Adding a console to a kayak?

I recently picked up a Dagger Zydeco 9’ and I’d like to add some kind of accessible storage tray at the front of the cockpit. Just an easy place to keep a drink, a phone, and maybe a few other things.

Harmony and Wilderness Systems both make an aftermarket console, but it doesn’t fit the boat.

Anyone know of another product that has a more universal fit? Or, has anyone jerry-rigged something that works pretty well?

(Seems like a perfect application for 3D printing but alas, I have no 3D design skills.)

I guess if I were to make one, I’d use a thin plywood, cut to my custom shape, with holes for drinks etc. as I saw fit. Then I would finish it nicely and mount it to the deck using stainless steel bolts and nuts, held off the deck by a spacer. Perhaps this could be made out of small pvc pipe or similar. Just a thought.

I wonder if you could fashion something from mini cell foam. Maybe use 2 sheets of 1" thick (which would be thin enough to conform to the deck of your boat), Cut out holes for drink, cut a hole in the top layer only for your phone. Contact cement the 2 pieces together while on the boat to keep the curve.

How about a deck bag that attaches to your front bungees?

Several companies make them in various sizes.

Laying a phone in a tray across the cockpit is a sure way to loose it.

The best…