Anyone know about the Current Designs 17' poly kayak?

I will be looking at a “Current Designs Sea Kayak 17.5’” as per seller. Can’t find any info about it. They are asking $200 and advertised where no one looks. Anybody know about this model?

Ask for more pics and the word on the bow-end. It looks like the word (model) is “Squamish”. So look up Current Designs Squamish. Specs are 15’ 8" length, 23" width, 54 pound weight, 12.5" depth, 29 x 16" cockpit, 250 pound capacity (made for smaller paddlers)

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2001 model year or earlier. Depends how it was stored doesn’t look bad if that’s a current picture. Tell him 150. Serial number is inside or on rear of hull last two digits are year. Make sure it fits you. Make sure hatches are working proper. Rear hatch is flexible and goes on and off easily and from hatch has seal on it. Check straps are decent also. You can probably get a hatch and anything else you need for it. From what I see it looks good.

Yes, it is probably the Squamish and meant for a smaller paddler. Take a tape measure and check the length … as already mentioned, the Squamish is 15’ 8" not over 17’ for sure. There are reviews on this website i.e. Make sure the skeg works smoothly and check for leaks, especially through the skeg box.

The rotomolded version supposedly weathercocks readily. If so, the skeg will be important.

The flattish stern deck looks like it’s on a Squamish. However, Squamish is almost two feet shorter than “17.5” feet. IIRC, the old Sealution was 17.5 ft. But it had a rudder.

Maybe the kayak was stolen.

The owner’s name seems to be on the kayak itself, “Johnson”.

I wouldn’t think getting the length wrong would necessarily be a sign it’s stolen. In my experience people get lengths, widths, brand names, model names, heck, just about everything wrong about stuff they’re trying to sell all the time.


Get a bill of sale and picture & address of where you purchased it. Picture of persons license plates.

Picked up the boat today for $140. Seller was the grandson of the owner who posted the listing. No its not stolen, seller owns a vacation condo here in Morro Bay. The grandson started off by explaining how he measured the boat at 15’ 8" and was just a mistake by grandpa.

It does have one problem, a jammed skeg which is now my job to repair. Lots of fun…Ha Ha,


That’s a deal, good luck with it.

Funny how 15’8" turns into 17’5". I was paddling with a guy whose fishing license said he was 7’5" since he filled it out backwards. We all had a good laugh except the PA fish & wildlife nimrod who pulled us over on the Delaware River and wrote him a ticket for an invalid license…

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Last two digits are 05. Hull looks straight with just the usual scratches of a used boat. Might swap the bungees as they are a bit limp. I think I got the skeg worked out. Had to remove skeg by drilling out a pop rivet, unkink the wire and lube with Boeshield and now it operates very smoothly. Now to put some 303 and take it out paddling tomorrow (predicted 72 with light air). No test paddle prior to sale, but then again it was cheap!


Good deal. Thanks for following up with the back story.

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I’ve refitted a couple of plastic Current Designs kayaks. The bulkheads are not very good and tend to move around a lot if not properly epoxied in, or if the boat is older. If it’s been sitting it would be well worth re-sealing the bulkheads. I like Lexel as my go-to epoxy for such tasks.

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Thanks for that. Just checked the bulkheads and they must have been sealed by the last guy. The rear one does take a little water after an hour paddle, not sure if is the hatch or the skeg line, but not enough to get merit anything but a simple fix, if there is one. I’ll never use the bulkheads anyway. This will be a day paddle craft.

After a short paddle I realized that I may need a spray skirt, even on the bay. I did an aggressive edge turn and could hear water come in. Not a lot but it was pretty calm today. Because of this I was unable to explore the secondary much, which seems pretty far over but not well defined. Boat paddles nicely and feels nimble.

You got the kayak for such a steal hopefully you can spring for the sprayskirt.

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From seven five to five foot seven,
go’n to the basket’s a different dunk
and ain’t no fish cop refs in heaven.

Just ordered this sprayskirt after watching a convincing review. $62 delivered! Today was the day I would have needed the skirt for this boat. I was caught out on my Manitou 14 in 15 kt wind and 1’ chop. It sits much higher and I was dry and happy.

The 17-footer is the Storm, and the Squamish is almost identical, just shorter.
The Storm iwas my first boat. It’s a great boat for beginners—very stable & forgiving—so I imagine the Squamish would handle the same.
Also, they’re almost indestructible. My Storm was folded in half in a road mishap, but we unfolded it, then left it in the sun and it was fine.
Enjoy your new boat!

Storm and Squamish are not similar.

Storm: significantly longer, ruddered, potbelly middle section, very tall deck both fore and aft, high volume but with pinched ends.

Squqmish: shorter overall, lower deck, narrower (but not narrow), skegged, not pinched at ends.

You can’t legitimately say they’re similar, because you never paddled a Squamish. (I demoed or rented both.)

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