canoe & kayak mag.

I would like a subscription. Is this a nice magazine??

Good mag.
I have a subscription to Canoe and Kayak, plus Seakayaker magazine. Both have good information.


90% ads
10% content,dropping my subscription when it runs out.Only good issue is Buyers guide.

Happy Paddling billinpa

canoe and kayak …
should be called ADS and HYPE … very little paddle content.

Used ta be good
Wha Ho, Pilgrims;

Used ta be good when it was called “Canoe”.

Fat Elmo

…but, isn’t that the case with most trade and specialty magazines?

Canoe & Kayak
"Is this a nice magazine?"

It’s nice. Very nice.

yes it is, I subscribe. If we didnt subscribe to mags with a lot of ads, there would not be many to subscribe to. Thats the way it goes!

and conversely…
the more subscribers, the less ads.

Well I understand
the need for ads and I expect them. However, I am somewhat disappointed in the number and variety of the articles. I will likely keep my subscription for another year but each renewal date I agonize over why I keep subscribing.

…you should write and submit some of your own articles to the magazine. Or at least, send the editor some ideas of articles/reviews/stories you’d like to see. Stress the idea that you are a subscriber who would like to see more out of their magazine.

It’s all about…
the money. Ads produce lots of money,subscriptions probably pay for printing costs at best.If the magazine was all content it wouldn’t be worth producing.A half page ad in a magazine costs the client between $1000 + ,depending on the magazines circulation. Times ,say 10,000 subscribers,times 100 ads,well you get the idea.Ads can make or break a company,and that’s why you will continue to see so many everywhere.

Happy Paddling billinpa

I recommend it for you.
Since you’ve already mastered air-paddling, I think you’re ready to take it to the next level with “Canoe and Kayak.”

Don’t get frustrated, all the new info. will sink in after a while (2-3 issues.)

Buying and Selling
An earlier poster mentioned that the only good issue was the buyer’s guide. My criticism of C&K (and also most US outdoor-type magazines) is that they are so hung up on product. Every issue seems targeted at the consumer, rather than the human. Product reviews (some little more than adds themselves) tend to dominate over articles on destinations and technique.

I suppose it is difficult to keep feeding an industry when the boats and equipment are durable in both design and construction. Really, canoeing/kayaking is not about radical change and cutting-edge developments.

C&K does produce useful special editions such as the beginner’s guide and the Canoe Journal, but I don’t see the value in a regular subscription.

My favourite magazine is Kanawa, and I also appreciate Paddler. Canadian Geographic might be the best non-canoeing canoeing magazine.

raw capitalism
Full of ads?

Pushing products?

Sorry, but if the mag didn’t push product there wouldn’t be any advertisers and with no advertisers there wouldn’t be a magazine.

My personal opinion of C&K? I think they should drop the C as 95% of their content is all K.

Wait a minute…
If the need for so many ads in a kayak mag is to keep it in business and cover the cost, then why are we paying a hefty $4.95 for -each- issue? I think I heard this arguement up north when I was paying $6.00 for a gallon of milk.

Wave Length
I pick up this magazine sometimes. Good articles about west coast sea-kayaking. I don’t mind the adds one bit. In fact, when I see the adds in this magazine, I think “That was nice of acme company to support this publication and provide me with this content - for FREE”

I’ll second
that! Spent many a long night shift reading them.

As a canoer, I agree that they should just drop CANOE from their title. It’s a kayaking magazine through and through.

Agree on the C…
Agree, I think it is more Kayak than Canoe. I don’t mind the advertising anymore than in other magazines though.