Bow shots

I’ll be first…

I’m good with a couple of “bow” or “paddle” shots in an album… just to prove that you were, indeed, kayaking. But does it not drive you nuts when every picture has a bow or a paddle in it? It’s not hard to position your boat, turn, and pull your paddle out of the way to get a beautiful shot of the unobstructed scenery .

Here’s one. Leigh Lake. Grand Teton NP

Here’s one taken by my paddling partner (Dave Resler) in Brooks Bay

Chuck, you should post the second photo over on the advice board, the thread that ohioguy started about his concern about putting his boat in cold water.

Here are two, if I’ve figured this out at all. The first is actually a stern shot, but it’s the natural view one gets when in a rowboat.

Housatonic river delta at high tide in Milford CT

Driving over the Mackinaw Bridge!

Outrigger canoe on LIS outside Milford, CT harbor New years day 2016

Islands off Port Clyde, ME and Eagleville Dam, Willimantic River in CT

Forked Lake, ADKs

William C Whitney WIlderness, ADKs

The scenery near home isn’t spectacular, and it’s sometimes more interesting with a kayak in it.
Wharf ruins:

Land flooded for marsh restoration:

Pacheco Creek:

This last photo might have been better without a bow shot:

(These were posted at, hence the watermarks.)

Even a cloudy day has it’s beauty.

Housatonic delta in Milford CT at low tide (just missed catching the takeoff of 9 white egrets )!

Apostle Islands

Nov 30 Kachemak Bay

Mangrove. Wabasso, Florida