Anyone know of a tripping outrigger cano

Looking for the ultimate Great Lakes tripping canoe. Seems like a outrigger canoe that is narrow but deep (for storage of gear and weather protection) would be awsome.

Any ideas?

Everything that I have seen on the net. has been geared toward raceing.


outrigger canoe for touring
I think that Ulua fits into this category:

I believe that my Surfrigger with a cockpit, sprayskirt, and hatches is suitable for light touring and camping, but it is still a racing boat. You can check my photo report from paddling Surfrigger in FLorida during WaterTribe 2003 Everglades Challenge:

Great site!
How does your outrigger canoe compare to the sea wind for weekend camping?

What’s the capacity of the outrigger?


Sure capacity to be less than Sea Wind.
Outrigger canoes have a narrow “V” type hull. The bow and stern curve up from the line of the keel some distance from the actual ends. That would give the Sea Wind with it’s modified arch cross section and nearly straight hull more volume and therefore more capacity.

BTW: The stated 500 pound weight capacity of the Sea Wind is actually far below it’s actual capacity. Verlen Kruger never tested the hull above 500 pounds or so to determine max capacity. He said “500 pounds is more than anyone needs to carry on any trip.” At 500 pounds it was no where near the official definition of max load. Talked with a few who have put the Sea Wind to the test of long unsupported trips. No one I talked with weighted the loads, but I think they were closer to 600 pounds plus. I think that a Super’s max captivity would approach 900 pounds the way the industry figures max load. BUT you also do not want to paddle a boat loaded to the official max load. I believe the official measurement is to the point of 4 inches of freeboard which is totally ridiculous! No one in their right mind would trip in such a loaded boat.



It seems like the outrigger would be much faster than the Sea Wind.

How much weight do you think is optimum for the outrigger?

Bottom line is to have both right :^)

Surfrigger hull
is not deep V. It is almost perfectly round, at least in midsection.

Surfrigger and Sea Wind
are not realy comparable.

Loading capacity of Surfigger including paddler is perhaps 300lb. It is enough for light camping, but the problem is with loading stuff to the narrow 13" hull. I have 8" deck plate in the bulkhead behind my seat, 4" deck plate on the front deck, some cargo room under the seat, and a room for a very narrow deck bag in front of the cockpit.

Of course, Surfrigger may be much faster than Sea Wind, but you need to train and paddle hard. At casual cruising or touring speed differences are not that significant as one would expect. Loading Surfrigger with a camping gear will slow her down much more than in the case of Sea Wind.

For the 300 mile WaterTribe Everglades Challenge I prefer Sea Wind. For the 60 mile Ultramarathon I would consider Surfrigger. For a weekend paddling both boats may be fun. For a couple hour workout on a lake I like Surfrigger better.

Despite of the outrigger Surfrigger is not a stable boat and needs a lot of atention in waves.

Sea Wind is much more versatile boat!!!

Only Both?! No where near enough!
I had 17 at one time and I was always looking. Space restraints when I moved reduced my little fleet to 9 or 10. I felt real deprived and restricted. I’m back up to 11 or 12 and feel better. Have a couple more deals cooking. They are all so special, just can not do with many less! ;^)

Happy Paddl’n!



Can’t find it
but there was a discussion about this either here or in the Paddlers Place forum that had a great link to a Canadian manufacturer and when you went to the link it was a promo using a camping trip made by two guys in their OC1’s. They were tent camping on shore and had all their gear either inside or bungeed on the deks. I wish I could find it again!

Searching archives has not helped either…

Anyone know where it was please?

I’m pretty sure

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I think it was at

I have trouble accessing the site sometimes, so I can't check it now, but I think that's where the OC1 camping stuff was.

Oops! Confused with a Proa.

OC1 loaded for camping (pics)
Thats it thanks.

Here is the direct link for viewing these boats loaded for camping:

click on the pic to the left of the “visit the Albatross info” and it will take you to pics.

albatros vs surfrigger
They don’t provide any dimensions for Albatros outrigger canoe, so I really don’t know if it is any different from my Surfrigger. Actually, several outrigger canoes built under different names have hull identical to Surfrigger …

However, for my Florida paddling, I managed to pack all stuff inside the Surfrigger except a small deckbag in front and a spare paddle in rear deck. It was necessary to pack everything in really narrow dry bags. OK, I was preparing for an expedition race, not just for a weekend paddling.

WaterTribe Everglades Challenge 2003 report:

I’ve got them but they are on my other machine. The one in the shop. Very similar as I recall.

Looks odd
if i tried standing on my outrigger I’d be swimming before i got my ass off the seat. i’m guessing the boat is loaded, but it still seems odd that a real outrigger would do that even with 100 extra pounds on board. is this boat just a high-volume OC-1? And what’s the guy doing with an amma on the right side?

How much are these boats?


Savage River
You can check Savage River for more info on Surfrigger. They have also price list on-line:

albatros outgrigger
Please post Albatros dimensions when you have a chance.

As soon as I get it back from the shop
(CPU Fan being replaced) I will pull up my e-mails from the folks and post it here.

The AMA’s are interchangeable
On the Albotross.

Price is $2,900.00 and change for the 22 pound kevlar vesion I believe.