Camping chair

What is your favorite chair for paddle camping?

Folding closed-cell foam ones
Crazy Creek, ThermaRest, and others make these. Lots of variations in size and features. Some can be used as your sleep pad.

I wish I’d bought a BrittleStar instead, though. They take the seat to its next step and put fasteners on the back so it can be used as a foam paddle float as well as a folding camp chair. See their ads in WaveLength magazine.

Therma Rest

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I've got the therma-rest seat. It's just a sleeve sort of thing you slip your mattress in, you need to get the full mattress. Actually got it for backpacking,(it was my one official "luxury item" in my backpack,) pretty light and you're already carrying the mattress. I don't know if I was thinking kayaking that I would have gone that way, not so worried about weight. It is a very comfortable seat, and it rolls up pretty small.

this one

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Fits thru the rear hatch......

Stay away from this one

I order it and sent back in 5 minutes.

What a piece of crap!!!


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to many of my backpacker friends have said the same thing.....

Ditto Ditto
I lusted for one until I saw one in the flesh. Mini chair! Perfect for four year olds.

The Brittlestar is a neat concept, but even with the favorable US-Can exchange rate I believe it is around U$80. My old Crazy Creek will do just fine.

For car camping, i love my Travel Chair mesh unit. Cool.


GCI Trail Sling Chair
I heard there was a known problem with the legs bending. On another board some said call the manufacturer for replacement.

For the money 5 to 10 bucks

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this is a very good ultra light camp chair that packs down very small. Dick's has them in Realtree camo on sale now for less than 10 dollars. As seen in this photo...

I've looked high and low for the perfect camp chair. I don't think sitting on the ground with a folding air pad is the way to go.

This two piece Byer comes close, very compfy but it's still low to the ground. Well made but not compact and a bit much. I've seen them priced as low as 36 bucks but you could make one easily.

This one
if you have room to haul it like I have.

Buy the optional shade cover, too.


On the Hunt Too

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I have a callapsible chair like the REI version that N.T. linked to that I like very much. It looks like this
and is from this store, but is the Mountain Tek brand, which is a store brand I believe. These are not all created equally. Some don't seem to fit me in the shoulders and some just don't hold up. I had one sans the arm rests that I picked up at Walley World years ago for like 4 bucks. It was cheap but comfy. A friend who at the time was even heavier than my 220# crunched it in camp a couple of years back.

The one I like so much now is currently at camp with my daughter. Thus, I'm looking for a new one :-). Whole Earth Provisions had a bunch of nice ones to check out. All the really handy, highly packable ones just didn't feel comfy or look quite sturdy enough for the type of use it'll get from my family and friends. I saw a Coleman that looked fairly big and sturdy at one place and may go back after it.

Ask Lonestarkayaker…

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...what kind mine is; it was a gift from her. Best chair I've ever had. Comfortable and doesn't protest about holding up my 260 lb weight. Here's a couple of pics. Pretty sharp looking too! WW

You are right about that…
some of the bargan basement chairs are extremely uncomfortable and even hard to get out of,usually the ones with the beer holder arm rests,and some are way too heavy.

Omigod nando you look marvelous!
absolutely marvelous.

That one seems to have passed the comfort test :-).

I think Terry wins
He sure does look comfortable in that one. Mine from REI looks similar and has lasted three years so far.

Aside from chairs that break easily, I don’t like those chairs with widespread armrests and footrests. They take up too much room around the fire :slight_smile:

Great chair!
I bought this one but it wouldn’t fit thru the rear hatch… :frowning:

We like our Dick’s cheapo folding
chairs in a bag. We left them at base camp this trip and discovered that our canoes could have hauled them easily. Next time, we bring them. Definitely not backpack or portage worthy, but that’s not an issue for us.

Child’s Chair from Wal-Mart
fits even my ample Goddess-sized bottom. $4.99. It fits nicely in my boat bag, and is very comfortable despite the appearance that it was designed for an elf. Even though I have a regular chair for base camping, I frequently use this one instead because it is so compact and comfortable.

River Goddess

Yup, That’s One Comfortable Chair
I need to find out where Barb picked it up. Dick (rhow) has one just like it. WW