Aging gracefully behind the paddle, your thoughts?

64 and a bit male. I was getting a bit leery about paddling my sea kayak because of shoulder soreness using European Paddles. I have switched to a Greenland Paddle and by concentrating on correct technique have discovered a new pain free to paddle and fall in love with paddling all over again!


I have to ask what “a BIT male” means? Or is that a typo for BIG male?

Ha too funny :D, “bit” as in a few months past my 64th birthday. Guess I could also be described as big amongst my peers, 185cm, 90kg.

Thinking about changing my nom de p.
Com to string2.
Laying in a hospital bed bored ,with a new aortic valve. All indicators are positive and the doc says I’ll have more energy.
Sort of a new lease on life.


Hope recovery goes smoothly and you’re back on the water before you know it.

I do everything gracefully, . . . except that time I slipped on the tongue of my trailer (4’ above ground) and landed /flopped on the concrete slab that I was parked over . . . that was not graceful.

Wow! Sending good vibes for a swift recovery. Be well, String!


string, I hope you are soon on the road to total recovery, sorry to hear about your setback.
Bill has not held his paddle with the blades upside down in a while, that was the only thing I suggested he change. He likes his horse collar, says it keeps his neck warm in the fall.


Best wishes to you in your recovery. I (like others here, I’d bet) know folks for whom it was a total game changer. If one has to be laid up for a bit, better if its not in the middle of paddling season.
Get well soon,

Thank you all! Gone are the days when I can stay awake all night. I was in the ICU of St. Francis Hospital known as one of the best for heart surgery in the Southeast. The surgery was Tuesday morning and when they wheeled me out of the OR I felt great. The ward had no rooms, just beds separated by particians. There was a large desk with several attractive young women hanging around it. They all were supervised by a senior nurse who adopted me.
All of them kept tellingly me to be careful but I felt good.
The place is also known for saving seniors. That night there were 2 large old men who were in extremis. There was no sleeping last night.
The coup de gras was while I was waiting for my wife to take me home I needed to find a bathroom so started looking. A girl showed up and aggressively started demanding to know what I was doing. I told her I needed the john. She was pissed and said " wet pants are better than a fall and you aren’t going to fall"!
I was also getting agitated but I did get to the toilet.
Mama nurse heard about this and 3 of the girls escorted me to the car. I had a goal and she had a more urgent one. We calmed down and I thanked her for caring. We hugged and went on our way.
It occurred to me that while I was high on anesthetic she was trying to keep me from further damage.
Thank goodness for caring nurses. It was a surreal experience. I’ve been directed to park it for a week and now have 3 new drugs.


I suppose I’m lucky. Eighty-two and my primary care doc declared that I was in better shape than a lot of his patients less than half my age. So I then asked him why I so often felt so lousy. He said that it might just be because I’m 82. My doc has an odd sense of humor.


Glad to hear you’re doing well. I may very well be there having the same thing done quite soon. Rest, heal, then get out on the water again.

My replumbed heart was tested this morning. I was driving for the first time in a week when the car beside me sped up, whipped into my lane and slammed on the brakes. Max heartbeat in seconds.
A stress test isn’t supposed to be part of rehab.


Technically, make it string two point oh. Speedy recovery!

Darn world just doesn’t want a man to heal in peace these days.

Get ya one of these for those road-roided-rampagers:

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I think the driver was a woman, probably a recent transplant who had just missed the turn to the post office.

Trunk monkey! Like a snake on a leash. Everything is good as long as you’re going the same way.

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If one were somewhat mindlessly driving along and crossing into another state, it would hardly be noticeable -in relation to one’s surroundings. Then -the brain clicks In, and all kinds of DATA snaps us out of our meditative state. Some of it may even upset our thinking that can effect our physical well-being. The Political environment, Status-Quo, Climate, etc., and we may become uneasy and proceed with Caution. Aging can be like that .One could consider all the Similarities as we age, with past yrs., than focus too much on the differences, or expectations., or particularly, most precautions, which can all be proven wrong. We can wear out-rust out , but to mellow out may be the better option!

We’re born, we live, we die. Enjoy yourself until you can’t


Little Feat and paddling, Two of you favorite things.

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