ads here for sale puzzling

I can’t understand why people put up a kayak for sale with no info except type of kayak? No price, no colors, no year, no pictures and no condition of it? Ok I can see pics cost more but some have zero info.

They Probably
Will email you a lot more detailed info.

Kind of like " Need paddling partner"
with no mention of where.

are unprepared for writing ads

are reticent

avoid lying in print when they can lie without witness

if you want a Dune Ranger n the seller posts


then what other info is there ?

oh I see you were looking for Dune Ranger in Canadian Summer Sunset ?

ask the owner

bah. the Dune Ranger flips easily anyway

My experience with craigslist…
…where space is unlimited and photos are free, is that if the ad lacks detail or photos, it’s probably a waste of my time to call. Not so free here, but a lack of detail in text tells me the seller is someone I probably wouldn’t do business with.

So - consider it a service to you when they save you the bother.

30 word limit
I checked and here on there is a 30 word limit for free ads. You can get a lot in wit in this, but it does also limit how much can be said and one should think carefully about how to get the most content in.

Probably in a hurry or distracted.

would be a no brainier when selling.


the Ranger sold well

The results of such ads are always
the same, as far as I as a potential buyer are concerned: No sale.

You would think so, but people forget.


if the ad writes: Dune Ranger 16’ good condition

factory Purple with tractor seats n painter holes drilled thru hull $1200 ONO

then seller offers several characteristics you may find repellant.

If the ad writes: Dune Ranger $1200

then you need call n find out WTH this is about

thus ! allowing time for ‘cushioning’ negative aspects of Dune Ranger ownership against the insane idea you have about owning one.

In that in calling you have physically entered the trap

but of course!
(and it fits in the back of a pickup!)

any contact info?
Use it, and ask them for the price.

I got an ad on right now and …
My current for sale ad has my phone on it and the first contact usually comes from scammers.

Things like “Would you take a certified check and my mover will pick-up the kayak after the check clears? Just send me your bank and address info”.

The less experienced scammers are easy to spot as they usually have no clue what they are buying. The last one who just contacted me apparently copied and pasted some “keywords” to create the impression that the message was specific enough, but what he (or she?) chose and the way he combined the terms shows that person has no idea about the particular kayak for sale…

Well, will you take a certified check?

And the seller
may be posting from a phone, one letter at a time, and can’t wait to get finished.

that’s hilarious
They must not realize how hard it is to sell a kayak.

is problematic

  1. people are paranoid…‘with good reason’

  2. sellers often lack self confidence in selling.

  3. sellers tho selling are uneducated in law or banking procedures for example not knowing a certified check is money…again for good reason as it could a rubber copy.

  4. Last occurrence went into a hole so I tried bringing the seller to the bank producing the cashiers check that I would then hand to him at the garage.

    He didnah want to be seen with me nor would he believe a cashers check was money …

    I believe he was scamming me for cash…obviously a robbery.

    so it goes.