Carbon fiber Greenland paddle, any suggestions?

While trying to research for a kayak (currently stalled project it appears); I kept seeing beautiful (in my eyes anyway) carbon fiber Greenland paddles. It did not take long to figure out the various forums favorite (kind of). Only problem, they have been out of business for a few years.

So curious what late 2017 recommendations would be. I know, paddle shopping without a boat is backwards.

Some info in there

Roy Martin makes some very sweet paddles, but I don’t believe he sells them commercially.

Another good choice is Superior Kayak’s carbon paddle, I have thousands of miles on mine. Mine have taken a beating (including dealing with the rocky shores around Newfoundland) and are still going strong after eight years. The shafts are a bit larger diameter than most, which might be an issue for paddlers with smaller hands who wear gloves or paddling mitts.

I have both 86" and an 88" two piece paddles. If you ask, Mark will make the halves interchangeable. What that means is that on a trip, I can combine the pieces to make an 86, 87 or 88" paddle to handle different conditions, and have a spare.
Not cheap, but very effective and robust.

The two-piece version has a Lendal-lock that uses an allen key to tighten an internal cam to remove any wiggle. They are rock-solid in use.

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Greg Stamer

Ordered a carbon/kevlar Gearlab. It came in to day and is beautiful. Feels a bit heavier at 30oz than some of my ultra light paddles, but that was known. It will be a while before I can actually give it a fair review - sprained my wrist last week horsing around and it is up to paddling yet.

I also have a Superior brand carbon fiber greenland. I love that it only weighs in at 22 ounces. I saw no reason to get a carbon fiber unless it was lighter than a wood paddle. My wood paddles range in at 29 to 34 ounces. So at 22 ounces the carbon Superior was my only choice that I could find. I have had mine for 5 seasons now. I tried a couple Gearlabs and they look fine but aren’t any lighter than my wood paddles so I was like Why bother,

Superior Kayak carbon fiber paddles made by Mark Rogers in Whitelaw, Wisconsin. Nothing better.

I only have one and it’s a Superior 1 piece that I bought used. I’d prefer that it was 2 piece for ease of transport.

I haven’t tried any other brand.