Amazon refunded me $240 on my kayak!

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The Old Town Dirigo 120 I paid $702 for originally arrived w a giant gash in the side. The replacement was delayed and they gave me a 20% refund for the inconvenience. When the replacement finally arrived at the hub it was damaged too and for the extreme delays and inconvenience they refunded me an additional $100, bringing the price down to $460. I also haven't had to pay for any of the shipping, including return shipping. I'd say I did pretty well for myself!

Here are some pics of the hole:

you got a great deal!
the gash is typically an upcharge!

I had the boat all rigged up on my car w the two pads and I went to breakfast to start my day. Walked out of the restaurant to see a giant hole in my new boat. I couldn’t have been more disappointed. The only silver lining is I caught it before I put it in the water.

so it was vandalized while on your car?
And you claimed it was “shipping damage”?

Sounds like it to me
Or this guy handled the boat up close to load it and missed a hole that the guys who received it also missed… that is not the easiest one to buy. But Ohio guy maybe could have managed that.

Now ask if I am surprised, either that he missed the hole or that your scenario is correct.

Ordering a kayak from Amazon is inexplicable to me in the first place.

The total cost of acquisition is often less than other online sources and they have great customer service.

Supporting local dealers
Many of us prefer to support local outfitters who provide valuable resources like skills classes, a convenient source for accessories, demo days and REALLY personal service. In my experience, an independent and/or local outfitter can match prices or at least approximate what you might find on line if you make the effort to talk to them about it.

And this particular OP could have benefitted from buying from an outfitter who would have educated him about what he needed and how to use it. Instead, he has multiple threads on here revealing that he is almost completely in the dark about the equipment he is acquiring.

I don’t believe any of the scenario
to take delivery of a kayak, not inspect it, and not notice the damage until its on the car to me is befuddling.

And not worth trying to figure it out cause I think its total bs.


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I just didn't notice it until it was on my car. The size and depth of the hole were way too severe for me to have done it myself, it was clearly done by a forklift or some other heavy equipment. The second one didn't even make it to me bc it was damaged, so obviously it wasn't me.

The customer service rep for Amazon's large items department said he sees a lot of kayaks arrive damaged which is unusual to me bc of how strongly they are built.

Nope, I have pics to prove it
There is no way in hell I could have inflicted the damage myself simply loading it onto my roof. It would require extreme force or pressure to cut completely through the material.

I don’t have local outfitters.
I have to drive 240 miles to an outfitter.

I do have a Field & Stream store locally. If they stocked a boat I wanted, I would see if they would price match.

I have to drive 90 miles to find a composite boat for sale and that guy sells out of his basement.

Oh yeah, our Menard’s, Farm & Fleet and Walmart sell canoes and kayaks.

Is a “Holey” Boat a "Bargain?"
Hmmm, if you’re that easy to please, I’ve got some tires with holes in 'em I’ll sell you for a “Song!”

They’re sending me a new one
Why would I be keeping it w a hole??

so let me get this straight
You purchased AND loaded a boat with a giant hole in it and didn’t notice the hole once?

Did I ever tell you the story of how I wore a pair of new pants back to the store where I returned them?

did you buy your boat at Amazon?
My only gripe would be that Amazon isn’t likely to carry any kayak or gear that I’d want to own. But if they did I wouldn’t rule out buying there.

But I’m lucky enough to have a local independent paddlesport store nearby and another within an hour drive. And as you said, we don’t all have that convenience.

No. Have only bought used boats.

same here
Amazon does sell used stuff, but probably not too many people selling used boats on the site.

Did you miss the part
Where I ordered it online? How on earth would I have known there was a hole in it? As far as loading it and not noticing, that’s a better question but I think it’s bc I was in such a hurry and excited to get my new boat on the water.

Here ya go

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