best canoe for dog

My first post so hello everyone.Im buying my first solo canoe and wondered which would be most suitable for a large canine passenger.It has to be fairly light as I will be carrying it alone and will be used mostly on lakes.Thanks.

Look at a Placid Boat Works
Rapidfire. I haven’t put my dog in it yet, but it looks like it will work.

I think…

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I think a little more information would assist those who may attempt to offer you suggestions:

How much do you weigh?
How much does the dog weigh?
How much time have you spent paddling a solo canoe? You have yourself listed as a beginner.
How much time has your dog spent in a solo canoe, or for that matter, in any canoe?
Is the dog a beginner too?
How well does your dog respond to your suggestions/directions/commands.

Not long ago I purchased (for about half price) 2 just like new, fairly expensive, solo canoes that were intended for use by 2 inexperienced paddlers, and their large, untrained dogs.

There was a lot of Sit.....Splash!
Lay down.......Splash!
No/ Sit......Splash!


Without more specifics
I will recommend the Bell Magic. I have been paddling one for over a year now, including one fully loaded trip to the Boundary Waters in Minnesota with my dog Grey (a 50 pound mix breed). Makes nice speed, quite stable empty and loaded, paddled in 1 foot or so waves, and never felt uncomfortable. Matter of fact ready to to it again real soon.

Wesd has a 70+ pound lab that he doesn’t want to chance in his Magic, though they did quite well in his Swift Shearwater.



dog in boat
Thanks for your suggestions.Im 6 ft 2ins weigh 16 stone my dog is 60lb american bulldog,loves the water and well behaved.Iv been looking at the old town predator,im a begginer.Im going to take a few lessons before venturing out.

small tandem?
I have tried several solo canoes with my 90 pound lab. Most have been fine as long as he stays still, but when he shifts his weight unexpectedly they are pretty unsatble. I now use a small tandem with modified seat placement which works great, In my case a Bell Northstar in kevlar which weighs in at less then 40 pounds.

Disagree completely…
…the absence of opposable thumbs gives them a

lousy stroke.

Nice visual.
I was able to completely envision those events while I read. Very entertaining. lol

My dog resembles those remarks too . . . .

Dog in canoe
I think I would choose a canoe that you would like as a solo canoe for yourself and then when you want to take your dog along attach a simple outrigger system which you can easily make yourself.

you have to buy them a dogpaddle

Has your dog mastered the J-Stroke, yet? If he has, can he teach me?

not exactly
but thats not his specilty… hes a boxer…lol

You put your dog in a harness.

You tie your front painter to the harness.

You put a hotdog on the end of your fishing pole.

The rest should be obvious.

I’ve found with three dogs you can almost plane.

Dog Boat
If you can find one, the Mad River Traveller is a good solo canoe, very seaworthy, that can handle a large dog or a kid.

Merlin Canoe Pal
Mitch, not sure how big your dog is. I paddle and trip with my Cairn in my Merlin II and he weighs around 20lbs. He will stand on the Gunwale (front Paws) if a critter gets his attention. I just am a bit more alert. The Merlin handles fine with him in the boat.

I would suggest going to a tandem…
A tandem will give you more versatility and

stability. I paddle sitting on a milk crate type

seat just behind the center thwart, and my dog is

just ahead of the center thwart on a piece of carpeting.

With this positioning, the dynamics of the canoe are still

intact for optimum forward momentum, and the dog is closeby.

There are a few mid-size tandems that will work

for you, and the selection depends on your experience and budget,

so I won’t suggest any.

Research, demo, and research. Good luck!

I agree…
I agree with mickjetblue.

I’d take a look at a few 15 foot tandems.

Use it as a solo boat, use it with your dog, use it with a partner. Versatility for day trips, overnight trips, multi-overnight trips. Carry as little, or as much gear as you need.

One I was seriously consider is NovaCraft’s 15 foot Bob’s Special.

I’d also take a serious look at several different companies Prospector models.


Bell Magic
My vote for Bell Magic, at least for a well-trained well-behaved medium-size dog.

I’ve paddled the Magic this summer with my Belgian Tervuren (55 pounds), and we both love it.

Earlier I used my tandem Wenonah Adirondack also solo with the dog, but the Magic is much easier to paddle especially in windy conditions. For a medium-size dog like mine there’s enough room, and because the canoe is more narrow than a tandem, he stays close to the centerline even when sleeping, i.e. it’s easier for me to paddle even when he shifts around.

He sits behind me for optimal trim; we usually don’t have lots of other load (mainly daytripping).

Some pictures:

mertzi (from Finland)

dog ahoy
We have the same car mate lol,nice pics.Thanks everyone for your suggestions.I can get a old town predator c 133 by mail order in uk for around 700 quid,anyone had one or know were i can get a review,cheers.I just like the look of them(typical novice).

best canoe for dog
I have a 52lb Belgian Malinois that I paddle with in my Wenenonah Prism. I find that the sliding seat helps in adjusting for the extra weight up front. I haven’t had any problems even in some pretty heavy wind driven waves and like the Bell Magic the slenderness of the canoe makes for an efficient solo stroke.