Banned words?

OK, so I can’t talk about the “W word”
even posting that word for others to see is not allowed. I was typing it as a new topic and it was edited out, my text, even before it was finished.
So we can’t type that “w word” here.
We can’t ask about why the “w word” isn’t allowed to be seen here.
And as my post was edited as I was typing it, removing a form of it that people could know what the “w word” was w/o me typing the prohibited “w word”…

Anyone know if this is an add on to this software here, one where an asian country’s desires are done automatically or is it the owners/moderators of this board who are protecting us from seeing the name of a city in china?

Mr. Orwell, I’ll take “1984 in 2021” for the loss please.


? How many letters?
Oh OK I reread it,

Daggo you remind me of the guy in the Twilight Zone episode who thinks hes dying on some distant planet only to learn he crash landed in the Great Basin.

I for one wouldn’t mind if you left this forum and took all your nonsensical bs with you.

1984 indeed.


Woo-han flu…there I wrote it fine since the 1984 “newspeak” moderators are alive and well for the geographic spelling of the city where the pandemic originated.

What happened to the normal flu in 2020? Poof, almost non-existant.


Fascinating isn’t it? I didn’t even use the “flu” word, just the prohibited w word.
So, who did it? Was it a live post monitoring or auto ‘correct’ that keyed in on the prohibited w word?

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well on another thread you chimed in, telling me multiple times how sad you are for me, then belittling others…so it clearly looks like you are the one with issues. I believe in freedom, so I don’t censor others, I just tell them if they do not like what others have to say…just don’t click on it, read it, then reply to it.
I bet they even have an “ignore” function here. but then if you did that, you’d not be able to control what I say and think by having me censored and banned. Funny how that works with a certain segment.

Can you type that word? It’s a city in china. prove me wrong and type it.
And prove me wrong again by showing me that there indeed were “97% of scientists agree”.

Conversation is that. Banishing, censoring, controlling are all for people who have their own issues and want to dump them upon others. So relax and read. Or relax and don’t read. Problem solved.


Wuh-etc is a city in China.
Wuh-etc and the F part is mostly used as a pejorative term. Coronavirus or a SARS related term correctly describes the disease.

I am a fan of free speech, but that particular term is functionally useless and borders on hate speech for many. The name of the city has nothing to do with paddling. I am just as happy to not see it here. There are venues which welcome it.


We use to have a “Bicker and Banter” forum where you could argue politics all you wanted. That was back when this was Paddling .net . Brian did away with it when he upgraded this site, and it became The vast majority didn’t miss it either. So if it’s politics unrelated to the water sports it isn’t part of this site anymore. There are other sites on the net for that.


Yup, I hope the new owners follow Brian’s wisdom.


I am at a loss to understand how the “W-word” has anything to do with paddling so, if for whatever reason, it was censored I support those actions. I am here for the paddling and anything that doesn’t have to do with that I can either live without or go elsewhere to discuss it.

Just sayin’.


Use the ignore function. Click on a username, then the name again, then the drop down that says Normal. There will be a ignore option there

Way easier than trying to convince someone to leave


thank you, Celia. Well said.


I’m a fan of free speech, but what?
Free speech is free speech or its not.

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No one gets to see messages while they’re being created. Even if that was possible, the mods have better things to do, like paddling, than monitoring content as it’s being created.

Am guessing the software is coded to reject certain words, just as it flags suspected spammers when they sign up to the site.


Free speech has no relevance in a privately owned forum…


Lots of people profess to be for or a fan of free speech, until they proclaim they don’t like what was said or proclaim it to be the mythical “hate speech”, whatever that is.
Lots of hate here:
Stockholm syndrome, rocky mountain spotted fever, lyme disease, guinea worm, ross river fever, Omsk Hemorrhagic Fever, Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever, middle east respiratory syndrome (mers), marburg virus disease, Japanese Encephalitis, zeka fever, german measles, lassa fever, Legionnaire’s Disease, spanish flu (may not have been originated there but became significant there).
Yeah, it’s silly isn’t it?

There are non paddling subjects here, specifically in this subforum where the guidelines are “general discussion”. A subject was introduced about one of theories of weather/climate and blaming humans for it, then telling everyone how stupid humans are, self absorbed because they didn’t believe in the cooling/warming/weather. I think there was even a dog one here. I posted one on a type of socks that have been hard to find (for me) and are used by a lot of outdoor people.

Again, why this need to control what others are allowed to say/see/think? Don’t like it…don’t click on it. We are not children. And also, isn’t there an ignore button here? People who cannot control themselves and click on, then read the subject and posts and even post at times should just take the plunge and put the offending thinker on disappear/ignore. Again, we are not children.

Then how come you clicked on, then read this thread and posted 8th out of 16 posts?
Because you want to give your opinion I guess. No problem. This is a subforum that is for “general discussion” and I’m interested in yours (and other people’s) POV.

The “W word” was brought up in the global cooling/warming/weather political/economic thread here. When that happened, I was shocked and I wanted to know more. I’m like that, a very curious person who consumes knowledge. I also want to know the “why” of something.

Thinking back, IIRC I hit send (or whatever it was) then a dialog box came up that said that word wasn’t allowed. It asked me to edit it. I chose the ignore button.
Then a window came up that stated:
“Draft is being edited in another window. Please reload this page”.
When I reloaded it, I was back in the main part of this subforum and saw a “draft” icon on the top right. So I clicked it and saw my post, edited by ??? where there was only the top 2 lines. Whoever/whatever happened, it deleted 2 paragraphs of typing.

Doesn’t something like that interest you? It does me, especially given the present climate of heavy censorship and threats of more.

assuming the desire is to not have to read what someone else wrote, which is almost never the case as if it were, people could just ignore threads/posts themselves w/o the aid of some form of screening feature.

I talk to anyone about anything. If I get tired with them/it, then I go to another thread or subforum or if in real life, tell them I’m out and walk away. I’ve learned a lot about a lot of different things and people that way. Hopefully others have also learned something from my yakking.

No, the desire is to not even see posts by people that tend to post off topic stuff and inflammatory junk

You take your approach, others will do differently.


People usually state it as, “I’m for free speech but…”
kaya medic stated that it has no place as being a mandate, law, on private property. There can be some valid points either way on that, legally, as constitutionally, per the supreme court, there’s no such thing as “hate speech”.

The board listed this subforum as a place for general discussion. So what people who object are saying is, “I’m for general discussion, but not the general discussion you want to have”.

I’m always amazed at how people want to control others when the fastest, most surefire way to get their vital signs back down is for them to just ignore what they don’t care for.