Anyone ever use these to tie down a hull

These quick tie downs are made by Tieco and look to be quick and secure, but I wonder if anyone out there has ever used them. On the home page look at the vid in the upper right and wait for a canoe tie-down scene:

Looks worth trying, though as a klutz,
I’m leery of big pieces of metal on the ends of tie rope.

I see no need.
Trucker hitch works great. This is a solution to a problem that does not exist.

I use truckers hitches too, but I can
see where the new devices might speed tying on and off a bit. I can see until I slip and one hits me in the eye.

quick ?

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I heard a distant...looking into the mirror I saw

my new ultralight voyager disappear under Werner's semi

I’ve never liked straps and buckles.

No metal
Call me paranoid, but I don’t want any metal around my boats, especially the composites. I also do not trust devices when it comes to securing my kayaks. Ropes and knots might loosen, but they will not untie themselves.

straps won’t untie themselves either

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Isn't your roof rack metal, not to mention the rest of the car?

looks like something a rope guy
would come up with after finally realizing the superiority of straps and buckles.

No load capacity was given for the different size metal clips and string, er, “ropes” on that website.

Braided hay twine with a loop and knot would have more strength than some imported cheap-butt brittle little metal keeper which snaps when the “secured” cargo roof load at highway speed must suddenly stop.

or the best solution yet:

Gotra agree on straps, but not just ANY straps. I 've tried just about every means imaginable to fasten kayaks, canoes, small sailboats, skis, lumber, pipes and ladders to all manner of vehickes and have never found anything easier and more reliable than Thule’s heavy woven blue logo straps with the rubber bucke guards.

Spend as you wish.

I wouldn’t trust it, no how, no way
Wheeling some boxes around a warehouse is not the same thing as driving a $4,000 composite hull on top of a Rolls-Royce Phantom at 85 mph.

Strap me. Ooooh!

because they’re oh so pricey
You rope guys are a hoot.

Step One:
Use forklift to place appropriate size wooden pallet on top of automotive vehicle (see chart).

Step Two:

Attach pallet to roof rack.

Step Three:

Use forklift to place kayak on pallet.

Step Four:

Tie down kayak to pallet. Drive to destination.

See, what could be easier ?!

I plead guilty - I’m a rope guy.
You have your rope guys and your strap and buckle guys. Its not unlike scotch drinkers and bourbon drinkers. I get long fine with my bourbon and buckle friends - they tend to be the BMW and Volvo type guys but they are very nice people. The one problem they do have sometimes is that their boats fly off their Volvos when the straps they use rot out and rip while driving on the interstate.

strap maintenance
if good quality straps are stored (as mine are) in a lightproof bag, kept clean and not allowed to abrade, they last really well. I think these tales of kayaks flying off cars due to rotted straps failing are apocryphal (a polite way of saying “bullshit”). I always have 4 tie downs on each boat at any rate.

If you like rope, use it. But isn’t it kind of silly to invent tales of straps being “elitist” and deficient to justify your preference?

Great Invention

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EASY to use and quicker than ropes and straps. Been using some for years. My buddy Wally gave me a few of them and they're great. As for metal near your boats? Move the strap, no need for it to be next to your boat. Been thinking about buying a few more. I actually prefer them to straps on royalex and plastic. I prefer straps on composite boats, though, since they have a wider surface area to grip the boat without tightening it too tight.

I see a lot of opinions from folks that have never used them, but I have USED them for about a decade and they are still solid. I feel the metal loop/fastener and it's attachment to the rope to be more "Solid" than the cam buckle on straps? I have NO QUALMS about using them with heavy boats (I HAVE AND DO). Only reason I haven't bought more is I have a crap load of straps.

Agree, but you see where it comes from

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You are right about the silliness of saying straps will come undone, but try suggesting that ropes and knots can work just as well and be just as fast to connect, or take it a step farther and point out that a rope can actually be fastened at both ends (not just formed into one continuous loop), which is useful in certain situations, and at least one person here will tell you don't have your head on straight. It's like the silly Ford vs Chevy vs Dodge comments that pop up on any YouTube video where any given brand of truck appears.