anybody using a trolling motor??

Just curious if anybody is really using a trolling motor and if there are any tricks??


are you talking about on a kayak or canoe?

I’m talking kayak, in the keys. Thanks

on what your trolling fof

Trolling motors are fo “John Boats”…
Just like sails are for “sail boats”. Kayaks & canoes are “MADE” for paddling… That is what the sport is about…

Paddle easy,


Trolling for
thread replies? Use one on the fishing 14’ row boat.

wilderness systems
has a model that has an option to mount a bracket that holds a trolling motor. you may be able to adapt it or get an idea if your handy

Not soo true
100 years back,

They had large freighter canoes with small outboard motor to help the hard work.

I was told they were used on Reinendeer lake, at pelican narrows and on the sturgeon weir ( near Flin Flon ) to move large loads.

I know, some canoeists use motors today for long trips. I don’t know how much gas they carry.

I wonder if this could be a safer way to paddle large windy lakes.

EXACTLY my point… “Large canoes”…
Not small kayaks (9’-18’) or normal canoes, solo to tandems. “large freighter canoes” I can see it… Smaller boats is just LAZINESS! No wonder todays generation is full of fat computer couch potatoes with no tans. Always doing it the “easy way”. Obeisety is the #1 killer in America today! It is NOT the food we eat, it IS the “LACK of EXERCISE”.

Would you let your kid eat a Big Mac & go play on the Nintento all day? OR Would you let your kid eat a Big Mac & go outside and be active all day? My guess is answer #2. I grew up in the 70’s, when parent made you go out to play plus we didn’t have all these “MEZMORIZING” gizmos. We were “ACTIVE” children & I still am. What happened after you started your first job? You probably kept looking for an “easier” job, till you found a desk job & eating donuts & crap? Then the weight gain? What is the connection? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…

PADDLE easy (but still paddle),


some people still want to fish on the other side of the lake, and dont feel like getting a new boat at age 69.if a canoe serves you well for 38 years, why get a new one. I cant always paddle with my pop,and he isnt as tough as you ,heck he camped in a state park once back in 1946.Chill out you don’t need to get all wound up when somebody ask’s about something you would never do or you dont believe in.Just grab your glock and blow off a few rounds.




I bought one of the larger electrics…

– Last Updated: Mar-29-04 11:38 AM EST –

...some years ago to use on a tandem canoe, but for some reason didn't use it much. The boat lacked any keeling, and would scoot sideways if I turned the motor too sharply. I tried it once on a solo canoe, but it's too much bother for what I do. If I were to start again, I'd get the smallest possible electric, since paddlecraft don't need much energy compared to
fishing boats, etc. I would also see if a smallish
rechargable battery, like those used on wheelchairs & golf carts, would suffice, since batteries add a lot of weight.
You might search the archives on this site, since I've seen the topic appear periodically.
And ignore anyone who tells you there's only One Way to enjoy a kayak or canoe.

Add one to a drop down rudder on a kayak.

Look here:

Could be fun.

I prefer the traditional method though.

the person who posted the anti
arab investment banking message sure had a trolling motor. this is a close second.

Trolling Motor on Canoe
They work great on Canoes. You just have to bear in mind that canoes are long and narrow so just as a big outboard will cause a long narrow sharpie to list (start to roll) in a tight turn, so a small trolling motor can cause on a canoe if you are moving forward and attempt a hard turn. Start every manuever at a slow motor speed though, and you should be fine til you get used to the characteristics. A lot of folks extend the cables for the electric hook up too. This gives you the freedom to get the battery box a little more forward to distribute the load better. Castle-Craft and Old town sell motor mounts for canoes via their web-sites.

Motor assisted and sailing canoes of every size and shape have been around for a long long time. Enjoy!

Don’t let the old Curmudgeons bother you
I always find it curious when someone asks a simple question and then gets ranted on by someone who wants to tel them they are wrong, wrong, wrong.

Don’t worry about coffee. If you have a need or desire to add a trolling motor to a yak then go for it. What does he know about obesity? He can’t even spell it!

I have seen several internet posts and if I can find them I will post them. And by the way, WS no longer makes the yak with the trolling motor mount. I think it was one of the larger Pamlico’s. You might be able to find one used

Old crugeonden?
Heck I can’t spell either but he is a young Crumde??? Run yer boats how ya want, besides I think lots of folks on hear are just teasing a little or joking.

3.9 Merc
I once mounted my 3.9 Hp Mercury on my 17 ft square stern canoe. It would get up and plane at 9 mph. Great for getting to the other side of the large lake where the fish are. Once over the fish, I would turn on the bow mounted electric trolling motor and troll for walleyes.

If you have to work at a real job all day, that is the way to get in maximum fishing time.

It only took a couple of wood blocks to mount the electric on the gunwale near the pointed bow.

I have thought about mounting the electric on my 19 ft sea kayak, but I’m not sure if there would be a reason to do it. Maybe when I get old. (I’m 66)

trolling motor

check out KFS there is a do-it yourself forum where you can get some ideas from some folks who have powered their yaks with trolling mtrs

Hey, if you or they want to use a…
trolling motor on a “paddle craft”, go right ahead! I am not gonna tell you it is “wrong”!

I just hink it is silly… Put a motor on a “motor boat” & a sail on a “sail boat” & use a paddle for a “paddle boat”. Otherwise it just seems as though you bought the wrong boat for the application intended.

Can anyone tell my what size double ended paddle would be best to use on my Boston Whaler?..

What size “car tire” would work better for my “1/2 ton pick-up”?..

See what I am getting at?

Paddle easy,