listing our home for sale this month. Life is too short to put up with this crap-expecially after repairing hurricane damage. We will never live in an HOA or gated community again.

i just avoid hilton head

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there are many, many more interesting places to visit in the lowcountry. my x loves it. her hobby is spending money. hilton head is nouveau riche in the pure form.

A simple solution…
Put 2 paddle boy carts on either end ,and tell them it is a new exotic sports car from Germany that runs on Oxygen. The rich B@STARD$ will be running to the dealers to buy one.While they are trying to track down the dealer,you can go kayaking.

Happy Paddledriving billinpa

what about alternatives
maybe you could stay on hhi but not at sea pines. maybe there are places outside sea pines where you could keep your boat. i live in beaufort so i might be able to help you hook up with an alternative to anal sea pines

thanks but
that gets seriously complicated with getting into “the compound” to give my talks, having only one car for my family, etc, etc.

the paying for a boat slip thing will ultimately work out pretty well, since south beach is well situated to get out into the ocean quickly.

and then i’ll never go back…


Oh Yeah
It’s pretty common knowledge around here that Hilton Head don’t allow no riff raff. It’s more of a status symbol than a place to have fun.

considering …
all in all - have a good conference/ vacation and enjoy your your week at a posh snob resort. sounds like you personally found a good solution to an absurd problem. your slip will look pretty interesting compared to what else will be moored there. Take pictures!

considering …
all in all - have a good conference/ vacation and enjoy your your week at a posh snob resort. sounds like you personally found a good solution to an absurd problem. your slip will look pretty interesting compared to what else will be moored there. Take pictures!

and i bet the food will be good!

Try this
Call the local outfitter on the island. Nicely ask if you can store your ski there for a few days and are willing to pay a fee. These people are often very accomodating and hate the “rules” as much as you do.

Best of Luck


right you are
outside hilton head very nicely offered to let me store my boat there, and i may take them up on the offer. the problem is that getting it each day will entail a fair amount of driving, whereas renting the boat slip will allow me to bike to get the boat, and be in the ocean in minutes. all things being equal, i’ll probably pay the money for the boat slip, since i’m being compensated for this little jaunt anyway.


Good Deal
Be sure to bring extra cord to tie off the ski in such a way that it doesn’t whack on anything.

Have Fun,


glad we didn’t go…
…while in Charleston area recently. Wife said “it’s too snobby there.” I guess she hit it right. I think you can get a taste for this type of place on Isle of Palms (especially the north end) and parts of the Outer Banks (Duck, etc.) They make it nearly impossible to park, let alone access the beach, without trespassing.

I know there are pnetters who cannot leave their boats on the racks IN THEIR OWN DRIVEWAYS! Stupid, intrusive HOA’s! What’s so ugly about canoes & kayaks? Discrimination!! Write your congressmen!!

Well folks, necessity is the mother of invention: I propose a square-topped carcover that will fit over your vehicle, boats & all, with the likeness of a Lexus SUV, authentic-looking from all angles. Oversized vehicles can opt for the Hummer H-2 or Lincoln stretch-limo covers.

change of plans
the more i thought about leaving my ski in the water the less comfortable i was. now i’m renting rack space at outside hilton head. $15/day- very reasonable. 5 minutes to a public beach, where i’m sure i will meet other pariahs.


call the resort
Try this. Call the resort where the convention is being held. Ask to speak with the Convention Sales Dept. and speak with the sales rep handling your medical convention. Tell them the problem. If your convention has 100 people and last 5 day , that is 500 rooms/day they are getting paid for, plus meal, plus items bought on property. You have a lot of pull and they will be happy to help you out.

The company I worked for held these types of conventions and I saw how they would bend over backwards to help.