Bandaid for finger

I cut the tip of my finger pretty good this morning. I am going to be paddling tomorrow and Saturday in a small freshwater lake (water’s not the cleanest) and in the bay.

Any tips or suggestions for dealing with my finger? I’m typically not too concerned, but it doesn’t look like the skin flap is going to close up in time (well, it hasn’t in the 7 hours since I cut myself).

Just a regular bandaid seems like it would let water through. I’ve thought about using some of the liquid bandaid stuff - I just don’t know how durable that’ll be.

Any thoughts? I really feel like I’m making a big to-do about nothing. But, you know…

Super glue

Antibiotic ointment with
a bandaid and go to the pharmacy and get what they used to call a “rubber finger”

Kind of like the latex medical gloves but only the portion for the finger and is heavier gauge. We used to use them in a factory I worked in where we could get some pretty nasty cuts and had to work in water tanks and solvents. Also chefs use them all the time.

this took a lot of restraint

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First I thought, ok, now we have people who need instructions on healing flesh wounds? Sometimes the questions here approach the incomprehensible.

But I see your problem and Mintjulep beat me to the solution. Works like a CHARM, I've used it myself more than once.

Was developed for use by surgeons to bond flesh to flesh.

Finger cot. Looks like a condom
for a finger. Had them at work to protect electronics from hand oils. Don’t know where to get them.

um, duct tape. I thought everybody knew
I’ve had the same issue with similar injuries. My approach was antibiodic ointment, then band aid or a little patch of tissue or gauze, and then duct tape to hold it all in place. I guess that rubber fingertip would do it, too, but duct tape looks so much cooler and it will stay on.

They sell a liquid skin product, and that might work, and it might be similar to the super glue answer. But I trust the ointment to form a waterproof barrier moreso than I trust glue. You could have cracks or gaps in the glue. However, I have no personal experience with it, so if you try it, please report back on how it works for you.


Thanks all…
I’d heard about superglue before, but never quite knew if it was an old wives tale or not.

I chuckle about the duct tape thing - I considered it a bit, but couldn’t quite come to terms with proper dressing order.

I’ll see what the pharmacy has and will let y’all know how it goes. Thanks for the input, I do appreciate it.

Oh …for God’s sake
put a piece of toilet paper on it and wrap it with electrial tape or duct tape.

…then Shut-Up and Paddle.

Paddlin’ on


What georgia…

…said and put a condom on it with more tape.

Condoms and tape are also great for keeping sea water

out of rifle barrels–tip from a Marine at no extra


One boring day at work I gave
a finger cot to a co worker and told him that he could get condoms his size right from the company’s office supply department !


Spray On Bandaid
I took a wicked chunk out of my finger on a barnacle covered rock yesterday when I took a fall getting out of the boat. Scraped up my legs pretty good too. Polysporin then a band aid on the finger wound, held in place with medical tape (or duct tape will do in a pinch).

After I got home I sprayed liquid bandage over it, as I find that stuff works pretty well for these odd shaped wounds. Also good for spraying over a bunch of barnacle scrapes on the legs. I had to replace the bandage at least three times in the day, but the liquid is holding pretty good.


…THAT’S funny.

Before covering with balloon …
… you may find that these are great to keep wound closed tightly , “Nexcare- Steri-Strip (3M) skin closures” .

They hold well , but first clean and dry surface of skin around wound .

They are considered a minor substitute for sutures .

It is recomended to prep wound before applying as if sutures are being applied , because you should leave these in place until skin is healed well enough . Eventually they will wash off . RN recomended these and they work as intended .

Oh yea , don’t over tension the skin to tight when applying Steri-Strips !!

Dog saliva…
everyone knows that it has wonderful curative properties…



Super Glue or…
get your doc to give you a vial of Dermabond (fancy medical super-glue). It’s only $25. Dollar store super glue is on my cut thumb this very moment…and I just got back from paddeling.

As good as healed.

liquid bandage
Liquid bandage. Apply light coats, let it dry completely between coats, make sure you apply a little more each time and put it beyond the wound to help keep the nasties out. 3 or 4 coats should do. If you are still paranoid about getting Ebola or something then cover that up with any “Sports” band-aid (ie, waterproof bandaid).

Let us know if you survive!

Actually makes a heavy duty bandaid with high grade duct tape and they are awesome! Holds well,even when wet, and wears like iron. They’re also large enough to properly wrap the fingers of someone over the age of nine. I worked in the glass business for 34 years and these were the best off the rack dressing I ever found. Kinda pricey, but well worth it.


Not so crazy about glue.
One problem you may encounter with the crazy glue repair is that you may seal in some kind of nasty and end up with an infection as happened to me. I am a firm believer in the steri strip / butterfly repair method. I would then use some sort of sterile dressing and good old duct tape to keep out the water.

I have butterflied 1/3rd of an ear back in place and you wouldn’t even know (not mine). I also butterflied a 2" long broken glass cut on my wife’s finger and got a raving compliment from our doc when he took a look at it. Said it would have caused a nasty scar had he sutured it.