Banned words?

It does appear the site is changing.

It has been quite a while since there has been an air of confrontation at the current level.

The second title change to this thread is “Banned words?”.

Wonder what this does to the number of hits?

I have got to get gear ready for another paddling trip. Looking forward to doing what this place is suppose to be about. Will post photos and stories maybe.

looking forward to the story and pics. have fun and be safe.

You may not, but a certain political party made such global cooling/warming/weather the center piece of their campaigning and platforms. There are even groups whose sole purpose is to use some of that “science” to change people and places through the political process.
(I was going to add this earlier but was in a time crunch)

Very good point, one I wasn’t smart enough to think about.

The reason I brought up that chinese city was I was responding to people who automatically trusted government to be honest, truthful, and have good intentions. So the whole fauci/cdc tap dancing and lying to congress was how I demonstrated that yeah, sometimes we just cannot trust politicians/government, especially when it comes to money and power.


quoting celia as can’t figure out the software’s inability to do mutiple quotes per post.
“All terms have definition, It is the requirement of spoken language. Only someone who is illiterate could operate without understanding this.”

Clearly who makes the definitions controls the conversation/debate. But as you seem to be an intelligent person, please tell me what “gun violence” is? A ‘gun’ doing ‘violence’?
What is the difference between a “colored person” and a “person of color”? Other than one is “hate speech” and the other isn’t.
Why is ‘african american’ a color? Unless the person is white or from north of the sahara?
What is “hate speech”?

And who is responsible for defining the context? Isn’t it not how it was meant, rather, but by how it was perceived/received by the other person(s)?

Many examples and the US Supreme court ruled that there is no such thing as “hate speech”. So people being punished for proclaimed “hate speech” is unconstitutional, illegal.

I’m always amazed when one or even a few individuals speak for everybody. That’s how groupthink works. Seems like there were a few others in the political thread you started that didn’t have a problem with debating/discussing it. And those who didn’t…did not click on it and read all the posts…I presume anyway.

The reason I started this thread is for exactly what you said. Nothing was political here as my original post just asked who did the editing and is it really prohibited to say the name of a city in china?
I was simply asking for an explanation of what happened and possibly also get some guidance on what words people are not allowed to say here. I never would have thought that just naming a city in china would bring the hammer down.

BTW the 2nd response to this thread was from a person in your political thread who kept belittling others, complete with name calling. Yet the focus is on me? For things here I didn’t even say?
This needn’t be that complex really. We shoud channel our inner george carlin. What I asked for was pretty clear in my first post, no matter how many times the name of this thread gets changed by whoever for whatever.

But I will continue to talk to anyone who chimes in as, well I think it’d be rude to ignore someone who asked me something or commented on something I said–or didn’t say.

I yearn for the days of movies such as “Blazing Saddles”. It offended everyone to expose how foolish and sensitive society has become. I can only imagine the firestorm of accusations that would erupt today if a similar movie were made.


There are 16 administrators and three moderators here.

The mods are me, Marshall and Peter. Marshall and Peter are also certified ACA kayak instructors with busy schedules. Mods do not have the ability to ban words or tweak the software. Essentially our job is to deal with flagged posts and spammers. We’re not censors.

Some newer members to the community may not be aware that Paddler’s Place is not restricted to only discussing paddling.

That category is: "An opportunity for general discussion and a place to learn more about fellow paddlers. Discuss whatever it is that floats your boat. No real guidelines, just be civil."

Concerns about changing the topics of threads, banned words, etc. should be addressed to the administrators. Email contacts have always been public at the bottom of Pcom’s website. Site Feedback – contact:
Technical / Support – contact:

I’ve found the paddling community here polite, kind, and always willing to help others. It’s one of the nicest forums on the Internet.


Do you even know in what context that forbidden word was used?
I brought that up in a political thread started by someone else when people were citing government as their source for politicial decisions. The analogy is valid and pretty clear.
The ‘v word’ was never brought up by me, only the institutions themselves as they were the decisionmakers and both justified their actions via their own science as accepted facts that were settled.


You started the political thread about global cooling/warming/weather, nobody else.
And you continued to have political discussions within it until close to the end.
Which both were all OK as what you did fell under the posted rules, guidelines of this subforum. Nothing wrong with that.

I live really close to rivers, so I don’t have to do much to get ready to go but throw a boat and some bags in the back of a truck and drive 10 minutes or so. I’ve taken a lot of pictures, but haven’t posted any here mainly because they’re pretty boring. The exiciting ones were terrible as the phones were wet or not available.

But the determination on whether or not I’d post them here would never hinge upon if this board didn’t do something I wanted them to, even tho it may be in contradiction to their own rules.
Just me, but that’s the way I paddle.

And I do still laugh at some sanford and son shows. I DL them from YT because they’ll never come back to tv.

Thank you for explaining the difference between moderators and administrators. I’m a total techno-nudge who knows nothing about the behind the scenes workings of forums.

It just seemed to me that when posts are made questioning a opaque event someone involved should offer an explanation to clear up the confusion. I did reference Jeff who seems to be the person who sent around the “new owners” thread on behalf of VS.

I agree that there is a vast amount of cheerful willingness to share and comaraderie on this forum and hope that will remain unchanged going forward.


Sometimes that’s a difference w/o much distinction…or whatever that saying is.
The only thing that separates them is usually the levels of permissions they get, all that they can do/see. Moderators have lower level/less abilities to do things than admins have. All that comes down to how the owner/s want the board to run as they can give any account various privlidges or not, then call them whatever they choose to call them or not even label them at all.

I used to be on a board where I was given some admin permissions that the mods didn’t have–and I was just a normal poster, not officially a mod nor an admin. That was to help deal w/people coming there to trash the board or spammers, or sometimes just keep the peace between members. A board I’m on now, there are a handful of us who are all admins and there are no moderators. Our only designation is “Founding Member”.

So it’s really quite flexible on the permissions there are that make up a title.

In fairness, this site just changed to a new management so both Vertical whatever and the moderators that were carried over are getting used to a new situation.

Each site like this has its own nature, this one tends to not have had the more politically tilted battles since Bicker and Banter was dropped. So the situation presented by this OP is a bit new for the current management structure.

I myself have posted stuff that was at best marginally about paddling, when it seemed it could affect the practices of some here. This should not be a problem. It is when the content shifts to an argument about large and unresolvable issues like free speech it gets messy. Big terms like that have contextual meaning, no one really arrives with exactly the same definition. And discussions are off and running…

To me it comes down to whether an issue can be solved within this forum. Questionable sales efforts can be solved, eventually trolls with a good imagination about paddling as well.

But free speech, gun rights, pandemic restrictions and the like? No way that stuff can be resolved in a paddling forum.


Just have the “safe search” on when searching for “paddling”… :see_no_evil:

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I agree that this should not be a problem. I posted this thread as I had never had what happened to me/my post happen, so I wanted to know if there were any rules in addition to the ones that were posted for this forum as apparently I had broken one–or maybe not. So clarification was all I was asking for here. That’s all, so not a problem at all.

Apparently a few people here have a problem with me/my posts, but again, are within the rules of this forum, so that is just them having their own issues.

Interesting POV you have on what should be allowed here and what should not.
Using your guidelines, the political thread that started all of this, the one on global cooling/warming/change should not be allowed here as clearly that cannot be resolved here. Those theories cannot even be resolved in the scientific world or academia. Mandating their acceptance as the settled science doesn’t resolve the issue, it only silences and punishes those who do not accept it. I guess one could look at that method as a resolution tho…

As a longtime admin at other boards, what I’ve found works very well is consistency and honesty. And they are related. What happens most of the time is some people will have a very hard time co-existing with people who have another POV, so they want their POV to be the rule and the other POV(s) banned. And they justify that position by calling the people not of their POV ‘trolls’.

Honesty: yes global cooling/warming/change is political, highly political as we can see in all the political ads, groups and speeches/marches about it.

Consistency: you can’t ban one political post while keeping another political post–unless you are going to base the rules off of whether or not you agree with the politics of the post.
And just because someone disagrees with it, that doesn’t make them a troll.

Like I said, this shouldn’t be a problem. If this is creating problems for some people, then they should look in the mirror and think about why they are having such reactions.

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How did I get sucked into this muck? What a pile. Off to something RELEVENT!

Let’s get back to FOBS :joy:

I find this whole thread depressing. Last year I missed a lot of paddling due to the pandemic. This year I’m intentionally missing a lot of paddling opportunities because some in our group think politics is a good discussion topic while on the water. While actually on the water it’s usually easy to just paddle away. While sharing rides during shuttling it’s not so easy. I’m spending my summer mostly working on the house because that’s way more enjoyable than paddling along with the debate club. When I leave the house with my canoe, my intent is to leave all that behind me. If it’s following me on the water, there’s no reason to even be there. As for this particular thread, I think this is a good time to just paddle away. :slightly_frowning_face:

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