Caonoe double paddle.

I have been using a 240 kayak paddle in my canoe, but I think one a little longer would be good.Who makes a good double canoe paddle , besides Mohawk?

Canoeman Will Know…
He knows everything!!! Really, just ask him. I have not tried a double paddle in my Vagabond but I have been wanting to try.

Long Paddles and extenders
Carlisle makes various length take apart paddles, AND extenders to increase length. I have both 12" and 18" versions. When I paddle my tandem canoe, I add the 18" to a 230CM kayak paddle and it works well for me. The extra length allows the reach over the gunnels without leaning too much.

I think Carlisle extenders may fit other plastic over aluminum paddles as I think they make paddles for variuos companies that put their names on them. Call them, they were helpful - and did (few years ago) sell direct.

I saw
placid boat works surefire(?) at th e90 miler. I saw the guy at each start on the three days, then I only saw his steern as he flew into the lead. He appeared to be using a high quality epic conventional kayak blade. I have no idea what length the paddle was, and my wife will attest to my judgement of size is suspect :wink:

You can special-order Werner paddles
through Werner dealers, but you should e-mail Werner directly to find out what to ask for. I was interested in a 250 or even 260 Molokai, but their line has changed, so now I have to start over in planning an order.

I use a 230 Bending Branches crank
shaft paddle, and it works great for me when I solo either of our tandems. The length is relative to the width of your canoe and your seat placement, with the assumption you are sitting just behind the center thwart. I also use beaver tail paddles and bent shaft paddles, depending on the circumstances. Different paddles for different strokes and circumstances. Good luck and happy paddling, MickJetBlue

Grey Owl
makes the wooden Mistral in 250 or 260. You can get a Werner Camano from in the 260 cm.

Just curious
Was the Placid Boatworks canoe in a kayak class since he used a double bladed paddle?

Thanks everyone.

I use a Lightning graphite 230 when I paddle my Bell Majic. A 240+ would be better. Double paddles are great and are not promoted enough. For long paddles they make the trip much easier. I also use a single blade from time to time.

I use an Epic 220 with my QCC600. I truly love the Epic, it is well made. Checkout their website and give them a call. You should know the beam measurement to help with the decision. They have great prices on blemished paddles.

I’m using a Werner Camano 250cm with my Peregrine. The length seems right.

That was in the “open touring” class.
No medals and you can paddle with anything you want.

Any canoe race that allows double paddles is not a canoe race as such and they are usually not allowed.



I use a 9’ double, graphite, because…
…I wanted the lightest thing I could find. It was made by someone who’s now out of business, unfortunately. I use the double 95% of the time in my Vagabond. Sorry I don’t speak metric.

Kayak Paddle in a Canoe?
Why wouldn’t you just use a canoe paddle. I don’t understand I guess.

That is these modern day…

Ya try ta teach them what is right and what is wrong and all they want to do is rebel !



not really a youngun
Jack I’m over 40 but still can’t paddle my canoe straight and fast at the same time. I’m ready for lesson though. Let me know where you’ll be this weekend and I’ll provide the lunch.


Slow and straight

of fast in circles :wink:

it just takes time and practice
my grandmother can get in a rec. kayak or canoe with a kayak paddle and make it go. anyone can. making a solo canoe go straight, or wherever you want, takes a little time and practice with a single blade. it takes more skill. use a kayak paddle if you want. you won’t catch me doing it though :slight_smile:

Mountain Island Lake…
on Saturday.

Leave the canoe at home and bring your kayak.

There is a good 5 mile race, with usually some good competition.

Classes for both plastic and composite. I’ll be using my QCC-700

The canoe will be a week from Saturday in the Lumber River 40 miler. We will be racing the C-2 comp. cruiser, but if “the bride” can’t make it I’ll attempt it in the QCC-700.

Where in NC are you located?

Normally I live up in the mountains, but right now we are sponging off one of my many daughters a little east of Charlotte, and I have been doing most of my training and pleasure paddles on Badin Lake



The attractive thing about a double
paddle is you don’t need lessons to go fast or straight.I suppose some day I will have time to learn different strokes, but right now my water time averages about 3 hours every 2-3 weeks so I spend my time getting places.

You can’t do that
using english extenders on metric paddles!

C’mon now you’re using a 46 cm extender with your 230 for a total of 276 cm or 9’