Bent Shaft Comparisons

I’m looking for a new bent shaft touring paddle.

(Re: straight vs bent argument…my mind is already made up!)

I’ve been looking at the following:

Werner Shuna FG (looks and feels great)

AT Ergo Tour T4 Carbon (Love my AT WW paddle)

Lendal Kinetic Touring (Never seen/held one)

Anyone have any comments or comparisons to share?

I also am not a crank shaft paddler, but find the Lendal feels the most natural of any touring crank.

My only crank shaft paddle is my H2O which is very comfortable.

I prefer the AT SL Tour.
I like the AT bent shaft better than the Werner bent for my use. The Werner bends just don’t fit me right.

I’ve only used a Lendal once and the blades were much too big for me, so I didn’t get around to paying attention to the bends in the shaft.

Better yet, try a GP; if not, the AT paddles are terrific, Werner is too much paddle, and the Lendhal is heavy IMNSHO.

Wow, somebody is finally making a bent shaft GP…

I would like one in pink, with embedded metal flakes, so it partially reflects the traditional spirit.

I used an AT WW paddle
for a long time and liked it a great deal. But I have switched to Lendal for both WW and touring and prefer it.

AT and Lendal

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AT is probably the best deal. I really like the feel of my AT WW paddle.

As for blades being too large - All of the manufacturers mentioned offer 2 blade sizes.
The AT sizes are 575 sq. cm. as standard (that's pretty small) and the OS blade is 675 sq. cm. (that's a little big).

Lendal makes it really difficult to compare specs.
The Lendal Carbon shaft (353grams) and FRP blades (382 grams) total to 26 oz.?? Doesn't add up.
Does anyone have any real weights for Lendal paddles/components?

No GP for me
I have tried GP’s. I plan to carve my own soon… but it’s not my preference for a primary paddle.

Lendal Kinetic
I compared Werner Ikelos (Corryvrecken) with Lendal Kinetic a while ago - WI has a little bit more surface area than LK; it was purely visual, one blade on top of other blade, comparison.

If you find Shuna’s size acceptable, probably Kinetic S should be your intended blade.

As to weight - my calculations give 25.88 oz, rounding it up to 26oz is perfectly acceptable

Weight calcs…
The math/conversion works, but 26oz. just doesn’t sound right.

Lot’s of reviews of Lendal’s says that they are a little heavy. 26oz. is way light. After reading the reviews, I would have guessed the Lendal would be pushing over 35oz.


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just weighed some Lendal cranks
I have a 210, a 214 and a 216
the 210 shaft weights 10 oz
the 214 shaft weights 10.3 oz
the 216 weights 11.4 oz
I have carbon Archipeligo and Nordkapp blades

the Archipeligo blades weigh 16.2 oz
the Nordkapp blades weight 16.39 oz

the pair of drip rings weigh .8 oz

best wishes

Thanks Roy!

I don’t have the blade style that you are looking at, but they must be close in weight to the Archipeligo

good luck in your search for your ultimate paddle:)

Best Wishes


you lived a little closer and IF our water wasn’t so difficult to get to and if…

we could put them together (I have 210 and 215 straight shafts too) and go for a test paddle.

Then we could get out the greenland paddles too (I have both wood and carbon)…sorry …

Best Wishes


for what its worth
I have paddled a lot with the Lendal, AT, and Werner (Ikelos/Corryvrecken - not Shuna).

To start I prefer a higher stroke angle and my preferred paddle length tends to be around 215 or so.

The AT - great paddle, great service. The best way I can describe the paddle is that it feels like what a kayak paddle should feel like. It feels like more a part of the water than the other 2. The problem is that I have a 215, which means the bends are too close together. I have to move the paddle out to about 219/220 for it to get comfortable. By then the paddle is longer than what I like. I use this paddle for a more low angle stroke so I should have bought a 220 (shame on me). AT puts the bends further apart than the other companies.

Werner - these never felt right to me. The shaft always felt too wide at the bends. It is a good paddle, but not spectacular. The blades in the water feel good, but not great. I developed a wrist problem and switched to the bent shaft Werners - which made the problem worse.

Lendal - I have a couple of these which I like. The two shafts I have are the standard 215 and the 215 Vari lock. It gives you infinite adjustment in angle and the ability to adjust the length by 5 cm (the AT paddle does this as well). The Kinetic touring blades feel responsive in the water. To me they feel like a more ‘technical’ blade - not as forgiving, but the boat responds very well to adjustments in blade angle. I also found that my stroke mechanics improved with this blade. I have both the carbon composite blades and the N12 blades. The N12 blades are HEAVY!!

Great info, thanks.
Just as a point of reference, what is your height?

about 6’2", 34" inseam, 75" arm span NM

AT beta
they have the patent on that double bend shaft. it’s bent in 2 directions, hense the ‘comfy’ feel. if you like the ww stick you’ll love the Exception.

I prefer the smaller blade, which is quite powerful and ‘enough’ blade for most folks. The OS is pretty meaty and provides some major grip. Think spinning and RPMs for mojo.


My AT Execption SL Tour is 230cm
and I use it in my solo canoes sometimes - haven’t used it in a kayak.

I didnt’ realize that the AT grip spacing varied with the paddle length. If that’s the case, I might not like a the closer spacing on a 210 or 215cm spacing for kayak use. I had assumed that the bend spacing spacing was the same on all lengths of AT paddles when at their shortest length (if adjustable length).

My only adjustable length paddles are straight shafts, so changing the paddle length doesn’t matter.

ZAV recreation…
paddle is a great deal! Light wt., strong and priced resonable!