blackhawk canoe identification

Can get it from Ohio to Chicago in Sept

Appreciate assistance offers…

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Bought these 4 canoes in the past couple of months:
Mad River Screamer
Blackhawk Proem
Clipper Prospector
Wenonah Moccasin

There is currently "no room in the canoe manger", and I think the Covenant price is too high.


P.S. My Ariel might be available one day. Most likely you'd be dealing with my wife, and daughter, or the executor of my estate.

The Proem as I have it now has no pedestal, you know…

It has a sliding cane seat with a back (that mounts to the rails) that the owner used with a kayak paddle.

Thanks Pat…

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Yikes! You didn't get the pedestal !!!
You left part of the Proem "in the barn" !!!

Just kiddin' Pat............
I have a new/never used, Pat Moore pedestal I received in boot on a canoe deal several years ago. It will be going into the Proem.


Does that pedestal slide on tracks
or attach with velcro?

One of my Flashfires has tracks for a pedestal to slide in.

Pedestal attachment
It attaches will velcro.

Am thinking about mounting a regular wood/cane seat in the Proem, but also putting down the velcro strips for the pedestal, so there are 2 seating options with only minor effort.


Hello thebob.
I also have a blackhawk I would like help identifying.
can you contact me?

Gillhunter I sent an email re: blackhawks