A remarkably unique and beautiful kayak:

Check out this design by Robert Livingston and built by Joe Greenley of Redfish Kayaks. Joe builds (and designs as well) exquisite kayaks.




High rear deck…
I don’t know… If you can’t do lay back rolls is it a good kayak or even considered a kayak at all.

What say the BCU?

I say it’s Drop Dead Gorgeous.

I’ve always loved Joe’s work…

Beautiful build, but
that is one of the fugliest kayaks I have seen.


Seagulls make kayaks.

Who knew?

The boats in the background are beautiful. The one in the foreground should see a doctor about that goiter.

letter opener
it looks just like an oversized letter opener.

nice craftsmanship- awful boat.


That nis a motor compartment.

Say it ain’t so, Joe

An Idea
Strap two of them together, add some wheels, and you’ve got the essence of the Porsche Speedster (James Dean!) or Speed Racer’s Mach 5…

looks expensive

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nice front end, fat ass, high maintenance...reminds me of my X! ; )

Interesting boat but
looks difficult to build. Maybe it could do without the aft protuberance. I think it was Robert Livingston who developed the design for the prototype for the Mariner Coaster. John

i like it
is the idea extra storage or a boat that won’t stay hull up. looks like there’s so much flotation/volume in the stern deck that it couldn’t possible stay down. maybe that’s a leap. who knows. but i like it.

nice 4th hatch
seems some are cathing on. I wouldnt want to try to roll it, forward finishing would be all you’ve got.

I’d sure like to hear the perspective of the designer.

It looks like a pretty deep keel at the stern, but I would still think it would weathercock badly with all that sail back their. Maybe it’s balanced by the keel…I don’t know.

What is that thing for?

must be a reason
all I can think of is a narrow rec. kayak with the aft deck hump providing bouyancy for someone who cannot afford to wet-exit and they need the ability to lay sideways to the water and scull/roll up.

Flawless execution…
Weird boat. Kinda like Ed “Big Daddy” Roth does kayaks…

I think that might be the self righting kayak that he had been working on. I remember emailing him several years ago about buying one of his designs. A kid could roll it back up with no problem.

He was also very instrumental in the design of the Mariner Coaster.

nice wordworking
put to bad use…that’s one ugly ass boat.

does anyone else think…
It looks like a smaller version of the Thing those two guys paddled from Australia to New Zealand?

illegal alien importation vessel
or a marijuana transfer launch, now that the price of fuel has gotten out of hand.