Apartment Living. Where to store Kayak?

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Okay, so here's my predicament (and my first post on Paddler.net):

I currently live in an apartment complex in NJ. My apartment is too small to accomodate 2 14+ foot kayaks. Right now, I leave them both at my parents' house which is 1 hour away.

I want to store them closer to my apartment so that I can enjoy a quick paddle after work or on weekends without having to drive 1 hour just to pick them up. I don't want to leave them on my car.

I was thinking about buying a kayak trailer and just locking them to that and parking it in the parking lot, but I don't think that's technically allowed.

Does anyone here have any experience in solving this problem? Any tips or pointers?

Thanks in advance.

Kayak sotorage
With adequate locks and chains, my kayaks seem to survive on top of me car. ou could also build a very light plywood long box (hardboard and two by fours) and attach that to the car top.

Car not an option…
I don’t want to store my Kayaks on my car, as it is my daily driver.

Storage locker
If there’s not room in the apartment, can you rent a small storage locker nearby?

Storage locker, if you can afford it
If it is car-sized, you could hang them from the roof with hoists, back in, lower onto your rack, strap in, and drive off.

Alternatively, look around the complex for an inconspicous place, like between a hedge and the building, and ask the apartment manager if you can store them there. Then lock them to each other and something immobile if possible. You’ll also want to make sure they are protected from the sun.

Inconspicuous place…
That might be an option, thanks!

you could hang them in the living room
Anyway that is my plan for next winter, I found that leaving it on the floor not only takes up space but also invites cats who like to hide in things or cats who mistake it for a big litter box.

Do you have a patio? I work in a locked facility so the top of my van works well also.

When I lived in New Jersey, thirty years ago my boss kept his canoe on top of his VW Van. He kept his liquor in the library.

Do you have any room outside?
I, too, live in an apartment but am fortunate enough to have a small yard and the side of the building for my use. I bought a commercial 2-boat rack and stashed it on the side of the building out-of-sight from the road. I cover the boats with a giant tarp. I haven’t had a problem with this method.

See if you can find a similar spot to put a rack. Storing on the roof year round will eventually degrade the boat from UV exposure.

Folding Kayak

Flower pot
Try doing it the Greenland way: -Hang the kayak outside your balcony. If the apartment manager complains, tell him it’s a flower pot. :slight_smile:

A better solution might be to find storage at a local kayak, sail or surf club. That way you’ll be close to the water and meet some nice people.

i agree with tsunamichuck
look at FeatherCraft…i’ve got their Wisper and abs. love it, not for the storage ease but because it can be so many boats:

Greenland cheater

day paddler

weekend cruiser- if you pack lightweight backpacking style…

An inflatable kayak,
would be faster to set up then a folder when you want to paddle after work.

On the wall
Hi live in an apartment in NJ - actually it’s the first floor of a divided house. I bring my boat in/out through my dining room window and hang is on my dining room wall - It’s a Valley Avocet - not exactly tiny but it looks great there and it’s totally out of the way.


Where in New Jersey, I know people
who have houses all over NJ with lots of room for kayak storage. What’s your Zip Code?

My two solutions…
I store one boat at a local sailing center. Right on the water and about $100 a year (plus membership). Benefits far outweigh the modest cost (showers, meeting other paddlers, beer, etc.).

My other boat is stored in my son’s closet. Folding kayaks rock for many reasons, not the least of which is their easy stowage.

sum it up
Sounds like everybody mentioned most of what’s out there. Locally i’d have the following options:

*Inflatable-faster to set up and takes least space

*Folding kayak-way faster than inflatables

*Various stash away spots around apartment complex-Personally i wouldn’t be able to sleep at night knowing my 2000$ kayak is “out there” with all sorts of idiots walking around F$%king things up for the fun of it.

Rent a storage locker-this may be good or not, depending on whats availible in the area and how convenient.

Another idea is to get a whitewater boat that’ll fit just about anywhere, something like Pyrahna Master TG, cheap,has a skeg for tracking. You still won’t get anywhere fast but probably not slower than most inflatables and you won’t poke a hole in it and it’ll be rollable and surfy.

18’ kayak
Where to put it in my narrow townhouse, finally decided to hang it from hallway wall using some straps from Campmor, works like a charm and keeps it out of the way.


Not “What’s your Zip Code”!
“What exit?” Sheesh! This is NJ.

I didn’t even think to just use someone else’s back yard or something…if you know someone trustworthy, let me know…Thanks!

Can’t store it outside apartment…
I asked the manager, and she said no to storing it in an inconspicuous place outside the apartment (behind some bushes).