Any tall paddlers in Solstice GTS?

I’m 6’4". Reading through the p-net reviews makes me wonder if the Solstice GTS is unsuitable for somebody as tall as I am.

Is there anybody out there my height paddling the Solstice GTS? If so, can you comment on the fit?



test paddle
Definitely find one and test it before you buy.

I had to check, as a 6’ 7" friend used a Current Design for an expedition he did. Turns out it was a Nomad, so not useful in helping you answer your question.

I’m 6’4" and we owned a Gts for a few years. It was my wife’s boat. I could never fit in it. Wished I could have. no room for my feet, thighs or hips.

Hope that helps.


Look for a Nomad or Extreme CD same kayak.

Look for a Nomad or Extreme CD same kayak. What is your weight?

Titan, Solstice GT/GTS
The hulls are different. Read Current Designs descriptions for each.

Nomenclature is as auto…GTS has a rockered hull, the Titan a straight keel with adjustments bow n stern.

Titan is 14.25 deep, GT 14 and GTS 13.75 ? Total volumes are substantially different

My feet, ruined backpacking spread to 15…but feet cant not stand vertically.

Titan’s hull is roomy…at 6’4" there’s packing room past muh feet. Cockpit with a Koka Goretex spray skirt is cool with convection.

The GTS sez to me…I’m too narrow n flat for your comfort. Titan maneuvers well in a flow. The GTS should warrant the ‘S’

CD clams the hull has numbers for top dog in class.

Who said anything about the Titan?

Two people recommended the Extreme and Nomad (same boat) which I’d recommend too. No one mentioned the Titan.

Bill H.


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That boat is for really big people. I am 6' 230 and I swim in it. I have an Extreme / Nomad. Big plus is a CD wide base seat. Solstice GT, Titan, and Solstice GTS are all the same length. Width and deck height different. So it depends on weight / slenderness what you fit in. If you ordered one you may want pedals moved a bit forward. Even stock any would probably fit lengthwise. Wide base seat opens up with another 1.5" under the combing which is good for comfort and rotation. My pants are 38L x 32L.


Paddled a Solstice (last year)
Thanks all for the info.

I paddled one of the Solstices last year, but I can’t remember which one it was. Since this boat has been in production for many years, I am thinking I want to buy one on the used market, and it will help to know for which one I am shopping

I’m tall and thin, 6’4"x185#. My current kayak is 21" wide, so I don’t worry about the GTS, at 22", being too tight at the seat. I’m just wondering whether it will be too tight from seat to foot pegs. My pant inseam is 34".

I do worry that I might find the GT, with it’s 24" beam, sluggish. OTOH the more curvy kayaks usually turn more easily, so maybe I won’t mind. The Titan seems like a nice idea for foot room, but I don’t think I want all that deck kiting me in the wind.

So, if all the Solstices are the same length, and I fit in the one I paddled last year, does that mean I fit in them all? If the bulkheads are in the same relative location for all the boats, I should fit in them all, right?

And does beam really matter? The displacement is going to be the same, and the waterline is the same. So, shouldn’t the hull speed be the same? Reviewers seem to indicate the GTS is faster.


Try the Isle.
CD has the Isle that will fit you. It’s fast and turns just fine.

Solstice GT, high volume
Is in my inventory. You’re welcome to give that a try if that will help you narrow your choices. Just need to figure out how to get you and the boat united.


Sea Kayaker

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reviewed the new V hull n concluded the V is faster than the Titan's curved hull cross-section. IN the straight keel form.

This is what I read but maybe misinterpreting the written.

From the CD flack I assume yes the distance for legs is the same in all 3 if the hull is 17.5 My legs are 34's. With legs flat there's room to the front bulkhead with a conscious effort to reposition knees for G3 rips.

I'm unsold on hull rocker in a sea kayak.

Most paddling is straight line. The exception is turns on wave tops. A rocker would help there but then go way negative on straight legs.

Watching rocker hulls, seems mpst paddlers have negative directional control n balance with a huge energy expenditure wagging the beastie back on the....straight leg a continuous series of zags n zigs.

When inquired as to WTH ( actually I'm tactful ) daze doin' out there ...?

The zigger is quite taken aback with a puzzled abt WTH I'm asking abt. Given the absolute straight course they plowed.

The curved hull Titan turns going with a flow.

Thanks, but…
I am specifically looking for North American style boats, which the Isle is not. But thanks for the suggestion.



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wider beam is slower. More displacement, more wetted area. Also less room in Solstice GTS for feet. Isle, HV Solstice, Titan you will be swimming in. Nomad or Extreme would be perfect for you. I can measure the bulkheads in my Nomad/ Extreme and Solstice GT. You could also call Current Designs and ask about bulkhead placement. My pedals are set at 29.5" from furthest front edge of seat. Plenty of adjustment left I can measure that too. Dealer by me has a Nomad and he is tall 6-2,3 and thin. He had pedals installed a bit further forward when he ordered it. There is about 12" adjustment on Sea-lect pedals. Which most newer CD kayaks come with. I think I am about half way forward where set. Can measure it all in AM IF not pouring rain like it is supposed to. Not sure how much fast Nomad is vs. Solstice GT but I guess 1 mph possibly 1.5. You can feel difference in acceleration and with me Nomad is just under 6.9 with a fast sprint using Werner Ikelos and my 230 lb. Looking on CD site they say Solstice GTS is small and medium paddlers. Granted you are thin but doubt you would be rated small or medium.

I’ll take you up on that.

It seems intuitive that skinny boats should go faster than fat boats, but shouldn’t the displacement be about the same for the various editions of Solstices? I think displacement is based on weight. Maybe the fat boat has more wetted surface area, but that is a question beyond my geometry skills.

My foot pegs are set 33" from the leading edge of my seat.

I like the Solstice, and I want a ruddered boat, but A mile per hour is a lot to give up.


speed fast

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how much faster and when ?

for whom ? energy gains from less surface area are often lost with control issues...

then control issues dominate when paddler loses his edge...

a well designed fatter hull shape may be more energy effective than a thin hull shape.

less is not more here as a hard rule giving definite results.

enough to ask WHAT'S THE RUSH ?

CD Nomad

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when you have two boats like a Nomad and a Solstice GT the difference is obvious after paddling them both for 6 years. Sure the Nomad is not as stable but there is no control issue once you are use to it. Chip has a 21" boat now so another like a solstice GTS or Nomad will be no problem. Faster means less effort and longer travel with same energy. We could all be in rafts if speed didn't matter.


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Ok the measurements are 46.5" seat back to pedal as I use it or 29.5" from furthest point of seat forward. Not really good way to measure as seats length can vary. So from seat back base to one pedal which is a slight angle when measured is 49.5". So from my usual setting it's about another 3 inches available for me. Narrower boat will usually sit deeper with the same weight. My friend at 140 lb. felt the Nomad was tipsy but it was his first time in it. Hull was sitting high I imagine. He was paddling a older Nordkapp which is also 22" or less I think. Pedals can be moved fairly easy for more room. Glass in new studs or change bolt hole location on older models. If it's bolted you can drill new holes and just leave bolts in factory holes if 4 bolt heads don't bother you. My Extreme I changed to glassed in studs and closed up bolt holes before painting it.