Anyone purchased from

Has anyone purchased anything from this site?
I’ve done some sleuthing but I’m not convinced that this place is a legit outdoor gear store. Most online reviews mention buying blank hats from them.

They appear to have a brick and mortar store in Toledo. Ohio. The address shows an empty storefront on Google Maps Streetview BUT that photo is dated May 2022 so it would tend to indicate they are a fairly new venture if lewgit. Based on the completeness and complexity of their website it would surprise me if this was a scam.

I have a friend who lives in the Toledo area, but i know he’s at kayak training camp through this weekend. When he gets back I’ll ask him if he knows the place. He actually has a business doing custom embroidery (including on ball caps) so he may be familiar with the people involved if they are local and started out with offering those products.


if purchasing an item use a credit card for protection. Unless it’s a big item then you may not want to wait for a refund.

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Thanks for the replies. Looking legit, but simply new on the scene as an outdoor gear retailer.
Yes, I would definitely use a CC for the added protection. If they don’t take them that would definitely be a red flag IMHO.

I took the plunge and placed an online order. I’ll let you all know how it works out.

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Were you able to get any information about this outfit from your friend?

No, didn’t bother asking him when he got back from camp earlier this week. Since we have established that the store actually exists I didn’t feel that was necessary. And in order to stock those name brands they had to have been cleared as a legitimate dealer anyway.

I placed my order on the 19th, they charged my card the following day, but they’ve never provided a tracking number or any shipping information. There’s been no response to my most recent messages (email and FB messenger). They don’t list a phone number anywhere.

Simply poor communications? Or did they suddenly close? Or…? Perhaps the only question is how long I should wait before filing a charge dispute.

File it now. You can always withdraw the report if they come through.
Trust Pilot has no reviews yet.

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No reviews on Trust Pilot yet. Not good, but better than a slew of bad ones!

no customer service they don’t deserve your business. FILE NOW!

Yeah, I decided it probably is best to get that ball rolling sooner rather than later.
I just filed the dispute online a few minutes ago.

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Found the store owner’s (Kyle Boyers) personal phone numbers and address on line. You might try these:

(419) 885-1494

(614) 348-8233

2227 Barrington Dr
Toledo, OH 43606-3150]

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Thanks, but I felt that might be a bit over the top. I did message him on LinkedIn and Facebook, since both profiles are full of references to Ridge and River.

No reply to either though, of course, but it appears things are sorted out…I’ll post an update in a minute.

Update: By August 31 I was finally fed up and requested they cancel the order and refund my money. Well, they responded to THAT email, and just a few hours later.

"I am sorry about that. We were trying to figure out how to drop ship from the supplier to you. We have issued you a full refund. "

If they had only communicated with me, perhaps I could have waited a bit longer. So as it is, they lost this order (and any future business from me), I wasted a lot of time and effort, and I had to order again from another retailer at higher price.

I do see the refund as a pending transaction. So hopefully this is “all over except for the shouting…”

Doesn’t sound like the proprietor has what it takes to run a successful online business. Too bad. Hate to see new businesses lose orders and ultimately fail because they can’t pick up the phone or send an email.

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What’s odd is that the internet is full of glowing reviews for their blank hat sales, including praise for the company’s fast shipping and great communication…

I found some photos of the inside of the store buried in some local news items about opening the shop. Pretty clear that this business is primarily for bulk sales of blank sports caps – only sign of outdoor products was a few kayaks along one side wall and some indistinct clothing along the back wall (that could have been anything,) I suspect the proprietor decided he could branch out into outfitting and just have items drop-shipped individually to buyers directly from any vendors who would give him a wholesale account. Having been an employee of 3 actual indie outfitters as well as being familiar with the struggles of several friends over the years who attempted (some successfully and some not) to start such businesses, that is not how it works.

Thanks for the info.

It’s deceitful for a retailer to imply they have items in stock and can ship it directly to the customer, if in fact they’re actually trying to operate the way you described.