Can you improve on the PB&J?

I’m gonna say yes. Behold the PB & Fresh Michigan Strawberries.


Time for some Traverse City cherries too!

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Can you improve on the “PB”? Yes.

Throw that Jif in the trash and get peanut butter that contains peanuts and maybe salt.

But yeah, I like the strawberries.


Cashew butter… enough said.

Orange marmalade.

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Fresh baked bread and some Michigan blueberries or maybe maple syrup.

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Homemade whole grain bread instead of store bought.

Or wrap the good PB and strawberries in a tortilla.

As a kid I added Lays Potato Chips to my PB&j and also to my banana sandwiches.

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Yesss! But have you ever had home made whole grain bread, mixed up while the flour was still warm from the mill? It is the next step up from ordinary home made bread. Then some fresh PB made with roasted Spanish peanuts and salt, and slice those strawberries up on there too.

Peanut or sunflower butter with thick slices of Yellow Delicious or Snapdragon apples and freshly crisped bacon on toasted thin sliced multi seed bread (Aldi’s house brand is excellent). Yeah, I’m an omnivore and I cannot lie…

Peanut butter is ok. My vote is for almond butter for my palate. I like AB on bananas before heading out to surf.


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Home made sourdough bread, made with half whole wheat or rye flour, molasses, honey, an egg, and Guinness. Gives it certain earthy heartiness


100% agreement that the PB&J can be improved? Maybe Advice topics are safe after all.

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Northern Plains (ND, SD, MN) sunflower butter tastes great, and likely leaves a smaller carbon footprint than bringing in cashews from India or Brazil.
But my do I have a hard time with that greenish color. :unamused:
Need to practice making and eating SB&Js wearing a blindfold.

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Cashew or almond butter, homemade bread, quality preserves like cherry with little sugar.

I never had fresh-ground wheat flour; I’ve heard it is heavenly stuff.

Santa Cruz Peanut butter brand uses, or used to use, Valencia peanuts which supposedly are grown only in New Mexico. That variety of peanut is ultra-peanutty. I loved their Light Roast version but it seems to have been discontinued since the E. coli scare years ago. Now I only can find Dark Roast, which is still tasty but the extra roasting masks the peanut flavor (compared with the Light Roast).

Maybe the next-closest thing would be home-ground Spanish peanuts, the kind that Planter’s sells as cocktail peanuts.

Real PB without added oils or sugar!

Actually eating a PB&J right now - on a tortilla. But my favorite PB&J scenario is on plain ol’ white bread, squished after being at the bottom of a backpack while hiking our local mountain in NH when I was a kid. The best!

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I favor almond butter on toasted multigrain, with almost any kind of fresh fruit. I haven’t tried OP’s strawberry recommendation, but I bet it’s great. Blueberries are a favorite because tastie berries are highly available—much seems to come from Chile and Peru. My favorite, in season, are sliced peaches, but it’s hard to find a decent peach at peak ripeness.

PB and Js age very well. The J soaks in to the bread and makes every bite tasty.

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@string agreed. I’m not loving the tortilla version for that reason. Need to find some pita bread (I’m not the biggest bread fan in general). We made PB&J on pita when we were sailing in the BVIs a few weeks ago and it was great.