Best butt cushon?

Anyone use any extra butt cushon on their seats?

Relatively thin, glued into the bottom of the seat. Have it (came already installed) in one of my boats, and I have to say it’s nice. I’m just too lazy to get around to it in the others, but every spring I say I will.

Molded foam seat
My Lincoln Eggemoggin came with a molded foam seat. I liked it so much that when I got my Impex Outer Island I replaced the fiberglass seat with a foam seat ( I didn’t glue my seat into the boat so I can remove it and use it for a seat when sitting on the rocks during paddling breaks. My seat fits pretty tight under the gunnels of my boat so it probably won’t blow out when the boat is on the car, but I remove the seat when car topping just to be safe.

Carve your own, of buy this one:

Gives you better contact/control of the boat, and you can sit n it all day and not get a sore butt. Gel pads are pretty much useless.

So you just get a block and…

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I have a Carolina 14 with those really thin pad on top of a integrated plastic seat. I don't know if that block would boost me up higher and throw me off.

Maybe the 1-inch version wouldn't be so bad. Only 5 bucks too...

Good to know the gel seats are worthless... I was contemplating one...

Butt cushion

I do but I use a flat floatation device that has straps. An extra float is handy plus is is so comfy.

Makes a good pillow as well.


The seats in my favorite boats are
molded with this minicell pad stuck on.

butthead cushion
well dat can do is that fat up youe ass and then have goodsoft butt to dat sit in…can wiggling your cushion till feel no pain…before hands eat alot of dough to fill up dat ass then you have good sitting,

ingested on a regular basis.


With the Carolina
I’d go with a relatively thin layer of minicel. You don’t want to lift yourself up too much. It is a lot firmer than gel, but the gel is pretty much too soft and squishy to do any good.

See the 1st post post.
A kitchen rug, that is foam for standing on. It is minicell foam. It is cheap and works well.

you can put used scraps on your 'yak if you want to…

They have a new invention now that is called a Kayak Shop!!!

They sell things there that you want/need.

Look for Kayak Padz gel seat it fastens securely and will even powder your sensitive bottom for you.


minicell works great. We carve our seats from the minicell to match our…uh, seats, and the result is a custom-made, individualized, butt-formed cushion.


That’s it…
I’m tipping your boat over next time we go out… :wink:

1 inch thin enough?

Yakpads Gel Seat
I suffer from boney butt syndrome and have found the Yakpad gel seat [paddle saddle] to be very helpful. Mini-cell foam works great too, and costs a bunch less, but the gel seat really does the job for me.

Jackson Kayak Sweet Cheeks
A little pricey, but this has worked very well for me. I especially like the adjustability of this product.;jsessionid=0a0101441f437a3721f7212b489ab7b6912ef51e0ad4.e3eSc3uNaNuTe34Pa38Ta38Mbxr0

sweetcheeks are the best
but be careful about raising your center of gravity too much–can make the kayak tippy!

couple of other options

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In QCC 400, QCC 700 and Prijon Kodiak: out came the stock seating and padding; in went back bands (Rebecca eventually removed her back band and paddles happily without any back support) and using three large strips of Velcro and contact cement (to attach Velcro strips to cushion and seat pan) Seal Line Kayak Cushions (tractor seat shaped and readily available) to the seat pans. On my cushion I eventually added sticky back neo to the top to cut on slippage when wearing a dry suit. Trick is to MINIMALLY inflate the the cushion - same would be true for a Thermarest mattress.

In Enlightened kayaks T-16, replaced entire seat with a Seal Line Touring Seat Cushion (no longer manufactured after 2004, though you still get them if you look around) velcroed to the top of a shaped block of 1 in. minicell foam (which is actually about only 3/4 in thick). That entire foam cushion combo is covered with a water resistent wheelchair cushion cover that is secured to boat in a maner to prevent any possibility of entanglement. I like the removable feature that allow me to thouroughly dry out all seat components. Again MINIMAL inflation yields not only lower center of gravity but better butt support. The T-16 came with an OK back band stock.

Finally don't paddle with any gear, including a seat or back support, that has straps, long inflation tubes, etc. that could potentially entangle you during a wet exit or a re-entry. I had to cut an individual out of his seat cushion straps that were tethering his leg to his kayak and thus preventing him from seperating from the boat, after his botched surf landing.

I have been using a seat pad made for hunting. It is a foam pad that is about 1" thick and does not absorb water. I got them at Gander Mountain for about $5-6 each but have seen them elsewhere at sporting goods stores. They really help and as an added plus I bought mine in orange color so they can be used to signal with.