bad thing about storeing kayak inside

well the other night i wa sure some one was in my home i went downstaires to see whats up well i store my kayak inside and upside down.well my damn cat was on it and some way that noise echoed thru the whole house plus im sure her nail aint good for my yak.not sure what i can do now i live ina bad place where a thief will steal it if it is outside

Declaw the cat.
Problem solved.

Store the cat outside !
jack L

You get two animal abuse recommendations.

Cockpit cover.

I have afew…
spare .22 bullets I will give ya.

Just make sure the cat is not on/in the yak when you take aim.

What a worthless thing to keep around the house. Most un-gratifying, non-mannered, boring, non-loyal, waste of a creature could anyone actually want.

All they do is piss all over your things & lick themselves. Your house smells, therefor you smell & so does your gear.

You can always tell if someone is a cat owner within the first 3 seconds of meeting them.

Paddle easy,


never get another cat but i cant just get rid of the one i have now.dobt the sctaches she does can hurt the kayak to much other then the way it looks .but the noise is weird and loud hard to belief how loud it is

Our cat got into a kayak and clawed
the minicell pillars really badly. Wouldn’t have mattered except I got the kayak at a benefit auction and had to take it to Easely to exchange for one large enough to fit me. Company was really good about it, made the exchange and said don’t worry about the damage.

The cat lived to age 17, was chewed up so bad by a neighbor dog we had to put him down.

another bad thing
Gel coat/composite that isn’t fully cured (fumes!).

Cockpit Cover?
Keeps the critters out for me outside, I imagine it will work inside as well.


i had a old inflatable raft them ones that are a few hundred bucks well i got it cheap and was fixeing leaks so i had it in liveing room damn cat must of thought it was huge litter box lol

Second the cockpit cover
If you are talking about the cat scratching the outside, throw a plastic tarp or something that makes a crinkly noise.

Re the noise, if the cat was stuck inside the cockpit cover should handle it. If the cat was outside and making noise, it had nothing to do with the kayak.

I agree with a post above, it seems that some have gone a bit overboard with their inability to get along with a simple mammal. Honestly, if someone hates cats (or dogs or any other critter) it makes sense that the four-legged would return the favor. At least between dogs, horses or cats I haven’t met one who wouldn’t give back what it got.

my new one is shares the floor with cats
The problem I have is that if I want to get to the television set I have to get over the kayak. I have a bad back so I’m not exactly leaping over the kayak.

The LED screen seems very good at picking up cat hair, so it does need to be cleaned sometimes.

Interestingly enough the Ride SOT doesn’t seem to resemble a bit litter box like my Pungo did.

It’s shiny, its red, its plastic, there is no place to hide, and it seems to make a good place to show off or sleep.

Cat owners do not have to have smelly clothes or a smelling abode. It just means more work! Cat boxes need to be changed regularly and smokers need to smoke elsewhere.

There is something about cat’s smells and smoker’s smoke that makes for a horrendous horrid smell when combined. Really stinks!

If a cat’s owners home smells bad all of the time, something is wrong. That just doesn’t have to be. Having cats share your environment is a lot of work and expense. Cat smells can be a big turn off.

cat tree
buy a cat tree, give your cat something else to climb

got a huge cat condo
damn thing was a few hundred bucks she ignores it now

“What a worthless thing to keep around the house. Most un-gratifying, non-mannered, boring, non-loyal, waste of a creature could anyone actually want.”

I feel that way about most old husbands but that doesn’t mean I advocate shooting them. And talk about bad smells…

Pick up one of the long skinny canvas painting tarps (about $10 for a 15’x 6’ one at a paint store) or a quilt from Goodwill and throw it over the boat if the noise is bothersome. Or, like somebody else suggested, a plastic tarp. Most cats don’t like walking on bubble wrap, either.

Neither of my cats has the slightest interest in my kayaks (plastic, folder or SOF) though they are all accessible to them in the basement (with cockpit covers). In fact, I credit Peanut, an excellent mouser, for earning her keep by regularly exterminating the rodents that sneak in, especially this time of year. After the grievious damage the mice had done to some of my other gear in the years before Peanut was on patrol, I credit her with saving the yaks and all my paddling stuff from similar ruin and pollution. She’s relentless – seen her flush and decapitate 6 of the little verminous devils in one night.

Any house with indoor cats that smells is due to poor human housekeeping. Say what you will about 'em, but unlike with a dog, I can leave the cats to their own devices while I go out of town paddling for 3 or 4 days. (yeah, I like dogs too, but not the hassle their care entails.)

Lay a rubber-backed runner rug on the boat. It will dampen the noise, keep claws off plastic, and provide a snooze spot for cat.

As much as I don’t want cats the darn things keep appearing in my life. I initially act aloof toward them and ignore them. Then they start thinking, “He acts like one of us!” Next thing you know they are following me around and chumming up to me. Guess I’m too soft to be mean to them.

i think my cat is evil

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ok i dont really think that but she sure does odd things i had a aerogarden to grow spices in my kitchens they started to sprout she ate em all and layed on garden i have no idea how she even got up there it was on top of shelf's

You’re awesome dude. Tell us how you really feel.

On second thought, don’t.

Not meant as direct as it sounded…
Was pointed toward the species & species owners in general.

Cats piss all over everything & therefore cat owners & cat owners equipment smells.

There is that better?

Paddle easy,


Coffee, where did you buy that 3 lover detector ? That sounds pretty cool.