Anas Acuta

 I puchased a Valley Anas Acuta in the spring of '06.  This is a beutiful boat with alot of problems.  If I take it out with a strong sturn wind, it wants to turn into the wind.  I contacted the original owner, and she told me to shift my seat to the direction of the turn and to adjust the paddle length to the turn.  As a last resort she said to weight the stern.  <br />
 I want to love this boat.  Is there another Answer?  I haven't tried the weight, but everything else only helps a litle.<br />

Let Me Know…

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when you want to get rid of it. I'll take it off your hands. :)

turning into the wind -- weathercocking -- happens to varying extent with most boats. Most of the manufacturers balance/trim the boat that way. You can drop the skeg to the amount needed to counteract. Don't know how heavy/light you are... Lighter and depending on where there the seat is located can make it more prone to weathercocking. If you feel ambitious, take out the seat and move it back. This locks in the stern more and counters weathercocking.


Is it skegged?
One of the easier ways to stiffen the stern is to drop a skeg, if the boat has one. Most kayak hulls are designed to turn into the wind - it’s usually a better idea than the alternative - and boats with more rocker turn more.

What characteristics and uses were you looking for whan you bought this boat, and what’s been you experience to date with sea kayaks? It might help to know what you are comparing this boat’s beahvior to.

Anas Acuta
The boat has no skeg. If it did that might solve the problem. As for weight, I’m in the 175-180 range

The boat has no skeg. I have a Perception Eclips and an Ocean Kayak Frenzy

With No Skeg…

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I think technique is your most important option. Leaning the boat into the wind and using sweep strokes on the windward side will help keep you straight. Lighter strokes, or no stroke at all on the leeward side.

I agree, some weight in the stern will help anchor the rear end of the boat and might help some. Maybe a gallon jug or two of water in the rear hatch?

Yeah I’ll try it.

I thought that the Anas came standard with a skeg–must have been special ordered w/o one. To see if adjusting the weight distribution will help, try throwing a bottle or two of coke/water way back into the stern recess. BTW, I have a friend who paddles an Anas in all kinds of conditions and never uses the skeg plus skin on frame boats that resemble the Anas don’t have skegs, so working on technique will make a big difference.

Hemm… Maybe weight. Ive tryed leaning and paddle adjustments

Paddle Adjustments

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What exactly have you done regarding paddle adjustments? Did you change the way you hold the paddle? The way you place it and move it in the water? Both?

The reason I ask is that edging and sweeping really SHOULD have helped a lot. (Not so much how you hold the paddle as where you place it).

One trick Flatpick taught me was that steering from the toes helps counter weathercocking quite a bit. Just reach up forward and push the bow the direction you want it to go.

Hey... if all else fails, contact Sing. He'll take it off your hands.

Yeah I kinda tried it but will try again. I would would rather keep it than sell it. I did ask Sing what he/she had in mind, but didn’t get a reply yet.

LI Sea kayaker
where are you located?

two reasons:

one , people here could suggest ways to help with the trim of the boat by recommending paddleshops or instructors in your area, and of course second, in the event you do want to sell it.


So. Whats a great Kayak? Well, I have a Perception Eclips. That would be one. I rented a Current Design Solstice GT. This is a Wholy Crap all time winner. So where does my Anis Acuta stand? It’s a would like to love it but it’s…

Im in LI south shore or NC outerbanks

Onno Paddle Shop
Contact Pat at Onno Paddle shop, as he makes a super skeg kit that you can have one of your paddling buddies install for you. Wayne S up here loves his Caribou and had the same problem and installed Pat’s kit and loves it and how it solved the problem.

Otherwise, 32oz of water in a camelbak lodged into the stern or bow rudders + using your edges will help. Wayne dealt with his boat weathercocking for years (he tells us) and is quite happy now.

In spite of my respect for Sing, his skills (esp on surfing) - don’t let him buy this boat!! HIs fleet is too large already - at least that is what he posted in another topic some months ago!!



Thanks or the tip. I’m going ther now.

Your Anas…
Is a very maneuverable traditional type kayak about as far to the other extreme as you can get from your Eclipse. If you are accustom to paddling a ruddered boat it will take some time to develop the skills required to love this boat. Stick with it and it will make you a much better paddler.

Strong Stern Wind
You mention “strong sturn wind”. Is the stern of the boat what you are having problem controlling? If the wind is from your back, try linking a stern rudder move to the end of your forward stroke or maybe even a mini-draw move to keep the stern on track. If this is weathercocking where the bow is trying to turn into the wind, edging the boat as you paddle will make a huge difference.

plus, he’s reached nirvana
and doesn’t need anything more

more stuff will just throw his life out of balance

Your experience to date…

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Is simply with boats that require and respond to technique a lot less than the Anas. They are boats more set up for a paddler who doesn't have much in the way of technique, and from them you have jumped to a boat that is very, very responsive to technique.
The Solstice GT is a good old boat about staying upright and going straight, but again it is not a boat that requires or will respond like the Anas to fancy handling.

As said above, learning to paddle a boat like the Anas will make a paddler of you as opposed to a passenger. A skeg would make your life easier, so a retrofit may be in order. But based on the questions and responses above, I'd also suggest some lessons. It'll make your life easier, and greatly increase your ability to deal with higher end sea kayaks like the Anas.