Blackhawk "Nighthawk" Canoe

I just finished rebuilding this “BlackHawk Nighthawk”.
I found the boat at a pawn shop a couple of years ago and it was in pretty rough shape. I did some research to find the model and I’d like to confirm its correct.
I repairs a few scratches and repainted over the original gel coat.
Replaced gunnels and thwarts all with mahogany stock.
Looking for some feedback.
Thanks much

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Too difficult to access your photos

Yep. I believe you have to log in to access those pictures.

Did but google says access denied

I’m logged in to google, but it won’t let me view the photos… You likely have to change the sharing permissions to allow anyone with the link to view. (Otherwise, it’s by invite only, and you’d have to add the google account of every person who wants to look at them.)

My apologies to those trying to access photos unsuccessfully.
Not my area of expertise.
Please try this link:

I can say with some degree of assurance that you do indeed have a Blackhawk Nighthawk, and you most definitely do have some good wood working skills.
She is “looking good”!

Hopefully you can find a place that can reproduce some “look like original” labels. I’m lucky, having a place near me who can do that, and they do it cheaply.

About the boat in general; it is certainly not a rock stable platform for a new paddler, but is fine in comparison to a Blackhawk Proem. The Nighthawk starts firming up some after you have some seat time in it. . Manueverability and speed are generally good but it is a wet boat on high class 2.

My Nighthawk is pictured.

Blackhawk Nighthawk

Don’t know what other feedback you’re seeking?

My apologies.
I can fix boats, but posting the photos is not my forte.
I went back in and I think I have fixed the problem.
Please let me know if its still not viewable.

Sorry, I’m a hack at listing photos etc.
I just fix the boats.
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Its also relisted in the thread

I believe I have fixed the problem.
My apologies.
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Thanks much Bob.
No, that was pretty much what I was looking for.
I found this little boat, forsaken at a pawn shop. Gunnels were shot and hull was in pretty rough shape. I am not sure yet whether to keep it or sell it?
I have a MR Independence that rebuilt a few years ago, and 2 MR Malecites.
I just could pass it up sitting there at this pawn shop and the guy had no idea what it was.
It looks like a great little flat-water boat.
I debated cutting out the pedestal and replacing it with a seat, but I figured that it was a unique feature, and didn’t want to mess with it.
If I decide to post it for sale, any thoughts on what a boat like that would be worth?
Also, getting in and out of it smoothly looks like it could be a little tricky…
Thanks much.

For got to mention:
The “BLACKHAWK” decal on your boat that you mentioned … was that a standard feature on these? Mine didn’t have it. Just the logo on the bow and stern.

Bob is correct…is a Nighthawk and you have done a great job giving her an update!!

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Very nice work Tim!

Sharp looking stands too!

If I were you; I wouldn’t touch that pedestal. I would leave the boat/pedestal as is. I view it as a rather unique little canoe, and think it should be left as is.

It is a fun little flatwater solo; great for exploring shallow, narrow streams and rivers, Entering and exiting is best done with the boat parallel to the shore, and stepping into it(slowly) one foot at a time(in center of bilge/in front of pedestal). Both hands on gunwales for balance also helps. If you have bow or stern in shallow water,the other end on shore, and try to step in quick, and off center…you’ll probably get wet. Slow and easy is best!

The label on my canoe(Blackhawk in very large letters) had a story with it; whether true or false I have no idea. Supposedly, Phil Sigglekow took the boat to boat demo days, and wanted paddlers on shore to know it was a Blackhawk. Sounded possible to me…I left labels as found.
Boat was found in Madison, Wisconsin; very close to the Blackhawk operation.
Have never seen such large lettering on a Blackhawk before, and trust me; I have seen a “lot” of Blackhawks. I’ve owned at least 10 of them at one time, and still have quite a few. I particularly like the Blackhawk SS Special, Ariels, and Zephyrs.

One of the prettiest canoes I’ve ever seen is a Blackhawk Ariel, I sold to my good friend (PJC(on pnet). He was the only person I trusted to care for such a beauty. When I sold it, I had 2 Ariels, which had been owned by a husband and wife in Illinois; stored in dry basement for years, and used perhaps 3 times. I think they just liked to “look at them”. The blue Ariel was one of them.

As to pricing your Nighthawk; don’t know how others feel about it, but I would be prepared to pay you $600.00 for yours today, if you were in a reasonable driving distance from me. Love it with that woodwork job you did!!! Most paddlers do NOT care for Blackhawks as much as I do…I would not be too quick to turn it loose; you may never find another one…and they ain’t making any more of them.
If you do decide to sell; give me a holler!!!


I agree with Bob, I’d estimate it’s worth $500-600 and I believe I’ve seen two go for about that amount in the last few years. It’s not even listed in the Blackhawk brochure I have. I think it’s a low volume boat meant for smaller people. I’ve never seen the huge lettering on any other Blackhawk but Bob’s although many have an awesome Blackhawk decal on the side. Yours is an early Blackhawk as indicated by the Canoe Specialists decal. I also agree that it’s best to leave the pedestal to maintain originality and also to help the paddler stay in the middle and out of the water.

![Blackhawk logo|666x500]Zephyr in maroon color and wood trim upload://4iRT7MJdU72i37PNAsMsQiuEp0V.jpeg) Starship by Blackhawk Top to bottom  Blackhawk Starship, Ariel, and Zephyr Here are some of the Blackhawk logos I’ve seen on Blackhawks I’ve seen offered for sale, or ones I’ve purchased in the past.Blackhawk insignia Blackhawk logo Nighthawk

I apologize for any photos I loaded twice, but am “just gonna let em ride”.



Before I paddled with a dog I paddled a Zephyr for years. Everything else I tried felt like a pig. A friend recently bought a (Kevlar) Zephyr and I got a chance to paddle it. I fell deeply in love again instantly. As a bonus it had maple thwarts and carry handles that just glowed. Oh my. I do want another Zephyr, with a fixed seat because the adjustable seat takes up space in a small boat. I’d be willing to travel to grab a nice Zephyr although I do know a guy with three (3!!!) that are never paddled. I’m trying to thin down my little fleet and am selling my Blackhawk Combi 15.8 and recently sold my Shadow SS but hey Zephyrs don’t take up much space.

Bravo on the recondition! Such a beautiful boat, I’m glad I don’t live anywhere near you as I’d feel the need to talk you out of it.

I already own TomL’s old Shadow SS Special (I agree with Bob, a lovely boat), now you guys need to help talk my S/O into letting me sneak his Combi into the garage (and help fund it? Paddling shops don’t pay too well!).

Those old Bob Brown designs are on the list for ownership later in life, thanks so much for showing off a neat boat!