big guy boats

i am 6’5" 260lbs. i am looking for recommendations for a poly touring kayak. so far the only thing anyone has come up with is cd storm, or ws tsunami 175. is there anything else out there in the poly category for big guys? any feedback on the ws tsu.175 would be appreciated. any other recommendations poyl or glass are welcome.


qcc 500
Good boat.

Tsunami 175 is a big boat. You will have no problem fitting in unless you are just completely inflexible. I’ve demoed one and it is a good boat. Handles fine and paddles decently fast.

Ryan L.

not poly

I feel your pain
I’m a big guy too and just finished my shopping experience. Do you just want poly for the durability? When I was shopping I saw this video that turned my attention to Delta kayaks thermoformed ABS units.

Romany Excel
I’m 6’3 280 and the romany excel is a perfect fit, even some room to spare.

open minded
at this point i am open to all suggestions poly or otherwise. i have a hurricane kayak so yes i like thermoformed boats.

Eddyline Nighthawk 17

prijon kodiak

Try even ones not labeled as "big"
I am not that much smaller, and i have paddled some boats that i “shouldn’t” fit and i have found even some of the “big” boats aren’t really a good fit either and that you have to do some tweaking to suit you.

If you try them out, if they have removable thigh braces, you can take them out and brace under the deck on some models, or find a style of seat that is a bit lower profile, it can make all the difference.

I have tried some Boreal Design boats and although the seats are comfotable, they are bulky and can be hard to fit your legs around.

You might also try a Necky Looksha beyond the ones you already mentioned, it’s a decent sized boat.

Impex Assateague
And I have one for sale. On the classified board. Fiberglass.

thanks mom
But if you read the last line the op says poly or glass.

Ryan L.

Check the Delta cockpit size
14.5 and 15.5: 18" x 32.5"

16’ and 17’: 16" x 32.5"

I think the 16’ and 17’ definitely won’t fit you, and the 14.5 and 15.5 would be difficult in terms of the cockpit length.

However, thermoformed plastic is an excellent choice if it fits your budget.

I don’t see it on the classified board
even when I search for “Impex” or "Assateague

Weight ratings
After reading that manufacturers exaggerate their weight capacities and being close to 300lbs I found I really appreciated this website. They have a suggested paddler weight along side each boat model. I ended up buying a Tsunami 165 because being my first boat I didn’t to spend a lot or go too big. Hindsight, I should have gone big right off the bat.

Oops! Must’ve expired
I guess it expired. Email me if you’re interested. I’ll probably post it again in the spring. As you can tell, I’m not in any desperate hurry to sell it. If I do, I do. It’s a great boat, but more room than I need. Looking to get a Tahe Greenland T and if I sell it, that’s where the cash will go. Or to a strip build kit, in fact I would consider a trade for either of those options.

I have a list of them I am working on
Check out my boats for fat paddlers page at

I am trying to get them all listed there and eventually have pictures and descritions of what each but does well.


Wes Boyd’s old website, gotta love !!!

They also have free music downloads, but now I’m way off topic :slight_smile:

You could check out the Valley…
Aquanaut Poly HV. It is a great boat for larger paddlers and will fit you fine.


My recommendations
Delta 14 or 15

Nifty 430

Atlantis Titan

Seaward Chinook

P&H Capella would be an easy fit. Impex assateague has been mentioned.

Other possibles would be a North Shore Aspect RM ar a P&H Cetus HV.

Let me know when you want to give them a paddle.

See you on the water,


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