A souvenir of earlier days on p.net

We put together a couple of Jocassee Rendezvous in springs past. A couple of us still stay in touch.


Lot more commaderie back then. But, also some of the longest, loudest, bombastic, verbal warfare.

Both have tamped down as PNetters gave way to Pcommers.



A lot has changed.
Some for the better.
Some not.

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I miss all the professional polemicists and non-paddlers who used to frequent the “Bicker and Banter” forum! NOT.

I have been to 5 paddler weekend get togethers and never met one of those types. The closest was a guy who couldn’t stop bragging about how good a business man he was. I didn’t see him on the water the next day.

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Didn’t one of those Pnet gatherings lead to love at first sight, or something close to it? And the couple got married.

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The good old days, with good friends

Jack L


It’s been awhile. Nice to know that you are skill kicking and paddling out there.


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We stood upon such sacred grounds,
was it Coffee or some a peel?
Of the Bell whether to Pamlico sound,
carted blanche portage loose wheel,

We raced across warm choppy straights,
to haunts of Hemingway.
Those snows will kill a man, ajar, oh no!
Skegs, rudders, all at play.

With rolls to play inverted paths
crossed where the cotton kills.
Even from Jimbo’s paradise,
Tuluk of Eskimo’s last thrill.

Darkside, Lightside, gunnels, cockpit,
saviors and sabres all did rattle.
Gods and goats, devilish grins afloat,
hulled along by almighty paddle.

Yes there was a board of the bubbling bored,
strange catch you oft find in a net.
And to bait comes byte where paddlefish fight,
Com what May week off still to fret.


That about sums up the last 20 years plus of PNet/PCom. For newbies, you are now largely caught up through another of canoeswithduckheads’ verbal virtuosic muse.


Thank you, Sing. You are kind. Others would remind me of that fine line between “muse” and “abuse” in the verbal department. But, like a Frank one here oft sorta suggested, I’ll prattle on.


Hopefully, the younger generations will have an appreciation for poetry. And paddling for that matter.

I have no idea. We had 2 long married couples who still are.

Maybe it was a different pNet gathering.

TexasLady and ??? met there in person, though they both had been on Pnet before that.

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I don’t think any nuptials evolved from the many Raystown gatherings I was fortunate ( in a loose change sorta way) to have attended. There were semi-romantic trysts, worthy of some soap operatic opus that might lie twain One Wife To Give and Days of Our Jives. However, my favorites shall always remain those semi-cinematic re-enactments of memorable(skewed) scenes from Old Yeller, The Big Lewboski, Eddy Does Happy Valley Tailgater Wives (also known as An Airstreamer Too Far), and, of course, that scene where the frenzied villagers torch-parade search for the monster in Once Young Frankenstein.

I think a lot of Pnetter guys fell (online only) for Wendy from Canada and her sexy Santa suit.

Rrrrrgh, rrrrgh!

But then, Freida did her Epic gymnastics, you know, and turned everything on its head.

Lest we forget, “Oh wicked Wanda!” (The inflatable.)

'Where have all the Raystowns gone?
Long time passing…
When will they ever learn?
When will they ever learn?"

Somewhere out there in Alaskan bush
a crazed corpsmen is larking,
quite close you’ll hear bearing no fear
a Paris pooch sharp barking.

Moose on the loose can’t reek abuse
nor air such grief in hissing,
as Wanda fair letting out her airs,
she’s holey done with loved-up kissing.

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TexasLady and UglyOkie got married on an Ozark rendezvous, though they met and knew each other from Texas. UglyOkie proposed to TexasLady with a banner he held up from an island on the Current River at a fall Ozark 'vous. They were married by a preacher in nearby Eminence Mo as soon as one could be located who wasn’t out turkey hunting on that, the opening day of the hunting season. All the participants at the 'vous that year were in attendance. They are married still and have occasionally attended since, but not with the regularity of their single days.