Advice on washboard abs from

Peyton Manning.

‘Let’s face it guys. Unless you are less than 23 or play in the NFL, it ain’t gonna happen. Buy a bigger shirt.’

That may not be a quote, but it is close.

Finally, some straight talk from TV.

Yep, Pretty close…
A whole new credibility for Peyton.

Waiting for his next advise spot.

Just get rid of that backband
…so you’re constantly doing a situp… and you’ll eventually end up with a belly like… a Russian weightlifter.

getting 'em, keeping 'em
Simple. Practice pushaway; from the table, and situps, say 50 a crack twice a day.

“Does My Butt Look Big…
in these pants?”

A real man don’t much care.

“Can I beat Johnny to that bridge up ahead?” Now THAT’S the way a man thinks.

I’ve got six-pack abs
I keep them protected under a layer of fat.

Wouldn’t want them to get damaged.

Peyton Playing It Up…
and assuaging his couch potato fans. :wink:


My abs
were created by a six-pack - or was that a case? Does that count?

I don’t have a six pack
I’ve got a keg!!!

That push-away thing don’t work.
I don’t eat too much at the table. It’s after dinner watching mindless TV or reading when the chips come out, and ice cream , and crackers. If it comes in a bag or a box, it be in serious trouble.

Have you guys tried the tomato and olive oil Triscuits? Yow!

Garden Herb
I am officially addicted. Eat a box every 3 days. So much for 6-pack abs.

Peyton has a great prescence both on the
field and doing very funny TV ads. And he’s spot on with this one. John

I liked the Mini-Van ad he did…

Who is Peyton Manning?
More importantly: Why are you taking advice from a TV ad spoken by someone who skated through college on an athletic field playing a boys game? Do you really believe these were his thoughts?

Brings back a quote from my memory regarding P. T. Barnum about fools.

For our country’s sake, please neglect to vote tomorrow.

No-exercise solution
Vibration platform may help tone abs

… A Maine researcher says standing on a vibrating platform for 15 minutes a day could help people achieve washboard abs.

Clifford Rosen from The Jackson Laboratory and Maine Medical Center Research Institute says his study put mice on a vibrating platform for 15 minutes a day for 15 weeks.

He says the mice developed 27 percent fewer abdominal fat cells and saw other benefits, including reduced triglycerides in the liver.

The mice didn’t lose weight but Rosen says it appears that the vibrations changed fat distribution in a beneficial way. The study by Rosen and his research partners was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

You mean that all those ads
for exercise equipment were lying to me?

Sounds like and old study
That sort of device has been around for humans for a while now.

The vibrations have to be within certain frequency ranges to induce the right reactions in the body. Cause involuntary contractions - so you ARE doing exercise - just not the way you normally think of it. recommended sessions are pretty short as well.

Probably best used to balance/supplement normal training (some combine at same time and train while on these).

Machines I’ve seen are NOT cheap (think high end gym, rehab/sports facility, etc.), though more “home” type units are coming out (think I saw one at the Mall…). If it takes off, expect a lot of crap machines that don’t really work the same way to hit the market.

Link to basic info (commercial site - FWIW):

and more studies under research tab:

Hey Cliff, who opened the cage at
B and B? Or are you just humorless?

I’m going for washing machine abs
Sort of like when you open the door and there’s all this lumpy laundry looking back up at you

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In days of old it was the colosseum AD 70 more or less, now it is the domed stadium and its LCD, plasma or like images.

My 11 years old twin boys love to watch and play football. My father is addicted to watching sports on TV. At 81 he is entitled as is anyone else. I saw that commercial while visiting last night. I probably watch 4 hours of TV a month. My boys probably average that daily.

Not counting traveling to work or my "hobbies;" I spend more time cycling, paddling, walking, running or working out than I do driving or watching TV.

Just my way of wasting my life on my own terms. You are allowed to laugh and poke fun of me as I do to yours.