Any small paddlers use a Prijon Kodiak?

I’m 5’6" and 150 lbs and can get a like new Prijon Kodiak for $999. I wouldn’t be able to test paddle before buying.

All of the reviews and referrals for this boat have been for larger paddlers, but Prijon’s description of the boat lists my weight within the recommended paddler weight range, so I’m wondering if any smaller paddlers use the Kodiak lightly loaded for day trips on large lakes with waves & boat wakes up to 3’?

Thanks and happy paddling.

Renata Chlumska paddles a Kodiak

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I know I know, it's laden for her, but still, she is tiny and fits the cockpit without issue.

I think you should sit in the Kodiak on the showroom floor at your retailer... like all Prijon boats, you will likely need to outfit the cockpit with minicell. But it is a fine and fast kayak. Stable enough in the chop and yet lively enough for a quick speed.

Expedition kayaker Joh Turk is very thin, and uses a Kodiak (laden) to cross the Atlantic Ocean.

Read middle of this thread about the speed of the Kodiak.

I love my Barracuda, but wish it was more stable for all types of roiling water. The Kodiak would be that. Nearly as fast (see my comments about the British study in the Fast Plastic yak thread above).

Schizopak has a used Seayak for sale in south WI on pnet classifieds for $900. See that for details. That might be an option for you too. It gives you some idea also of how cheap a brand new red Kodiak is at $999 (retail $1499) if it fits you.

The Kodiak cockpit is 36x18, Seayak is 34.5 x 18. My Calabria is 36x18, and as you know, I had to minicell the cockpit, but now it is tight, man.

The Kodiak would look great travelling down the Salt Fork.

No smaller p.netters using a Kodiak?

probably not

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I know what Prijon gives as the recommended weight range for the boat, but that's a lot of boat to be paddling with only 150 lbs in it. I think you'd be happier with something like the Seayak or Catalina (assuming you want to get a Prijon).

Might be too deep
15" or thereabouts? Maybe I’m thinking of the Barracuda.

If it’s too deep, weighting it down with cargo won’t make it fit better.

5’8 205 — not your size
I’m short but stocky. I liked the Kodiak a lot. I’ve paddled it on multiday trips full of my gear and all the cooking and food supply gear for a group of 5 paddlers. Empty I think it would be a lot of boat for someone of your weight. The boat I paddled had some pretty aggressive adjustable thigh braces that would fit a smaller paddler. The decks seem pretty high doing self rescues when empty.

A friend of mine just bought a new
Kodiak and he is 6’2" 230 and it fits him fine. That kayak is a bit big for your size.

Go ahead and get it.
Thats a fairly good price for that boat. Why not pick it up and trade it on something else if it proves to be to much boat for you. I am certain you would be able to handle it as I put a woman with the same specs as you into a Kodiak on Lake Cayuga this past weekend. She paddled it without a problem. You can never have too many boats.


they sell in the same ball park as all other plastic boats this time of year $800 to $1000…the minute you buy it, that’s what it’s worth

so you can either spend that money on the kodiak and get your money back out of it anytime…or spend your money on some other boat that’s used. Lots of times a used boat has only seen water a couple of times and comes with a spray deck and maybe a paddle and pump and blow up toy too…

Best Wishes


Too Big For You
on a day trip without a load. Never paddled a Kodiak but have paddled other big boats for the heck of it. The specs clearly indicate a boat for larger folks. If Seadart said he fits (knowing his size relative to me) with a very large load, then I know I wouldn’t like the boat for me on a day trip. It won’t be enjoyable as a lower volume boat. It’s be a PITA in windy conditions. (But I don’t like to use rudder nor skeg so YMMV.)

Yeah, you can sell it but you will always lose it in a resell. But when the boat is clearly is for someone bigger, why bother? Better to buy a used boat sized for a smaller paddler.



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"Thats a fairly good price for that boat. Why not pick it up and trade it on something else if it proves to be to much boat for you. I am certain you would be able to handle it as I put a woman with the same specs as you into a Kodiak on Lake Cayuga this past weekend. She paddled it without a problem. You can never have too many boats."

I'm with you, MDM.

"I'm short but stocky. I liked the Kodiak a lot." Seadart says it best.

"I think you'd be happier with something like the Seayak or Catalina (assuming you want to get a Prijon)". Perhaps, c2g, but as happy as a seaworthy Kodiak and $500 in his pocket? I don;t believe that for a second.

"Never paddled a Kodiak", sing.

Allow this image to load and resize itself:

Sounds like everyone thinks the Kodiak is a reasonable vessel at a terrific price for you, Yanoer.

And look at how small Renata fits in the boat and can hoist it on one shoulder and still smile. Yep, ideal fit. I know she's got some gear in there, but cockpit size seems very "doeable".

The August 2000 Sea Kayaker review inclused a 140 lb reviewer ( a whole 30 lbs MORE than the low end of teh wieght range for this boat) who tests the boat unladen and gives it exemplary remarks.


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Far be it from me to ruin your Prijon orgasm of the day by pointing out that the boat might be a bit large for the paddler.

I had to laugh at your statement that Renata, whom I admire, has "a little bit of gear" in the boat. Yeah, the boat and gear weigh a couple hundred pounds before she gets in. I guess that qualifies as a little bit.

I don't have any problem at all with Prijons. I think they make a top-quality, very comfortable product. However, that doesn't mean every Prijon will do everything for everyone, which seems to be the position you always take.

Is there anyway you could testpaddle?
Hi -

First, I am a huge fan and owner of prijon boats. They are excellent.

That said - I am 5’10" and 125lbs. I paddled a Kodiak in small chop, without much gear in it. It was WAY to big for my size and seemed incredibly heavy to maneuver.

Is there anyway you can testpaddle? They have demos all over the place this time of the year.

“A Little bit of gear”

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Never wrote it. Check your prescription specs, c2g. Time for thicker glass, my friend.

I certainly leave it to yanoer to decide what boat to buy; I may pick up the Kodiak because the price is right, I have read the reviews including Sea Kayaker Magazine 2000, I have paddled four different Prijons (including one with the identical 'pit) and prefer a longer, faster and better tracking (less weathercocking, a Prijon trademark) sea kayak. Would sell one of my other boats, either a Capri or the Calabria. I think it to be a fair trade up. The only question is whether I stick with Prijon or another boat, like Bruce's Valley.

Fellow paddler yanoer happens to be in the company of his kayak paddling compadres, who all have 16 foot plus sea kayaks, and is thus in the market (when he is not at the Urbana Veggie Market) for a plastic or 'glass vessel (watch the riprock launches and landings) and he happended to first spot this deal at our local retailer. Funny, not one other boat in there-- and he has, what, about 8 -10 boats-- would even be close to something that would keep up with our deleterious tribe of rogue pygmie kayakers on inland soup. Good idea, yanoer, to at least ask about it on here, esp as it is brand new and could be resold at almost a break even price if it proved unworthy in a few months. So I give you kudos for the "spot", yanoer, and if I buy one (the practicality is not the issue, as I know I'd appreciate it very much; it;s the storage space and the trouble of selling another steed), you can demo it anytime. Ciao and g'night.

Addendum: williamr in the Fast Plastic Kayak Thread: "Ok, the barracuda should be fast.

But for instance, my wife was only a minute behind a male paddling a barracuda in a 28 mile race recently. She was paddling a Prijon Kodiak.

I was also paddling a Kodiak instead of the Q700 in that race and was waiting at the finish line for 20-30 minutes (I'll have to look it up)for my wife to finish." His wife paddles a Kodiak. And fast, too.

No chance to test paddle in central IL.
I’d probably have to make an 8hr round trip to Rutabaga in Madison, WI.

one experience
My son, who is your height but a bit lighter, borrowed one when we were visiting friends last year. It was a windy day and a bit rough out. He managed okay, but said he likes his Squamish better in those conditions. He thought the Prijon was too big for him.

Yanoer-- I did it.
Picked up the red Prijon Kodiak at Champ Surp today. Know it will be fine, taking it out now for a bit. It is identical to my Cuda, only 2 inches wider and with the Calabria cockpit. I’m happy. They are selling kayaks like hotcakes, since as you know this is their price-slashing “blowout sale” (they sold a Perception just before I got there), but they still have the yellow one. Let me know when you wish to test paddle. Days are longer now so could hit a weeknight if you want and are interested in this boat. If you;re not interested in the Kodiak, I understand that, too. Have a great day, Yanoer.

5’9" 180lbs
I sold a Perception Eclipse and bought a Kodiak. I have only paddled it loaded though. The cockpit is significantly snugger that the Eclipse. Excellent tracking and stability. It has been pulled up onto rock shores and the type of plastic Prijon uses must be tough since it has not gouged. I am very happy with it. Will hold lots of gear. Good Luck, Bob

Inaugural Paddle: I agree with Bob
I paddled the Kodiak, unladen, on flatwater tonight with wife and her girlfiend (both about 5 foot 3-4 inches and 120 lbs). Both complete newbies. They were super in the Kodiak. No issues. I took it and edged, played, and felt no tippiness at all–which has been, as you know, the bane of my existence in the Barracuda. This Kodiak is super. I agree, Bob, the cockpit is plenty snug and I have not outfitted it at all yet. I did not feel too high in the water, and frankly love the boat. It is exactly what I wanted, fast, stable (certainly more than my Cuda by far, but not as stable as the Capri, which we also had out there tonight at Lake of the Woods). I am very pleased with this boat. The ladies liked paddling it also, and I know, a small flatwater test means nothing, but I think this boat ROCKS! Note: the one I bought is a 2003 model holdover, thus the blowout sale at the retailer. The newer ones have a bigger cockpit, which I would not like so much. Ciao.

I’m glad that you like it.
I’m looking forward to trying it Tuesday. You say that the cockpit is smaller on your 2003 model than the new models, is it the same size as your Barracuda cockpit?