Carbon kevlar kayak hull

Have just bought a new to me canoe with a carbon Kevlar hull. It has a few scratches and the manufacturer has recommended Collinite Any tips on using Collinite wax on a carbon Kevlar hull?

Just another marine boat hull wax. Won’t do anything special for cosmetic gel coat scratches. Provides UV protection.

I prefer to use 303 Aerospace Protectant on the entire exterior of my boat. Faster and easier to apply, but it should be reapplied every 3-5 weeks for maximum protection. Marine waxes last longer.


I prefer marine waxes, although I have both. I’ve seen 303 leave a slick on the water but it may not have been dry enough.

Meguiar’s Flagship Premium Cleaner and Wax goes on the kevlar hull of my kayak. It will clean up minor scratches if they’re not too deep.

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I just put a coat of Collinite on my CD Solstice (fiberglass). Went on nicely by hand, came off just as nice. Follow the simple directions on the can, and out of direct sunlight. Took maybe an hour for top and bottom. I thought about getting the Porter Cable random oscillating buffer to do it, but by the time I finished thinking about it, the bottom was already done. :slight_smile:

Oh, and be careful handling the boat afterwards…particularly if you’re putting it on top of a car…it will be really slippery. :slight_smile:


Thankyou. I really appreciate the advice, especially about how slippery it will be as it’s only 9 lbs anyway and a strong wind and slippery surface will make it a little more difficult to manoeuvre :thinking:

Unless you are exposing the hull to UV for long periods, why wax it and take the chance of losing control like I did mine.

What happened to you? I am trying to fix the scratches as I bought this canoe used. However, I am interested in hearing what happened to you and why you think it happened as well as what you would have done differently in hindsight

Can I ask what boat you got? 9 pounds is incredible. Even Savage River’s lightest Wee Lassie is still 12 pounds.

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I waxed the hull of my SOT and slid it onto my racks. I think I was trying to reposition it and it slid off too fast for me to stop it. Knocked a dent in the trunk lid and smacked into the driveway. It was my wife’s car. Her car has never had a boat on it since.

It’s a slipstream wee lassie. They make an even lighter boat on request . It is amazing but requires a different set of adjustments Because it’s so light. it is such a beautiful boat too

Thankyou for sharing. I will defenitely have to think about this

That’s great! I had forgotten about Slipstream. Makes my old Apple Wee Lassie seem downright heavy, and it’s less than 20 pounds.

20 pounds is still very light

For a very light weight boat you have to be careful on land.
I had one blown off my car by an unexpected gust when I was unloading. I had a Rapidfire blown across a ramp the same way.
Neither were damaged except for a few scratches but they were learning experiences.
Nothing is quite as exciting as mother nature grabbing your baby.

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Thankyou, I will be extra careful, I hadn’t considered that might happen

Neither had I until it happened.

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