Big Guy Sea Kayaks - The List

Searching through, I noticed several threads for Big Guy Kayaks. Many of these threads are out of date with kayaks no longer on the market. None of these many threads bring together a comprehensive list of currently available boats for larger folks.

To that end, I have endeavored to put together a list of currently available sea kayaks for the larger paddler. Currently available means that the kayak must be currently in production by the manufacturer and available new. The definition of larger paddler is a little more difficult.

There are a few limitations I would put on “big”. First of all, tall does not mean “big”. Folks in the 6’-6’3" can probably fit into most kayaks with an otherwise regular body frame. Big Guys have some physical aspect of their body that specifically limits their fit in most kayaks. Excessively tall with long legs might be a factor whereas regular tall would not. For example, my being 6’1" tall does not qualify me as having a fitting issue with most kayaks. Having size 14 feet; however, is a sensationally difficult obstacle to over come in the fitting department. Add in larger than average thighs and now I have two fitting issues. Other such issues might include a big waste line, wide hips, or any other ‘larger than average’ feature that makes getting into and sitting in the cockpit of your average sized sea kayak extremely difficult.

With all that in mind, here is the list I came up with. Of course not all boats listed will fit every type of “big guy” issue. But many are reported to provide better fitting for folks with difficult fitting issues. I have not paddled every boat listed here so I can not personally vouch for all and have relied on and some other sources for some of the information. Please feel free to suggest additions and omissions (I am sure there are at least one or two boats on this list that should be removed). After some discussion here, I will make some adjustments and then publish a spreadsheet that includes details such as length, beam, rudder/skeg, and material.

Current Designs Solstice GT

Current Designs Solstice GT Titan

Current Designs Storm GT

Necky Eskia

Prijon Kodiak

QCC 700

QCC 500

Point 65 Sea Cruiser

Point 65 Sea Rover

Point 65 Sea Rover Pro Lite

Current Designs Gulfstream

Current Designs Sirocco

Eddyline Fathom

Eddyline Nighthawk 17.5

Hurricane Tracer

P&H Capella 173

P&H Quest

P&H Cetus

P&H Scorpio

P&H Capella 166 RM

Nigel Dennis Kayaks Explorer HV

Nigel Dennis Kayaks Romany XL

Nigel Foster Kayaks Shadow

Impex Assateague

Impex Serenity

Impex Force 5

Wilderness Systems Tempest 180 Pro

Valley Aquanaut HV



I hope this helps

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At 6'2" and 220...I mean 216...215...212...210 (been on an exercise kick and am losing weight), I recently went through a similar exercise. I found this chart online ( helpful for a few models that are also on your list.

Good luck!

I suggest the Seda Glider
At #245 I was surprised at how comfortable I felt in this boat, with a little seat time. Not quite the room of my Assateague. The guy who let me test paddle it is tall with big feet, and enjoys the boat too.


Valley Skerry Excel (or XL)

Valley Aquila

Necky Narpa

Mariner I

Mariner Exppress EX

NW Pursuit HV

NW Discover HV

Aquaterra/Perception Chinock

WS Sealution XL (or II I forget)

some aren’t made anymore but you can find them used

Google Wes Boyd, some of his old “kayaks for bug guys” is posted on another web site now.

I suggest a solo canoe.
lots of choices. Never worry about comfort again.

I think we used to call "big"

A canoe
is not a sea kayak. You are off topic.

Looking for currently available new only for the purposes of this list per the description above. Will add any of these yaks that are available new but most look like older models. If you could link these models to a new equivalent, that would be helpful for purposes of demoing which was the reasoning behind new only.

Wes Boyd’s site is retained on a limited basis on the internet archive. Which web site are you referencing that has his old data. Probably out of date unless it has been kept up to date by someone else. Essentially, the purposes of the spreadsheet I am creating is to bring the old Wes Boyd style info back up to date. In other words, this is not just for my information as I already have a short list, but rather I am seeking public info for a resource I would like to release.


Now it is called
phat with a ph. Fat is one component of ‘big’. So is big feet, long legs, and large thighs. Thanks for not contributing to the thread! I appreciate your lack of input very much.

vote removal of force 5
it is very narrow.

As a big guy…
I say keep the Force on the list. I have sat in it comfortably, but have not paddled it yet. My 5’10", 245lb frame fit snuggly into it.


force 5 is OK for feet under 14
I have 15 and it is too snug a fit for the feet with barely anything on. 13 would be fine, 14 - may be. Otherwise for 6’4" it is OK but I’m on the low end of the weight scale for my height -:wink:

I’m 6’3’’ about 190 now and use the older Capella 169.

My hips are pretty wide at 15.5’’

But I’m at the upper limits of that boat. It’s only 22 ‘’ wide and has a very narrow bow (older model) so it’s less stable.

The Force 5 is real narrow, at 20.5. I would think that would be more of an advanced kayak being that narrow.

My uncle has an Explore HV. He is about 240 or so about your height. He tested the Vally’s and a lot of others and decided the Explorer HV fit him the best.

He has a lot more experience, but the beam is just under 22’’, still very narrow if you are a large beginner.

The Capella 174 is huge. the 167 is probably too small , even though you might fit inside the cockpit.

A 22’’ wide boat would be more of an intermediate boat, especially for someone your size. Good if you can progress into it, but too narrow if you can’t use it at all.

Thanks for your thoughts
As noted up above, this is not just a list for me. I have already limited the list to maybe a half dozen possible boats and half the boats on the list, including the Force5, I have no interest in. This posting was not for my benefit, I already have all the info I need for my demoing (and eventually purchasing) needs.

Conflicting reports…
on the Force5. Nothing I am interested in but it seems like an option for a big guy that wants a long and fast boat with a performance fit. Not going to fit every big guy but it seems like it may fit some? Any other votes for removal or supporting votes? If you vote against, are you voting against because it doesn’t fit your big guy frame or because you think it would be a tough fit for almost any big guy regardless of specific fit problems?

Another thread just reminded me…
that I should probably add the Venture Easky 17 (formerly the Skye) which was seen good fit reports from bigger guys.

Force 5
At 5’ 11" and 240 lbs, 10 1/2 shoe I fit the Force 5 very, very well. It is fast (w/terrific glide), comfortable and responsive. It would be one of the first on any big guy list I put together, especially for more experienced paddlers.

big guy boats
You should add the Hurricane Santee 140 Expedition which has front/rear bulkheads and nice deck lines and seating.A smaller, wider sea kayak if you will. My husband has let a good number of big guys paddle his Tracer and he says the one’s that are top heavy (as in big tummys and chests) seem to find the Tracer very unstable. While the tall and big guys with more proportionate weight distribution do fine. So how your weight is hung on your bones may have more to do with how kayaks feel than just a weight number? I’m small and at the other end of boat fitting but it’s cool you’re putting an updated list together!

6’1" and 240 lbs with size 12’s, I find that my Valley Nordkapp fits like a glove.

People paddling too big of a boat is a mistake I commonly see.

you must be new around here
That’s what I do. If I weren’t overweight, I might feel bad.