Banned words?

If you don’t want to paddle with people who discuss things you don’t care for…just ask them to refrain from it while you are paddling with them. Some people really like talking about everything, others like talking about nothing and still others, don’t like talking period. I have a friend who if she’s not talking to us about things we don’t care about, she’s on her cell phone. So we don’t bring her along often. Paddling in a group isn’t an obligation, nor should it be.

Do you realize that if the only thing people were allowed to talk about in the general discussion were canoes/kayaks and related items, how dead most GD forums would be?
And did you expect “help me find a kayak for me?” in a thread named “banned words?”?

Wow…how about finding a cause worthy of your time and effort. You clearly have bloviating down pat.


FWIW, l followed the suggestion of someone above and am not seeing all the replies. Much better.

Not that l can do anything about it, but l really am sorry that the worst of things has crept into your, or anyone’s, paddling time. Happily our Tuesday evening bunch at home has stayed clear of such. Perhaps because there is general agreement on the operational stuff, like whether the group should try eating indoors afterwards. People just brought a chair and a snack to hang out after outside at the launch point.

Thank you for telling me what my values and interests should be instead of what they are.
I don’t see the value of ‘I wanted to buy a boat but it was sold’ threads, but it’s important to them. Many examples of where my values are different than the values of another person.
And that’s OK.

quoting software is a bit goofy for multiple quotes.

Celia, "FWIW, l followed the suggestion of someone above and am not seeing all the replies. Much better.[/quote]

See, now that wasn’t that hard to do. If a person cannot help themselves to not read posts they don’t want to, then automate it, have the software control your choices for you with the ‘ignore’ button which it looks like you found.

“Much better”

Why would you have to announce that you made your choice to the rest of the group?
Oh yeah…everyone do as I did and show you have the same values as I do so we can get this person that doesn’t think like us and share our politics/values to be gone.
So it never was about the subject or poster directly, it’s rather all about the demand of staying within groupthink.
Don’t worry–I already knew. This is high school clique stuff but tribalism does satisfy the strong social need some individuals have.

Groupthink and shunning…2 of the hallmarks of a cult. Or HS clique.

I always thought “blocking” was a stupid thing also. That’s what mods are for and they shouldn’t be blocking or banning anyone unless they have a real solid reason. In all the years I have been a mod/admin I have banned 1000s of pure spammers for breaking the rules of advertising, and only one actual regular poster after spending countless posts explaining the basic rules of being civil in a public place.

I don’t have a sea kayak and lots of posts here are about sea kayaks and I skim some and just don’t read others. There are thread off topic I take a peak at and say not for me and don’t read them. It is simple to be selective I doubt I would ever block someone.

Thanks Celia. I did not know there was an ignore button. And I found it !

Excuse me, sir. Seeing as how the V.P. is such a V.I.P., shouldn’t we keep the P.C. on the Q.T.? 'Cause if it leaks to the V.C. he could end up M.I.A., and then we’d all be put out in K.P.

Sorry, just throwing out a comic relief moment.

Mike, I’m not seeing the ignore function you describe. Is anyone else?

Quoting Mike’s post:

“Use the ignore function. Click on a username, then the name again, then the drop down that says Normal. There will be a ignore option there “

You have to click on “Normal” to get the drop down with Muted or Ignore

Is there a way I can have people ignore me? I want to have everyone ignore me so I can just come here and read and post whatever I want but no one will see it. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


As several folks above described, that is how you ignore a specific person… If on the other hand you want to ignore a specific thread go to the bottom of the thread and there will be a button that says “Normal” or “Tracking”. Click or tap that button and you have the additional option of “Muted” select that and it will apply to that thread.

Any posts in other threads by the person(s) that posted in the thread you are now ignoring will still be shown. This is good for ignoring specific threads that are about subjects you are not interested in but still want to see everything else.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


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Good post Richard. Now people who cannot figure out how to not read a post or a thread can stop whining about others they don’t approve of being here and not being cencored or banned.

Easy peasy. And the great thing is for others, they don’t have to act like adults at a church function around kids–they can actually talk and not self-censor.

I took a picture off the TV from Fox :fox_face: news. Went to put it on FB and was banned. :joy:


Yes, plainly worded and right to the point.
Absolutely perfect

Only took time to scanned this thread. Didn’t know, but sounds like there is a political page. If it is, no thanks. I can’t read all the good info, and I don’t go to a site that has expert advice on kayaking to hear views on politics. It’s like going to a person who “act” instead of “work” to learn about anything except how to be a thespian. Like the commercial where a Hollywood says, No. I’m not a pilot, but I played one, in a movie.

I only use vulgarity around people who enjoy bad language. Most people just don’t like it for good reason. Including me, unless I discuss politics. Then I can’t avoid it. So I only discuss politics face to face.

You have to read before forming an opinion. You admit you didn’t. P net has no political page but sometimes contributors can’t help themselves. You can alert the moderators and ignore the offender.