Any QCC experts recognize which model this is?

This is a QCC kayak on Craigslist. It’s not located very near to me. The seller doesn’t know the model # or age. I weigh 135 and need a smaller kayak, and would rather not drive so far if it’s a bigger person’s boat. The seller says it’s 17’ long. I’m hoping it could be the 16’ 8” 600X. Any ideas what it is? Thanks!

The QCC model is printed on the back near the rudder.
That one is either a 600 or a 700
The 600 is 16’-8" x 21"wide
. The 700 is 18 feet x 21" wide
We are a QCC family and have had a 600, several 10’s and several 700’s

You might want to ask the seller if the rudder components are in good shape.
Some of the older models had aluminum cable housings that were attached with stainless bolts and the combination of the two dissimilar metals mixed with many miles of salt water made the aluminum corrode just as if termites ate it.
I have replaced them quite a few times on various models.
I believe they now use plastic housings (which I now use) and that problem has gone away.

the rudder system is probably the most complicated system that exists with many moving parts on each side.

If you buy the boat and the rudder system needs to be replaced or repaired I have a paper that I wrote with step by step instructions that make it fairly easy.

With all that said, we love our QCC’s and they are wonderful in rough water as well as touring.

Hope this helps a bit.

Jack L

Hi Jack ! Long time no hear.

Get pictures of rudder up close.

Thanks! That is super helpful. Seller says it’s fiberglass and needs some work. Pictures aren’t too clear. I’ll have to ask about the rudder.

Here’s a picture of the rudder. It’s the right model, a 600X. Seller says rudder works great.

I am a relative newbie and would love to hear your opinions of how good or bad this looks, and also if this model is likely to be a good fit for me - 5’ 6” 135 lb female, and I like a snug-ish fit. I’m currently paddling a Valley Easky 15 LV which is plenty roomy. Thanks!

Whoops - pic.

Looks decent no frayed cables. Look for corrosion where bolt goes thru rudder. I have same aluminium rudder and stainless steel bolt on my Current Design kayaks always in salt water. No major problems although it can occur. I wash and use 303 on rudders.

Last two digits on hull number are the year. Make sure everything is free and not corroded. Hard to see everything in picture.

Some forming there by screws white powdery substance. I’ll pop them out and clean. Grease. That’s the worst out of my 4 kayaks I checked.

Thank you, that is such a help.

OK, so the boat is from 2008. Am I right that’s not too old for a high-quality boat? And what do you think would be a reasonable percentage of new price to pay for a boat like this (9 years old, not in top shape) ?

And can anyone who owns this boat tell me if it’d be a likely good fit for someone 5’ 6" 135 lbs?

I would just drive out and get in it, but it’s going to be a 5 hour round trip for me, so I really appreciate all your advice!!

2000 above. Saw it on eBay with mud on it. Cleaned up great gelcoat is very forgiving with proper clean and buff.

Price for many things is about half at ten years in good condition. I went 5- 6+ hours round trip to get 3 of my four CD kayaks. Seat and pedals good on boat? Look for soft spots on hull. Major spider cracks. The can be fixed fairly easy on the inside with some glass layers.

What else is available near you? How bad do you want it? All plays a part in value. Boat in pictures above started on eBay at 1800. I watched it go down few times. Then it was at 1100 and I sent message to list at 8 or 9 and I’ll be there with cash. They did and I’m glad.

Looking on my phone hard to see condition when I expand photos. Check bungees, deck lines, hatch straps, hatch gaskets.

Pictures seem to indicate kayak is very dirty like mine was. Hard to see what’s dirt and what’s permanent gelcoat damage. Can’t believe so many times people sell stuff but can’t spend literally 10 minutes with soap and hide. Make offer you can got up in 5 seconds if refused but not go down. What ever they are asking most are prepared to drop 10% minimum. looks like it’s in your range 130-165 lb. Read reviews here and on Google

Thanks! Yeah, I’m going to ask the seller for close-up shots of the damage, hopefully that will give me a better idea. I totally agree – see so many things for sale where the person doesn’t clean it or takes terrible blurry pictures. But that often equals a better deal for you and me… :slight_smile: Speaking of which that’s a nice CD kayak you got, Looks practically new now. And purple!

I’ve read the reviews of the QCC 600X on here, and know it says I’m in the right weight range, but there are also a bunch of reviews written by men who weigh up to (I think) 180 who don’t seem to be saying it’s too small. I’ll keep poking around to see if any smaller women have commented.

You’re definitely on the light side for the boat. What else is around you for sale? How much time do you have?

Blurry can be intetional and wet pictures to make it look shinny. More seem to pop up as weather gets warmer people trade up to different kayak or figure better selling price in the spring.

Post your general area people may know of kayaks available.