Catastrophic hip-pad failure

My fat ass is ripping the hip pads out of my boats.

I usually get into my boats with care, but sometimes, like during wet re-entries, my hip pads are pulling away from the side of the cockpit (even though they are well-cemented.)

I have seen some boats that have some type of material overlayed from the coaming, over the top and down onto the hip pad to help prevent this separation. Does anyone know what material is usually used for this setup?

Duct tape?
: )

Ditto That…
and shape the edges where things are more likely to slide around rather than catch.


take em out!
You don’t need them.


I know…this was a really helpful response wasn’t it?

YOu know I got your back Krousman!


But I like my hip pads

Shaping and 3M 4200

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You might consider putting in a healthy strip (not too much that you catch on it as you enter the boat, of course) of 3M 4200 at the top of your hip pads where they cement into the seat. This seems to do the trick to keep the pads from separating from my seat.

This has worked for me to repair ripping foam as well.

catastrophic hip-pad failure
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That's where I saw it, under "cockpit customizing" in the "hip pads" section.

One piece
seat and hip pads (connected) is made by VCP. I get mine fromt The Kayak Centre in Wickford, RI. Then, I do as Brian N. suggested, as I use spray adhesive and cover it in lycra material. Then just use contact cement to put it all in as one unit. You end up with a one piece, comfortable, snug setup that will not wear or snag on much of anything. Works very well.


need you to come down and outfit my boats.


(you could say hello to all your former gear too!)

…you really know how to hurt a guy…

I would like nothing better than to come down and paddle in WARM water like you have all winter. (note color: green=envy) However, family and work don’t allow me such things at this time!

I really enjoy outfitting boats as it has become my little “hobby”. Maybe I like it too much though, as the smell of that adhesive tends to kill brain cells over time.

Tell you what, bring a boat up to Delmarva and I will do it for you there if you bring a bottle of decent cognac to share!


Here is what i did with an old Northbay I rehabbed in regards to outfitting.

It’s called a “Happy Bottom” seat
IIRC, CLC also sells them, though I don’t know who’s got the better price.

Duct tape
Use Gorilla Tape. It is awesome.

Salamander Hip Pads
I am a huge fan of these things. They strap onto the sides of the kayak seat holders and they are a velcroed pocket that holds closed cell foam squares. You can vary how many of the squares you put in the pocket for the perfect fit. The whole setup is removable, so I take them on paddling vacations when I’m using another kayak. I believe Salamander calls them Hip Snaps.



Sounds like my “trouble-free”

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phase 3 setup in my Tempest!

Thanks all for the helpful info.

Your such a yooper!
signed, a former troll. (lived BELOW the Mackinac Bridge)

I sure miss paddling Lk. Superior. And Lk. Michigan come to think about it. And Lake Huron and the Georgian Bay now that you got me reminiscing…Point Pelee in Lake Erie teaching classes thee with Lutscho. Yeah, almost anywhere on Superior is breathtaking.

Sorry, didn’t mean get off track on the hip pad thing. Don’t really have a useful comment for that.

you just want to be a tight ass
get rid of them. Be a man! You don’t need no stinkin hip pads…this kind of dependancy is troubling. Loosen up a bit…wiggle that ass around. Lock with knees, thighs and feet.

“My name is Krousman and I have been without hip pads for…”

for you sensitive types out there…this is humor…maybe not good humor but humor nevertheless.

Spoken Like A True Convert
to G style paddling… Tho’ made in jest, it still reflects an underlying perspective.

“get rid of them. Be a man! You don’t need no stinkin hip pads…this kind of dependancy is troubling. Loosen up a bit…wiggle that ass around. Lock with knees, thighs and feet.”

Different venues come with different requirements, equipment and fit. Too much ass wiggling in a boat can get you in trouble in some venues. You’ll roll and roll until you can roll no more. :wink:



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I liked your comment on the foot peg thread. It is all different for the equipment you use. I am having a devil of a time trying to figure out just where to put the pegs in the Oi for a general all around placement. pretty close to ripping them out but then I am left with the other dilemma of wanting to slide past them for rolling. Will probably just build up a couple of towers on either side of the hull with space between for both options.

I recently put the pads back in the Tempest for a day or two and it did feel funny...not uncomfortable, just funny. But I also remember that I felt really good with them in for almost six months.

I think it was Flatpick who suggested taking them out and concentrating on contact on thighs knees and feet...

Your comment about the loose butt is very valid also..rolling the OI with the stock seat pan is a whole lot easier with a pad of minicell under my tailbone...hardly a loose I am a bit of a hypoocrite I guess.