Broke my Kayak

So there I was at the end of a nice paddle, day-dreaming about Tilley hats, tossing my orange peels into the river, and publicly mocking the nearby rec-boaters.

I swung my large southern frame around side saddle to get out of my plastic slab (SOT) and I hear a big crack. I look around to see if GK is hacking up a log karate style and then seeing that was not the case look down at my seat to discover than my 1 year and 1 week old boat is exposing it’s gray thing to the world in broad daylight.

My first boat is dead.

Life is short when you’re a plastic slab. Too short if you ask me

At least I had my hatch cover secured.


it cracked completely in half?
wonder how often that happens (before they get old)?

Probably a defect…I’d certainly be talking to the folks you bought it from…seems to me the manufacturer should at least give you a hefty discount on a replacement.

Plastic is supposed to be resilient. I have photos of a canoe (a cheapo Coleman IIRC) that had literally been folded around a tree…within minutes it straightened back out & the nasty dent popped back out…not quite “good as new” cosmetically but fully serviceable.

Sad story
I agree that there must have been some defect in your yak.

Jim, I think that you “summarized” every recent discussion in less than 200 words. Very clever! :wink:

Now, about that gray thang . . . . . .

were you wearing your pfd?

Good one Jim!
Can I have one of your hatch covers?


I constantly flop my 235# into my Tarpon and haven’t heard a crack or seen a gray thing.

see?? shouldn’t wear a pfd
obviously that was the straw that broke the camel’s back—if you didn’t have it on, your boat wouldn’t have that crack. As an attorney I would advise you to bring a lawsuit against the pfd manufacturer

Sorry to hear about…
Your nasty crack…

And one week past the Year mark means the manufacturer will probably deny any warranty claim, unless they publish other info claiming longer warranty coverage.

Good Luck,


talk to Flatpick
he claims there was/is a recall on Tarpons related to the seat area.

So, you have advice? Or what’s your

How big is the crack?
If you could post some photos, you might get more specific advice from the crew.

Roto-molding is not an exact process and it is possible to get thin spots which fail. If so, that’s a manufacturing defect and you should talk to them.

A couple of our heavily-used Cobra Tourers developed cracks in the seat area. My husband repaired them with some poly scrap, a heat gun & a spoon. Then put a closed-cell foam support underneath.

It’s God’s way of telling you,
stop throwing your orange peels in the water

So Jim
Post some pictures of your crack here on p-net.

Envyabull is probably gloating
over your misery.

Brace yourself for his rant…


That arnt it
Twas a snake that jumped in the cockpit with ya that broke 'er back. Violent, aggressive snakes, every last one! Next time, carry a gun tah shoot 'em with.


My crack
Didn’t break in half, just several cracks along the back of the seat area that reveal the support posts. I don’t think there’s anything supporting the seat at all now.

Probably a mfg defect – contacting Native (it’s the last year that LiquidLogic made the Manta Ray). I think both companies have lifetime warranties against mfg defects, so since I ain’t dead, it ought to be covered…

I did have my PFD on, but not secured – I’m lucky to be alive I guess. :wink: I did have an Altoid tin in my PFD and that’s what pushed it just over the edge. I’m suing the Altoid people – someone find OJs lawyers for me… (not the dead one please).

Andy, small hatch cover or large? I’ll get it boxed up for ya!

Flatpick is a WS guy, the Manta Ray is made by Native. I’ve got an email for a guy named Obie that was handling this kind of stuff last year. Failing that I’ll head over to contact them directly.

My advice is “don’t break your boat” and my question is “Why does g2d feel the need to police the forums?” My suggestion is “Let it go dude, just let it go.”

Dead God, are tangelo peels okay to toss in the water? No? How about tangerine peels?

I’ll get some pictures tonight or tomorrow.

Envyabull can kiss my big ol’ crack. :wink:

Anyway, I appreciate the sympathy and everyone’s genuine concern about my crack. I’ll let you all know where I put the pictures of it so you can check it out for yourselves and see just how big a crack I have.

jim ( ))

It’s only a crack

Mine is cracked to but mine broke going over a 12 LHD (low head dam) and I’m still alive.

I’ll take a pic of mine and post it and we’ll see who has the biggest crack?

Paddlin’ on


OMG! Crack Pictures!
What has this site devolved into where we have men sharing pictures of their cracks! We don’t want to see your gray thangs…

We are still talking
about cracks in our boats right? I don’t want to compare posterior anatomical features with someone who is well known to eat beanie-weenies on a regular (or should I say “irregular”) basis.

I’ll put my boat crack up against anyones. I assume length is more important than width in this comparison? Whip out your tape measure and we’ll see whose is longer.

We are still talking about boat cracks right?