Carbon Kevlar QCC-700

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Any one out there have one and what do you think of it?

I presently have a kevlar one am thinking about trading it in for a carbon kevlar one.

thanks in advance,


What happened to the Thunderbolt?

I want that too, but
as far as I am concerned the T-bolt isn’t a ocean going kayak.

I’ll take my QCC anywhere.



from what I have seen
if a carbon/kevlar QCC is anything like the glass or kevlar ones, I am sure it will be pretty darn nice.

Get it, and sell the Kevlar one really really cheap. To me.

I have one Jack and you have seen it at the Rome race and Suwannee. I love it but frankly have not paddled the other materials so I don’t have anything to compare it to. It is stiff, light and it seems to be tough but I baby my boats. If I was buying another I would chose the same material. In fact, we bought Marcia’s Q10 in Carbon/Kevlar .

If you are down towards Atlanta I sure don’t mind letting you give it a go.


wish you’d said something earlier.

You remember my QCC on the Lake Norris paddle?

That’s a carbon/kevlar. I could bring it to the Chass, though I usually take the Necky there.

If you want to hook up there, or elsewhere in central Florida on your way through, you can paddle it, carry it, and even load it on the Tahoe if you’d like.

I still don’t have a ton of seat time in it, but it seems quite sturdy so far.


Thanks Alan
If I don’t order one before the Hootch race, I might take you up on that.

The sturdiness vs. my kevlar one is what I was interested in.


Oh Man,
I thought yours was kevlar.

Don’t make a special trip with it, but, we can meet you some place.

We’ll be at the Chas, and then at Rainbow Springs after that, so I’ll catch up with you.



I have a carbon/kevlar Q700X, which I like very much. Here are a couple of minor negatives:

  1. On the inside the cabbon layer is not very smooth looking in the seam area. It does not look professionally finished. You should look at this area to see if it bothers you before buying.

  2. While I like using the Smartrack rudder, there is excessive stiction in the pedal movement.

  3. The rear hatch leaks in rolling practice.

    However, I would buy the same boat again if a tree fell on it.


On your number 2
I am not sure what you mean by “stiction” ?

but if you mean sticky, you can lube them with silicon.

I paddle daily and usually spray mine every couple of weeks.

if you need to adjust the toe pedal, there are two different ways.

I hate the Sealine rudder with it’s thirteen parts on each side, and if I do get another QCC, I’ll see if I can get a different make rudder, or see if they can design it so that it lays over on the deck when not in use.

Thanks for the good info


Jack, I bought a carbon kevlar 700 last
summer and liked the boat alot, however my concerns about the rudder were well founded and I returned it. It was not the boat, but rather my inability to settle into the feeling of using a rudder. I am 6’3" and 235lbs and at times felt like my weight was a little more than the lay up might handle. The material will flex more under a load than just kevlar alone(other boats, did not test QCC kevlar). My personal feeling is it is going to be less durable in the long run. The build quality was outstanding and the company was as good (better actually) as any I have had dealings with. I intend to buy another 700 with a skeg only and will likely take my chances on another carbon kevlar lay up as I need the weight reduction. I am hard on my boats, otherwise this would not be a concern for me. If you weigh more, or are hard on your equipment, you might want to give it some thought.


I prefer carbon or carbon/kevlar in gene
I generally don’t like all kevlar construction and would select carbon for a fresh purchase. But if I had a kevlar boat in good condition I wouldn’t be apt to trade up to carbon of the same model. It wouldn’t really be worth the money as the performance difference between the two is negligible in my opinion.

Have any of you actually weighed your carbon/kevlar 700’s?

I have a QCC 400X Kevlar with/rudder which is supposed to weigh 45lbs. It did come in at 45lbs when I weighed it myself.

the difference to charity and save yourself the money!

the difference to charity and save yourself the money!

actual weight
46 lbs, including rudder

I’ve weighed my carbon/kevlar 600x and it was right on with what QCC said on their website.

No issues with mine. It hasn’t been abused but not babied either.


2 ways?
One way is to turn screw which moves the toe piece fore and aft slightly. What is the other way?

Stiction means Coulomb friction. Same as sticky. I have been hesitant to try lubrication. Does the silicon not gather dirt?

I don’t mind the lack of the ability to lay the rudder on the deck since I never paddle it without the rudder. I don’t think it handles wind very nicely without the rudder, nor does it lean steer well.

this year, I’d sure enjoy a Q7 next year even more! So next year, just put it up there on top, and we’ll pick it up, same place, same time. Heck, I’ll even brave the rains again! Hey -what’s one more boat in the quiver to


-Frank in Miami