bad thing about storeing kayak inside

had her put to sleep
was 25 bucks at local sheltor i just told em that she has been sick. ok not realy she earns her keep and been part of my family a long time i just been squirting her with water gun and apears to be working but it was funny to watch her jump on it if she did it to qucik she slid right off lol

They’re like little kids
The more you ignore them, the more interested they are in hanging around you. Weird.

You could put fox piss around the kayak to deter cats. Smells slightly less obnoxious than cat piss. Unlike cat piss, the smell eventually does wash out…still takes a lot of washings. How do I know? I made the mistake of laying some wet booties on the ground in front of our house to dry in the sunshine. A few hours later, I noticed that musky smell. Oh, geez. We have lots of foxes running around our area, including some rare silver-tinged black ones.

next door to me and let your cat hang out with all the other neighbors cats underneath my kayak…

or you could put a tarp over yours?

Cats that are litte box trained
do NOT piss all over everything coffee.

I’ve had cats (and dogs) for 30 years now.

If the cat got into the cockpit area perhaps a cockpit cover is the way to go?

I reside in a questionable neighborhood myself and my 17’ artic tern is in the front stairwell over the winter (and in a locked garage during the paddling season)

moth balls
Keeps pets and other crawly critters out.

Bill H.

Coffee,all thyis time and yer still an
idiot.I have hoped all these years,but alas, you remain the same doofus you have always been.

I have had cats for 62 years and the only reason one has ever peed anywhere but in the litter box is when he was almost dead.As far as smell, I can detect you from here and you smell like B—sh-t!

my cat earns her keep
she kills bugs i hate bugs im actually terrified of bugs i rather see snake .but my cat kills all spiders bugs she sees plus she makes me laugh with her antics

Just so manly to talk about killing
cats. Juvenile locker room bs. I don’t know why so many men feel the need to puff up their chests and talk about killing cats every time the subject comes up. Get a freaking grip.

You are an a$shole. Go and die.

I don’t rely on the "tattle-tale button"
I am a big boy that doesn’t need to run to mommy.

Piss off, dipsh!t. You first.

Paddle easy,


No chest puffing. Just stating an easy resolution to a persistent problem.

Why put a band-aid on a broken leg, when a cast is what is needed?

Paddle easy,


You gonna tell me you can’t tell a…
Smoker when they walk into a room? Or if you get in their car or house?

The smell is on them if they are inhibiting with it. Same with cats, garbage & liqueur.

Facts are facts & physics is physics. You cannot argue either one.

Paddle easy,


I know wives who think men piss
everywhere but in the toilet.Maybe more killing is needed?

Very possible…
If you don’t learn from the first(maybe two)times of being told not too, then harsher measurements are needed.

Paddle easy,


Reef, think Jung
Cats tend to trigger an anima response, as opposed to the animus. Some men are very uncomfortable with anything that acknowledges their feminine side and will go to great lengths to repress it. That conflict can come out in wanting to destroy the trigger.

im very secure in my manhood
and i like cats i even like flowers and nature

I can acknowledge my feminine side…

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But it doesn't mean I am gonna spray everywhere, destroy things & lay around all day licking myself.

you seem to be misunderstood about cats. They are not a "feminine" side of nature. The only reason you say that is due to the fact that most cat owners are women? And if you are suggesting that cats are "womens animals", you are saying that women are lazy for choosing an animal that requires extremely limited responsibilities from the owner.

Infact, cats are more manly... They are natural born killers/hunters. That is the way they were made...

So it is not an argument about masculinity or femininity. It is an argument about a smelly, un-trainable, non-loyal, defiant, disobedient animal.

Hmmmmmmmmm, maybe they are a "women's animal"... j/k- kinda ;)

Paddle easy,


my cat never
sprays or goes outside her catbox .she is a bad ass to lol ive seen her chase full grown German Shepard dog in fear for its life i do like dogs more but this time in my life i dont have time for a dog.i can leave my cat alone for days and she will be fine and as i sad before i live in a very wooded area we have all kinda wildlife and she keeps its all out doors

Or use cayenne pepper
Moth balls do serve well as critter repellants. But they’re not good for groundwater or soil.

Cayenne pepper works, too, and it’s nontoxic. Just don’t sniff it or your nostrils will tingle uncomfortably.

Need to distinguish between unneutered
…and neutered male cats. Tomcats most definitely do spray on everything they can get near/on, and it most definitely stinks forever, plus it draws other gdmn tomcats to repeat the act.

If you want to keep cats outdoors, spay or neuter them! Nobody wants the offspring; there are already plenty of feral or abandoned cats available for free.