Anas Acuta?????

Okay first off please don’t flame me as a boat whore…for those of you who know me you know that I have owned a lot of boats…I love them all…I really do. Just love some more than others.

So of all the boats I have owned I have really come to like the Greenlander Pro. I have just really learned to love the hard chines and “edginess” of this boat and the way it carves turns.

I have a Romany Surf as a surf and play boat which I do like, but I would love it if it had the edginess and hard chines of the GP.

So maybe an Anas Acuta may be a good bet for a play boat. I have never paddled one though so I don’t know how it feels compared to the GP but I would imagine that it would have a similar feel in terms of edginess and ability to carve nice turns, but with its shorter length and greater rocker I would think it may be just what I would be looking for.

Any comments on how these two boats compare (the GP and the Anas)?

How do you like the Anas for a surf boat / rough water boat (really rough water…surf zone, clapotis, tidal races, confused water etc)? That would be the niche in which I would use it.

Other question would be how does the Anas do with a heavier paddler? I am not extremely heavy but weigh about 200 pounds and seems that most of the 16 foot boats are really optimized for a lighter paddler. Not sure about the Anas.

I know a couple of friends with Anas Acutas but unfortunately I can’t test paddle them becase the stock hung seat is way too narrow for me and I can’t even fit on the boat really with the stock seat so my only option would be to get one and cut the seat out and install a foam one.

thanks for your help


Tahé Marine Greenland

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Here you find a review from an AA owner who tried the TM Greenland SC, LC and the T(ouring).

Some pics and youtubes;

Q boat
Or is it Anas Acuta HV?

Boat whore!
well someone had to say it…


still lookin for an explorer…cheap

ah yes…
an Explorer…someone obviously knows that I would be a likey source! Unfortunately I don’t have one right now. Should be easy to find one though as they pop up for sale all the time. Great all around and rough water boat in my opinion as you probably know.

Guess I should also state that for me I would really prefer the keyhole version of the Anas (blasphemy) so that would greatly complicate my search and eliminatge a lot of close substitutues.


Have owned both
And still have the Anas Acuta, IMO it is more playful, and more fun / better in the rough stuff, the Greenlander Pro feels huge compared to the AA. I weigh 175 and am 6’1" for reference. I do have my AA for sale as I bought as keyhole and every time I get into my Pintail with an OC I wonder why I bought the keyhole, So I am selling to get a OC Anas Acuta if I can. But I sold the Greenlander and have no regrets, a great boat but no where near as fun as the Anas.


Wait for the P&H Delphin (Corelite Plastic) and Aries (Composite) to come on the scene. More edgy surf oriented and generally way fun day trip boat.

See you on the water,


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by the time they hit the shore, Matt will be done with at least 3 more models of kayaks…(said in fun:>))

not mean to demean in any way…just going with the past…He is above average as far as kayak turn-over.

Matt, I am around 200 to 205 and paddle an Anas Acuta for fun and a Nordkapp for trips and find that I am close to the top weight for the AA…I cut the seat out of mine and have a foam seat I put in when I please, but most of the time don’t use any seat…works for me

Good luck with Your new purchase (We all know that by the time You thought to ask the forum, You already have Your sites set on getting one) BTW the GP is a tanker compared to the AA

Best Wishes


Very different boats
Other than the hard chines, the GP and the AA have very little in common. The AA is a much lower volume boat that’s more like a “real” Greenland kayak. The GP is “Greenland” in name only, as it’s a huge boat. That isn’t meant as criticism, just a statement of fact.

The AA is a very maneuverable boat and it handles rough water well. However, 200# is pushing the weight limit and you’ll be sitting very low in the water. I’m around 175# and that’s a pretty good practical limit for an AA.

should fit the bill
If you have it packed full you’ll have very little freeboard, but as a playboat it sounds like it would fit the description of what you’re looking for.

Sorry, Wrong Diagnosis

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What Matt actually suffers from is a serious case of: "C.O.P.G.A.D." - that would be "Compulsive Obsessive Paddling Gear Aqusition Disorder".


comparing GP or Romany Surf?

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I thought he wanted a comparison of the Romany Surf and the Anus, not the Greenlander and the Anas. I think he brings up the Greenlander just to show he likes hard chines. Cause, no, the Greenlander and the Anas are not in the same category.

I love the Anas, it is indeed sharper and crisper than the original Romany, but I haven't paddled the Romany surf. The Anas is indeed a fun playboat.

FWIW, I'm 200plus.

Why would someone…

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I guess you could say that some boats' performance really stinks and some have really crappy construction, but that comparison is going a bit far, dontcha' think? ;-)

I've never even seen a Romany Surf, so I have no idea how it compares to an AA.

Wasn’t the romany translated loosely from the pintail which isa descendant of the anAs?

Many boats are descended from Anas

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Yes, the Romany was designed starting from a Pintail mould and the Pintail is basically a soft chine Anas. However, the Romany and Anas Acuta are very different boats. There are scores of boats whose ancestry includes the Anas Acuta (all Valley and NDK sea kayaks among others).

All kayaks are derivative designs
It’s generally a case of paddling a given boat, then thinking about what you like and what you’d change. It seems to me that the specific boats in a given “lineage” are mostly incidental - they were what was available at the time for the designer to paddle - since you could arrive at any given design from a multitude of directions. While the AA was a direct descendant of Ken Taylor’s skin boat, once you get beyond that, the boats diverge in shape and performance pretty dramatically.

Duncan Winning counts around 50
As I recall Duncan Winning lists about 50 different kayak models as descendants of Ken Taylor’s boat. The list (family tree) is still in formation.

someone above brought up a good point…volume. For me the Greenlander Pro is a good fit. Someone above mentioend it being huge in comparison to the Anas which may mean that the Anas might just be too small for me.

I know that many are of the school of thought that lower volume is better, but I find that a correct fit is critical and that smaller is not always better.

I guess what I really want is a 16 foot Greenlander Pro with a bit more rocker.

Nigel…are you reading this???..


You probably know this - Tom (the sea kayak instructor) at Potomac Paddle Sports usually paddles the Anas Acuta. Should not be a problem I guess to get in touch with him and try his boat. Either at one of the rolling sessions indoors or somehow meet him on the water or borrow the boat from the shop without him noticing -;)…

Have you tried the Petrel (check CLC Boats for the kit)? Got to build one to have one, but that gives you the flexibility to make it fit you. I paddled one briefly and I thought it was a great boat that would be tons of fun in textured water for someone 160-200lb, though the front deck was a little too low for me and my feet. You’ve probably seen Nick Schade’s videos with it.