camp cookware?

So far I have been surviving off of cookware that consists of two pots and a coffee pot. One spoon and a bowl.

I’m looking to upgrade. What do you use??

1 six qt dutch oven, and one kettle. The dutch oven is made by Lodge, you can use it as an oven…use it with the top off as a pot, and use the lid turned over as a fry pan. The kettle is just for coffee and tea (as well as for boiling drinking water).

holy cow
does your mess kit weigh 100 lbs?

My entire gear probably weighs what that cast pot does.

camp cook
Check out the BANKS fry pan. Google it. I use mine for canoe, or kayak camping. Get more use then just cooking. I can bake, fry, make flapjack, bisquits… as well, everything in the kitchen fits inside for transport to include my stove. Can use it in the fire or ontop of cookstove.

A dutch oven only weight 15 to 20 lbs. Is that a lot? I store a rag, oil, spices, salt, and a small med kit inside it.

I use a GSI cookset
but its no longer made…the closest would be the Pinnacle backpacker.

Look at these from Campmor…A bail handle is more practical than a pot grabber handle…ever tried to grab a pot and send it sliding off the stove? The GSI I have has etched concentric circles on the bottom to “grab” the stove but I am not crazy about detatchable potlifters.

You need…
Sounds like you need to add a knife to your kit.

Otherwise, sounds like you’ve got everything you need.

Unless you’re performing on Top Chef Goes Paddling what you have sounds just fine. I usually clean camp utensils with sand and water. You’d hate to scratch up a $100 titanium teflon investment. If your pots and pans don’t have holes you’ve got just what you need.


I do have a knife
never leave home without it. I actually carry two with when I paddle, a 3 blade stockman by Case, and a AG Russel sheath knife (can’t recall the name right off the top of my head).

Yes, I do think 15-20 lbs is a lot.

at least for one item. I think everything I travel with, except food would weigh in less than that one pot. Not to diss your choice, Cast iron is great cookwear, but too heavy for travel.

Your kit sounds about perfect. What are you hoping to get out of your upgrade?

To answer your question, what I use depends a lot of I’m by myself. Usually, I’m not. Ten years ago I bought a non-stick, aluminum cook set from Walmart for $12. I took off the handles, threw them away, set aside the fry pan, and nested the three pots inside each other, and that’s what I use. A plastic cup fits inside the smallest pot, which I use to measure and to ladle hot water into my insulated mug. I carry a couple spoons. Often I actually cook (spags, rice, beans)Sometimes I cook from fresh veggies and will bring a small cutting board and kitchen knife.

If I am in the kayak, the biggest pot usually stays home. I used to carry an espresso maker, but lately have just been carrying instant coffee. Not really coffee, but a nice hot drink.

So I can see your “upgrade” heading in either of two directions: use instant and ditch the coffee maker, or switch out the coffee pot for an espresso maker.


I’m mostly wondering
if there are really great pots etc out there that people are using. I see titanium, aluminium, cast iron, nickle, etc. Is there anything anyone has used that really beat out the enamel pots and pans, or plain ol’ aluminium pans?

So far I am pretty happy with my two pots and a percolator setup, it does everything I need. It’s all what one might call “junk” though. Should I even consider the fancy stuff, or just cook my mac and cheese in whatever holds water, doesn’t burn, and cost very little? My meals consist of stuff like Rice a Roni, Zatarains Rice and Beans, mac and cheese, oatmeal, boiled eggs, all supplemented by copious amounts of tea or coffee.

I like regular enameled or aluminum
pots, but I have a GSI teflon frying pan and a BIG stainless coffee cup that I really like.

it sounds like your set-up is perfect
for your needs. Rice a Roni, rice and beans, mac and cheese, oatmeal, boiled eggs–enamel or anodized aluminum work fine. When you say it’s all “junk”, that’s just that “keeping up with the Jones’s” tendency in all of us showing through. You answered your own question: if it works, it works. Now, that all said, I’m a fine one to talk because I’ve got the fancy anodized aluminum teflon pot, titanium, etc. But that’s because when I got into it I bought into the hype. Don’t do that in other parts of my life (we must be the last people in America to have a “old fashioned” simple TV; I eat sack lunches; ride my bike to work; our kids have no cell phones and sleep two to a room, etc.) More power to you if you stick with what you’ve got. It sounds like simply a question of happiness. If you want something else, get something else. But the beanie weenies don’t need the validation.

Kelly kettle
I’ve wanted one for years, although never enough to actually buy one.

A Spork!
Capn, a spork or two in your favorite color(s). Spoon & fork w. a diagonal edge for light cutting too. Sturdier than fast food plastic. Relatively cheap & easy to find.

A great way to ADD weigh to your kit
Is to add one of these fry pans. Really almost a dutch ovem w/o the lid.


Interesting. you sound like us. (no cell phone kids, no cable, etc. Where are you located/

Works great
I’ll second the bank frybake pan, have made many great meals in these. Very durable as well…

Cookset I swear by
The best purchase I’ve made. GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Backpacker Cookset. They have a lot of models but I loved this one. Bought it from REI and wrote a review about it.

Just put an updated review on my site. Amazon has the same one at a cheaper price.

My review:

those pot grippers are a pain
with a lightly loaded pot. If GSI just put bails on their pots life would be so much better.