Can someone please help me.

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I did some free work for the old neighbors and when they moved they left me a kayak and said originally it was worth about $3000. I have never kayaked before and told this is way to advanced of a kayak for me to start in. It is a 17' wood sea kayak? Anyone have a ballpark figure of how much I should try to sell it for?
I don't know how to post pictures on this message?
Link has pics.

Where are you located?
It’d probably be faster for someone to recommend a dealer or outfitter nearer you.

are you lucky or what!!!
It was free work and you now possess a free kayak. I would start with a class and then proceed to acclimate/train to use the kayak which is often of the like of an up-grade for many. It may be a Chesapeake Light Craft or a Pigmy boat. You are halfway there by being on this site. Wish you the best- wear your life vest. Keep us posted…

I don’t think you can post pictures, only links to pictures posted elsewhere. As far as value unless it’s a strip built custom kayak it’s probably not worth $3000. Kit built kayaks typically cost $1000-$1500.

Ha yup I have no idea what it’s worth or what’s it’s made of. Just going of what I was told by previous owner. I did put a link on the original post now. Thanks for your help

Duluth, MN

Consider keeping it because your skills
will advance quickly and you’ll be looking to buy a boat like that. You can always start with an easier boat for a few hundred dollars then sell that one.

Want to sell
Thanks for the comment. Really want to get rid of it. If or when my skills are that advanced I think I would like to build my own;)

I would put it outside and take some better pictures from a variety of angles even flipping it upside down to show the hull shape. It’s probably a kit boat.

I’ve sold several boats here on Pnet
classified. It’s free and easy to use.

Photos added to link
Different photos posted on link

It’s a "strip built’ boat as opposed to a “stitch and glue”

The "strippers"are beautiful and more work than building a S&G (Stitch and glue). If a good design and built well it should bring $1000 to $2000.

It looks nice in the pics.

Weigh it and use the weight in the ad, the lighter it is the more desirable.

Thanks for your input greyhawk!

Nice boat
Measure the width and put that in your ad.

Just a piece of wood.

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You know, this thing is sitting around taking up space, so I'm going to make you an offer. Send it to me and I'll see to it that it is properly disposed of. If I lived closer by, I would come and pick it up and not even make you pay for the gas.

Seriously, you were given a treasure and whatever you do, do not look a gift-horse in the mouth. On the other hand, if you really don't want it around, my offer still stands.

Wait a minute; I just looked at the rest of the pictures. You're shining us--right? Nice try, but just in case you are serious, throw in the paddle and I'll still take it off your hands.

at $900

Yes you should sell it
I think the value is greatly overestimated. Yes, it’s strip built, but I wouldn’t say that the wood is particularly attractive compared to the beautiful crafstmanship available today for less money.

Are you sure it’s 18’ 7"?? You might not find a lot of interest in that excessive length.

This kayak isn’t useful to you now and I doubt that it ever would be in the future. I’m guessing that you could sell it for $1200 to $1500, based on what I see on Craigslist. Post as many specs as you can in your ad: width, cockpit dimensions, weight.


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18'7" length 24" width is what the old Stanley tape measure says. The cockpit was about 5'8" and I'll have to find a way to weigh it. If you know anyone around duluth, Mn who would want it let them know. Thanks for your input it's appreciated greatly
Cockpit opening 32x17 3/4

I thought this forum was judgement-free

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I could paddle it but would probably sell it also, so let those comments roll off your back.

I think grayhawk has the price pegged. You can watch the ads in this website's classifieds to see which boats sell depending on price, and adjust your price depending on how badly you want to move it.

so the cognoscenti
see the Duluth market as a sellers market ?

a buyer from Moose Lake ?