Aging Gratefully part ?"/$#$$%

Continuing the discussion from Aging gracefully behind the paddle, your thoughts?:

I feel great . Doc says 2-3 weeks. My paddling season here will be over by then.
Working on a Florida trip.


This post got me a Link award. I’ve been accused of being a missing one.


Glad to hear you feel great. Be patient and do whatever PT they recommend. Stay healthy!

Be nice to the Nurses! Glad you are doing well!


Speedy recovery!


Congrats on your successful surgery string2!

Thank you everyone! It finally got pounded into my thick head that this was a little more complex than a lot of surgeries and the recovery time takes awhile. I have a list of “do nots” that I have been reminded of repeatedly.
I’ve been told to reduce fat and salt in my diet. Those are 2 major food groups!
I have always been relatively slender and strong and ate anything I wanted.
I have no desire to live forever so there will be some compromises.


Some believe that compromise is evil. That’s bull puckey (or horse hockey if you’re inclined toward the equine vs the bovine). Either way, those who reject compromise will experience a rude awakening one of these days.
Take care and get well, Mr. @string.

I led a trip in June on the Klamath River. After the wet winter the river was at really high levels. We searched for the easiest stretch I could find and it was too much at age 73. Time to head for easier rivers.

I’ve been doing easier rivers; mostly lakes. I will be doing easier distances while of course looking for the perfect boat.

Bringing Home the…errr, Bacon Brings Him Home

Reduce the salt and fat!!?
Surely if I’m not mistaken,
Idea for me falls flat,
plan would have one give up BACON!

Give up bacon???
Nonsense to utter.
As if could ween Frenchmen
off wine and butter.

Well surely then,
arteries will clog?
Tis chance I’ll take,
to wade such bog!

And boggles mind,
these dietician,
wouldst cleanse me pipes,
before mortician.

I shall abide,
lick lips, damn all,
till collides chlorides
with cholesterol.

And clutching chest,
last gasp then taken,
they’ll say to better home
he’s been brought by bacon.


Everything goes better with bacon, butter, and boats! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I guess you are taking the doctor’s advice with a pinch of salt! :crazy_face:


I had salmon and salad for lunch. I was starving by 5. Then I found a forgotten Honey Bun.

You ate your dog?!#&?%!???

New meaning of “dog food”.

The man loathed his doctor’s advice
To eat mostly veggies and rice.
His cardiac clog
Became slathered with dog;
He preferred it to sauteeing mice.