blackhawk canoe identification

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I recently purchased a Blackhawk canoe and need a little information about it. It is 15'9" long, 31 1/2" wide at the seat and weighs about 40#. The last 2 digits on the serial # is 94, so I believe that is the year it was made. I was wondering what model it is and how much is it worth? Also it needs some fiberglass work to make it seaworthy, what is the best way to patch some of the cracks?

I can't load any pictures, but found a pic of one that looks exactly the same


Old BlackHawk
The StarShip was 15’10" but my records indicate 28" wide.

Phil made a couple combi boats, one a Shadow series, another a touring series hull, but I don’t have dimensions. Obviously they would have been wider than the solo boats, and one might have been rigged with a solo seat.

Value of any un-inspected boat is pretty iffy. A Fiberglass hull needing repair is even more questionable. What shape are the rails/thwarts/seat of this 19 year old boat in? What needed hull repair? etc.

Maybe $300 if it can be paddled? Less if not.

Blackhawk canoe…
Will get back to you later this afternoon w/ info.

Going to test paddle 2 canoes now.


If it’s a solo, could be a Starship

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Although as Charlie pointed out there were other models of similar length and width which could have been set up as solo. Can you provide a picture?

BTW, I just found a Facebook page for Blackhawk Canoes that was started in February:

Apparently someone has bought the molds and they are trying to start production again! Does anyone know anything about this?

Blackhawk reborn? That would be
Interesting, especially with modern carbon/kevlar construction for lighter and tougher hulls.

Blackhawk canoe…

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3 likely suspects:

Blackhawk Shadow SS Special
Length: 15' 8"
Width: at gunwales 27 inches

Blackhawk Combi
Length: 15' 9"
Width: at gunwales 29 1.2 inches

Blackhawk Starship
Length: 15' 10"
Width: at gunwales 28 inches

The Combi usually has 3 seats. If the center seat has been removed, it would be easy to see where it had been mounted.

The Starship has a unique stern deck treatment; it may also have a unique seating set up(called the Integrated Component System). A seat can be slotted into, or removed from this system, and the seat placed at different heights.

The Shadow SS Special is a very pretty canoe "in my opinion". It is unique in that you seldom see that model. I have only seen 2 of them in the last 10 years, and one of those is mine.

Posting a couple of photos of your Blackhawk would be really helpful in identification.


Blackhawk reborn?

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There are only 4 Blackhawks, "in my opinion" that would be worth the effort:

Shadow SS Special

I don't see Blackhawks rising from the ashes like a phoenix. I wouldn't give up my original Ariel, Zephyr, or SS Special, and I damn sure wouldn't pay 3, 4 or 5 times what I paid for them, no matter what layup they use. I don't care if vestal virgins make them, and the gunwales are made of wood from Noah's ark.



Wood from Noah’s ark?
Well Bob, maybe. If it can be verified.

B H Redux
Re-establishing BlackHawk would be a heavy lift. The line is diverse with one twitchy tandem, two combi boats and seven solos, the StarShip, Ariel and Shadow SS filling the same niche.

Phil was an innovative trim designer but those innovations arrived piecemeal, differing from boat to boat. The Blackhawk array did not share common trade dress.

BlackHawk was lost competitiveness in the early 90’s the apogee of the solo canoe. It would be difficult to kick start that failed line in a market focused on rotomolded rec boats and SUP boards.

I wouldn’t mind watching the virgins
do the layup. However, their status may be even more difficult to verify.

Redux II

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Actually there was more than one Blackhawk tandem.
1. Phantom
2. Watersmeet

And there was more than 7 solos.
1. Shadow 11'7"
2. Shadow 13'
3. Shadow 14'6"
4. Shadow SS Special 15'8"
5. Ariel
6. Zephyr
7. Starship
8. Covenant
9. Nighthawk(outfitted w/pedestal) aka Fishhawk(outfitted w/ wood/cane seat.
10. Proem

Additionally, a model called the Kittyhawk was offered for sale in 1988(other years?). It was 12'2" in length. The Nighthawk & Fishhawk had the same hull, 13'3" in length.

I have also seen a listing in 1992 of a Blackhawk called a Pro Star. I believe this to be nothing more than an adaptation(minor changes in depths) of the Starship.


Not a problem for me
As long as they have nicely formed pecs and abs and nice tight little buns, are topless and wearing cute little running shorts, and are not too hairy, doesn’t matter if they’re virgins or not. I can still enjoy the view. Also don’t care where the wood came from either.

Alas, the Vestals were female

Tks for the correction, I guess …
I think I must have confused vestal virgins with wastrel virgins.


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I owned a Covenant and two Proems, one Kevlar, but they are Pat Moore designs and probably unavailable to resurrectionists. Phil dropped them when Pat drew the Reveries.

Kitty Hawk, Night Hawk and Fish Hawk, a NH with cane seat, were Bob Brown designs lodged between Pat's and Phil's own designs, hence probably not acceptable to those dedicated to ascension either. Phil replaced them with the much improved Shadow series.

What dimensions do you have for Watersmeet? For that matter, what dimensions do you have on the lot, mine are pretty sketchy.

Good wood?
I am satisfied with the ash and/or mahogany wood trim on my Blackhawks.

If I had wood verified as being part of Noah’s ark; I’d be happy to let Sothebys handle the sale…to the highest bidder.

I’m pretty sure it would be a lot more fun frittering away the proceeds of the sale on canoes, motorcycles, and a Shelby Cobra than owning a piece of bibilical memorabilia.

Vestal virgins: I’m pretty sure I can live without them too. They’re probably high maintenance…


Don’t sound like your type either
Here’s what I copied from Wikepedia regarding vestal virgins. I don’t think they appreciate canoeing, motorcycles, fast cars and I suspect your basic philosophies of life would clash.

“In ancient Roman religion, the Vestals or Vestal Virgins (Vestales, singular Vestalis), were priestesses of Vesta, goddess of the hearth. The College of the Vestals and its well-being was regarded as fundamental to the continuance and security of Rome. They cultivated the sacred fire that was not allowed to go out. The Vestals were freed of the usual social obligations to marry and bear children, and took a vow of chastity in order to devote themselves to the study and correct observance of state rituals that were off-limits to the male colleges of priests”

Watersmeet dimensions…

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Length: 16'9"
Width: Gunwales 35.5" Waterline 30"
Depth: Bow/Center/Stern 24"/15"/21"
6" Freeboard capacity: 1,100 lb.
Weight: Silver layup: 69 lb.
Gold layup: 57 lb.

An all-round tandem: for tripping, touring, day paddle, family canoe.
Standard with walnut decks, contrasting mitered outwales, and contoured portage yoke.

Source: Blackhawk catalog.

P.S. I am currently seeking a Blackhawk Covenant.
Recently purchased little used, excellent condition Proem; saved it from obscurity of long time storage. Thinking it may offer some unique photo ops to those standing on shore; when brave volunteers decide to "give it a go".


Information filled thread

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Hopeful that OP isn't feeling that his original questions aren't being addressed as well as possible by several very knowledgeable board members and he or she doesn't feel thread's his or her thread has been high-jacked/jilled. My first intro to Blackhawk canoes was seeing PJC paddling his beautiful BH on the Wisconsin R. A sight to see.

The names of the various models is what has really struck me.

Arial, a spirit in Shakespeare's play the Tempest, bound to the magician Prospero as his eyes and ears as an honor obligation after Prospero rescued her from the trees where she'd been imprisoned. Also, earlier,
Arial is in Book of Isaiah in the Bible; name means "Lion of God." More currently, Arial is Disney "Little Mermaid" with her long, deep red locks who hangs around with a fat little fish.

The Shadow is a character from 1930's pulp magazine series: crime-fighting vigilante with psychic powers and then a radio show of the 50's: "The Shadow knows."

Zephyr: a light or west wind or Greek god of west wind.

Starship: interstellar spacecraft or ref to Jefferson SS: band from 1070s which contained members from Jefferson Airplane. Those old enough know about them.

Covenant: legal and biblical for an agreement or pact.

Nighthawk: a nocturnal bird in the nightjar family with small feet, long pointy wings, having voracious appetites for insects and known for jerky flight. Fishhawk: sometimes name for an osprey.

Phantom: traditionally a ghost, a physical manifestation of the soul or spirt.

Proem: preface, preamble, prelude; from Greek: pro + oime meaning song.

Watermeet: a Township in Gogebic County, UP Michigan near the Wisconsin border. ??

Does anyone know the Blackhawk Co. owner(s) personally and personality?